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    Did NASCAR show their WWE Colors?

    Over the past week, NASCAR has penalized several drivers points, altering the standings, bumping one driver out of the "playoffs" and moving another driver up into the "playoffs". They then issued a blanket order, allowing Jeff Gordon, (who missed the "playoffs" by 1 point), to be eligible for the championship. NASCAR has also issued rule changes, effective immediately regarding "teamwork" and how this teamwork effects the results of a race.

    It appears to me that NASCAR has done what they feel is, "best for business" in giving drivers the best chance possible for winning the championship. When I say, "best for business"; I mean exactly what Triple H of the WWE means when he talks about arranging for who he wants to be the WWE champion.

    It may seem like a stretch to say that NASCAR is as scripted as the WWE, but it is starting to feel exactly that way.

    Over the last several years there have been many questionable cautions, favoring specific drivers putting those drivers into position to win races and win championships.

    The scrutiny comes because team mates worked together to get one of their team members more points. This was done when one driver went into the pits late in a race, sacrificing his position on the track. It was also done when a driver intentionally spun his car to bring out a caution. Why is this suddenly a big deal?

    Back in the day, drivers carried spare parts in their car, they would throw out the window to draw a "debris" caution. Two team mates running at the front; the leader allows the other to pass and obtain the bonus points for leading a lap.

    Team member 1 is already into the "chase", team member 2 is close; team member 1 allows team member 2 to pass him so he can have more points and chase elligible.

    Deals are made, finishes are altered, points are awarded and drivers benefit from the outcome. Yes, some drivers are penalized by the teamwork of others; but all teams do it!

    I find it absolutely ridiculous NASCAR would do this sort of penalties, standing manipulation and rule changes.

    And to answer the burning question; NO. None of the drivers I follow or am a "fan" of were effected positively or negatively from this decision. I find myself on the outside of NASCAR fandom not really being interested since the "chase" era began.
    "It's what's best for business."
    Triple H

    "Sometimes you can observe a lot just by watching."
    Yogi Berra

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    Um. No.

    ​Dumb topic is dumb
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