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    Cena as special referee at Survivor Series.

    Very interesting story with Cena being ref at the WWE title match @ Survivor Series. I even believe this is a brand new original story that no one else has ever done.
    He wants to get out of Nexus badly. Wade Barrett says he can get out if he, as ref, helps him win WWE title. He has the perfect chance to get out by reffing this match and helping Wade Barrett win the WWE title. The only way to really accomplish that would be by him turning heel and decimating the one getting cheered, Randy Orton, which should rile almost the entire arena. If him turning against the fans gets him out of Nexus, he may just very well do it. Could be the perfect time for his heel turn.
    But then again, could just simply "wanting out of Nexus" be enough to validate the full heel turn?

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    I'll just be bold, I don't think the WWE is ready to turn Cena into a heel for the same reasons I believed he would win at HIAC. Cena sells too merchandise for WWE to go with a good storyline involving a heel turn. Here's the ways I foresee this ending at Survivor Series.
    1) Cena will deny Barrett the Championship, get fired, and just take some time off.
    2) Cena will give Barrett the title, immediately turn on him, get some heat but still run around doing the same thing he's been doing all year long until everyone forgets about it.
    3) Cena will give Barrett the title, and Nexus will beat him up, and he'll take some time off.


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