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    I expect Santino gonna win after he 'avoided' the broque(spell?) kick 2-3 times,maybe via DQ but not a clean pin,i was shocked.

    As much I love Santino funny antics,heres hoping this is not Sheamus downfall after all his irish warrior gimmick which looks threatening.

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    It's Brogue.

    What the hell was Morrison doing? Are they setting up a Sheamus-Morrison feud?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottland View Post
    One thing is for certain, Sheamus will have a re-match with Santino & Santino will get crushed. There is no way Sheamus is losing his main event status since guys like Triple H, Randy Orton & John Cena have praised Sheamus behind-the-scenes. This whole thing is leading to a Sheamus & Morrison feud.

    Also, the Nexus/Cena/Orton storyline has just become all about Cena (sadly). Orton & Nexus are just figures in the situation (sadly).

    P.S. Comparing Santino to The Rock is completely absurd & laughable. Santino couldn't be 1/10th of what The Rock was. Don't even try that comparison. The Rock is exceedingly better in every aspect.

    ur not very educated, if u think Satino is not 1/10th of what the rock was. You seriously need to learn to watch wrestling. he by far has the best promos and segments on raw at times. I said he could be like the rock if pushed right. Sad how you can't see cause you are blinded by ur lack of knowledge

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    Santino will never be on par with the rock, not because he doesnt have the ability but due to the way he has been used over the last couple of years, and has lost all credability.


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