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    Hello SHOWERHEADS, I cant believe it, Santino beat Sheamus on raw. I just wish he would have used the cobra to do it. Thoughts and or complaints on this matter???

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    For one, I'm surprised you're not doing the "U MADD?" thing anymore.

    Anyways, I was hella surprised. Biggest shocker of the night............which in a way is pretty sad, but whatever. Santino beats a CREDIBLE opponent!

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    Ok.... This is either a clever way of writing Santino off for a while when Sheamus comes out and murders him next week... Or the beginning of the end of Sheamus's push
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    First of i love santino won.

    Second Santino probably has the best mic skills of most of the poeple on the roster and really noone can argue that. However he will never win the big title for one reason he is just not a big guy. he is to short. Yes Rey Mysterio has won but that is different he was given the tile because of his decent.

    He probably could be like the rock if given the chance todo so. I know many of you can't aregue with the fact he has mic skill and tons of charisma

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    I think it is just the beginning of John Morrissons push to feud with Sheamus, because he was not there for nothing.
    And he actually kind of ''helped'' him. He made santino fall, then sheamus missed the bicycle kick and santino pinned him.
    Before that, morrisson and sheamus had a interaction. I think that all will lead to a feud, because morrisson humiliated sheamus.
    Wait for the next time...

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    Santio, Morrison and sheamus, i would like to see a crediable 3 way feud, giving all guys a push in the right direction, I know sheamus is already there, but help Morrison and Santino, could be interesting.

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    Santino was used simply as fodder to bolster the Sheamus-Morrison feud, bottom line. Next thread.
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    I expect Santino gonna win after he 'avoided' the broque(spell?) kick 2-3 times,maybe via DQ but not a clean pin,i was shocked.

    As much I love Santino funny antics,heres hoping this is not Sheamus downfall after all his irish warrior gimmick which looks threatening.

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    It's Brogue.

    What the hell was Morrison doing? Are they setting up a Sheamus-Morrison feud?


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