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    its image. Raw is supposed to be the red show, red ropes have been used for years, its just something that makes raw well raw... WWE can have wrestling and promos, but it should also have that nice attractive image.

    Its like dating a girl, you obviously first see if she look's beautiful and then you check for personality, come on admit it, every guy wants a pretty girl. Just like that same for wwe, they should have a pretty image (good looking girl) and good wrestling inside (good personality).

    maybe its just me, but it just takes away from the ring to not see it red after watching raw all these years.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    I still don't get the red ring ropes suggestion.

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    Instead of switching the sets around like TNA as in my opinion it gets you NO WHERE, they should focus more on the in-ring competition factor.
    They should have more matches regardless of the length instead of Michael Cole taking up damn near the whole show, I admit I like him as a heel but talk about over using him. With how Raw has been going two more matches just two could boost the rating especially if it involves people mentioned before. (Tatsu, Uso's..Etc)

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    I don't think more matches would necessarily make RAW any better, if the quality of the matches is pants!

    For me the best RAW days were the late 90's into 2000 etc, RAWS with Stone Cold and The Rock where really good! They still use the same base having a talking segment at the start to set up the main event on the night, but the storylines ain't that strong at the more and being PG there hands are tied to do alot of things I think! The Nexus for me could be more devistating, but they just seem to be punks, and only just attack people. In the attitute era, they would be doing devistating things! If Cena vs Nexus was more like Austin vs the corporation then I think it would get you off your seat and probs give Cena more respect with the fans! He needs to be more Bad Ass!

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    They need to bring back the rock or stone cold as GM or someone at that level and shut Cole up. they cant keep dragging this GM thing on for ever and i think the guys that are not getting such a push should form a team to go against nexus, and i think there leader should be shamus

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    1. Have an in ring interview segment, forgot the name but like the cutting edge once every month
    just to help build up to ppvs or feuds
    2. More varied matches, everyone is bored of singles, triple threats and fatal four ways could give less exposed wrestlers more of a chance
    3. Feuds actually built on something (Sheamus vs John Morrison because Sheamus is a bully? really?)
    4. A guest host if the event calls for it
    5. A title for lower card, not light heavyweight it's a great idea but it excludes the bigger wrestlers
    6. Rebuild the tag division, 4 or 5 teams
    7. Start younger and upcoming stars slowly, see how they do

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    Morrison vs Sheamus. WWE"s way of fighting the bully issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaos75 View Post
    Uh, getting rid of guest hosts?
    i just saw your mcintyre/orton theme and i liked it...but it is : they council me and not they count to me ^^

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    hehe i like your ideas mcmahon xD

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    As much as I loved the attitude era, what WWE is doing currently is all part of a bigger picture that many seem to miss. In the 80s, we had the eat your vitamins, huge bodybuilders, giants, internationals etc. Then the generation that watched the hulkster when they were little hit their teens/ early twenties and BAM! they had the half naked women, beer drinking, blood, profanity, flaming tables, cages, ladders, chairs, piledrivers. Wrestling, just like many others, is a cyclical industry. Vince is grooming the current 8-10 demographic to be Attitude Era 2 junkies! Another problem is wrestlers these days dont pay their dues. Stone Cold wasnt always Stone Cold. The Rock wasnt always the Rock. Hell even John Cena started somewhere else. The Wade Barretts of the world payed a couple grand to go the wrestling school, worked an indy show or two, and landed a gig at FCW. The only new face I see in WWE that has paid their dues is Bryan Danielson. Hes been in the business twice as long as half the guys on the roster. Oh and Mcmahon, as much as I like your ideas and miss the Attitude Era, it aint the year 2000 anymore.

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    kaval aswell Jordan, and i agree getting into FCW these days is as easy as 1.2.3..

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