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    Joe Henning

    MOD's if this needs to be combine with another thread please do, i am at work dont have time to look where to put it

    Michael McGillicuty tweeted about his father Curt Hennig on the anniversary of his death yesterday:

    February 10th. A day I just can't forget... My dad, my best friend... He past away 9 years ago... I miss u dad. I miss u so much! I love you.

    Dear Dad. Hey man. I'm doin the bst I can. I doin everything you told me to do. I'm not supposed to cry but I can't help it. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines. My name is Joe Hennig. And I'm the past, present and future.

    Today, I dont give a damn what u call me. Michael McGillicutty. I am Joe Hennig and I am apart of the greatest wrestling legacy of all time.I miss u Dad.

    And from here on out, I'm taking over! I love u daddy. RIP Curt Henning

    I feel like if he came out on raw and cut this promo it would be awesome!!! this could be a great promo, get him known as who he really is, by his real name, let people know he is mr. perfect son. and this can part of his gimmick to prove to his dad he is perfect just like him.


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    It might work. This could be the chance Henning needs to be relevant. He can get over as a babyface when he tries to live up to his father's legacy.

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    A Joe Hennig thread already here:

    You could post the question in there. It might be merged anyway though.

    I think if he could cut that promo without screwing up, it could open new doors for him. He could have gone far with that "Genesis" promo he cut on NXT, but he didn't sound confident and went in circles, which got him nowhere.

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    Using his real name would be good and using the "perfect" legacy, so to speak but I'd start with that lame swinging neck breaker finisher he uses.


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