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    Quote Originally Posted by Taxi Driver View Post
    My biggest wish at WrestleMania XXVII: Justin Bieber is about to sing a song, but then we hear ''YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME!''. The fans are screaming and Edge is running to the ring. The fans are screaming ''SPEAR, SPEAR!!!'' but Edge shakes Justin Bieber his hand and backs off. JB is singing his retarted song and when he ends he get a loud ''BOO!!'' from the fans. But then Edge is getting closer to the turnbuckle and has his crazy look in his eyes. The fans are screaming. And when JB turns the other way he gets a SPEAR from Edge! We hear the commentators saying ''MY GAWD, A SPEAR TO JUSTIN BIEBER!'' Edge is getting loud cheers and he leaves the arena. Then three minutes later Justin Bieber stands up but we hear we hear ''BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!'' Chris Jericho returns after months! He is getting very loud cheers and gets ''Y2J'' chants. We see Chris Jericho doing his pose and then he runs down to the ring. He grins and does a codebreaker to Justin Bieber! We hear loud ''Y2J'' chants. Then Chris Jericho drops him for the Liontamer! He returns his old finisher. We see Chris Jericho doing his Liontamer on Justin Bieber and he taps out! Chris Jericho doesn't stop. So tens of referees run to them and forces Jericho to release the hold. But Jericho Irish Whips all the referees out of the ring! Then he punches Justin Bieber in the face and Justin Bieber is KO. Jericho goes to the top turnbuckle and raise his hands getting a huge pop and we hear his music.

    (I know this is never going to happen but I still have hope for it to happen )
    Imagine the lawsuits But this would definitely be a markout moment. The 2 over canadians beating down the annoying canadian


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