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    Jericho wins both and challenges Punk for the best and to receive the one undisputed championship belt

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    Christian,i really would love to see credible christian vs sheamus match which doesnt end with first try borgue kick. Also barret and orton got a nice feud so i hope they dont miss opportunity to make it last till mania.

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    Lets say Christian takes out Khali before the chamber match and inserts himself in. Then out of the 6 participants, D-Bryan, Barrett, Show, Rhodes, Christian, and Orton, who should win the chamber, and face Sheamus at Maina. Now when asking this question, i'm saying who would make the most sense to face Sheamus for the WHC, not just who will put on the "best match"?
    Daniel Bryan retains at EC, and whoever he faces at Mania, he retains.

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    Christian with him retaining the WHC at WM against Sheamus.
    I'm jus sayin...

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