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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling Realist View Post
    Hardy i don't think he made the trip due to legal reasons but was written off tv till Against all odds as an injury angle
    Angle finished his feud with Storm and is now training for the Olympics
    Styles ??? no clue (he didn't want to travel to the UK?)

    Not a good week to start watching cause it was half assed on Tna part not all the wrestlers where there that why Storm wrestled twice great crowd but not the normal Tna Impact show

    Tazz is good but I like Don West and Tazz on commentary instead of Mike Tenay
    I think I might have liked it better if they had the homegrown talent (and maybe Hardy too) on. There was kinda a lack of starpower. Also, Joe shouldn't be tagteaming when he could be in the main event! I'll keep watching to see if those guys show up.

    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS View Post
    Bully Ray vs Storm was really good. Great psychology in there with Bully Ray working on Storm's taped ribs.
    TBH I was waiting for that match to end. It only got good towards the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Going by your write-ups, it seems like you actually found the show to be a bit better than just average.
    It had it's good and bad points. Although some parts had me cringing, just like the WWE


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