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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaz11 View Post
    Yeah, I'm having a tough time choosing a team to support.

    The 6 teams that caught my eye, which led me to actually watch Basketball, were Miami Heat, LA Lakers, Toronto Raptors, Portland Trail Blazer, Dallas Maverick, and Detroit Pirtons.

    I'd like to go Miami soon, and Miami Heat spring to mind when you talk about kits, logo, etc. But the problem is, I don't wanna be a bandwagoner.

    So Van, name me the 3 teams who are likely to win anything..
    Nice balance of teams Shaz.

    Miami Heat - Risky, Floridian teams do struggle to get an audience, even when 1 of the best. Currently 1 of the better teams. Best player they have is LeBron James and are currently a squad that can win it all again.

    LA Lakers - DAT HISTORY, more recently made the beast squad they had even more beast lol

    Toronto Raptors - Dunno a hell of a lot about then. Only Canadian team in NBA.

    Portland Trial Blazers - Dunno anything about them. Sorry lol

    Dallas Mavs - They won it all for the first time a year back. I really like the home kit, but once again dont know that much

    Pistons - In 00s they were THE team. A dynasty that really were hard to beat. Sadly, they now 1 of the leagues strugglers and are in a rebuilding seasons. I will say that Detroit are a very loyal fanbase, even to the weaker teams cause they have a knack for bouncing back to at least play-off contenders.

    Don't get me wrong here, these 3 teams are most likely to win this season. Doesn't mean they will. For all I know, all 3 teams may go out first round of the play-offs. But more then likely either Oklahoma City Thunder, LA Lakers or Miami Heat will win/at least make the final.

    You've picked a good mix of leveled teams though Shaz so you're not bandwagoning. Just watch them play home games once or twice and just see who you enjoy the most.
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