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    Quote Originally Posted by The Expendable View Post
    it's gonna be fun to see The rock vs Cena (the match that WWE wants to be the main event) overshadow by Punk vs Jericho
    You know truthfully that wont happen Cm punk & Chris Jericho does not have that kind of star power...the only way Cm punk & Jericho match overshadows The Rock & Cena's match is if The Rock & Cena stick up the joint which lets face it wont happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead200 View Post
    somehow the way this feud is starting is weird, I mean Jericho trolled all around the last month, he lost the Rumble and then he attacks Punk as the "generic heel interfers in his face opponent match", I'm hoping a good promo to explain this
    The reason Chris Jericho attacked Punk was because all Monday Night Cm Punk kept on saying he is the best wrestler in the world (Which he's not it's Kurt Angle IMO) but that's why Y2J attacked the Whiny Punk and all of his Whiny fans started booeing Best in the World at what he does Nuff said

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Expendable View Post
    Who knows, There are a lot of people who are not really very much into Rock vs Cena
    It's not that I'm not into Rock vs Cena, but if they do go ahead and book Punk vs Jericho, I will be looking foward to that match a lot more
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    It will be way better than cena vs rock!!

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