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    Road To WrestleMania

    Here's another scenario I came up with. Daniel Bryan loses his WHC to the likes of Orton or someone else in the Elimination Chamber. Loses a rematch on Smackdown or whatnot putting him out of the title picture going into Mania. This most likely would cement him as a challenger in the MITB at Mania. Remember last year how he promised he wasn't going to cash in until Mania so he could main event? Why not have him win the MITB and then right as the Jericho and Punk match is set to begin he comes out to cash in and makes it a triple threat match, maybe even a triple threat submission match or even a triple threat iron man match? The possibility of this kind of match would be great for DB.

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    Idk if that would be liked or not, but a interesting idea none the less, good thread.

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    No offense to you but i really couldn't take another Daniel Bryan MitB win.

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    If that scenario does come to fruition then DB would be keeping his word at cashing in the MITB briefcase at WM 28. Since he is turning heel though it would be more likely that he waits until the match is over then cashes in to become the new WWE Champ.

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