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    I honestly believe that this feud would be a very great one. I am a huge fan of both Wrestlers, and a back and forth between the both of them over the microphone would make any fan forget about the misfortunes of Chris Jericho's early 2012 run thus far. CM Punk and Chris Jericho are great at doing what they do, and they would obviously have no problems shifting everyone's attention toward something else. When Chris Jericho said that the Rumble would be the end of the world as we know it he was probably referring to the fact that win or lose his plans for world domination would commence at the Rumble and onward.

    All of this makes perfect sense. You just have to think about it long and hard. Chris Jericho can go either way from this point.. He attacked CM Punk, but Chris Jericho was also rumored to face off against The Undertaker at some point. Triple H left that up in the air when he walked out, and we will find out which road he will take this Monday. I personally believe that Chris Jericho would go up against CM Punk over the obvious reasons, but Chris Jericho has been very confusing with the decisions he has made as of late. We can only wait and see what happens. (:

    A R R I VE.
    P A N DA-A T T A C K
    L E A V E.

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    I just enjoyed the jeritroll. come on!! come on!!! yeaaaa!! yea!!! yea babbyyyy! Jeritroll

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