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    Wink "Dream" match with current WWE superstars

    I just wanted to get this first, well... second post out of the way and thought about this simple idea to get things started. What would your "dream" (and by dream I mean the match that you would never get tired of seeing bassicaly) be using the current WWE roster??

    I have two types of matches that come into mind the first being a Technical style match and the Second being an all out Slobber knocker (Powerhouse if you will)

    1st match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan ... vs Seth Rollins
    When the word "technical" and "match" come together some may automatically think of Daniel Bryan and or CM Punk so, I thought i would give it a little twist by adding WWE "up and comer" Seth Rollins to the mix. According to what I have seen with the SHIELD, he has talent to spare in the ring so adding him to this match just felt right to me atleast. I wont go into details but just imagine this match taking place, it doesn't need to be on the grandest stage of them nor a ppv but simply an exhibition.

    2nd match: Sheamus vs Ryback
    Yes I choose Ryback here because of his outright power! He may by mediocre in the ring but the guy has the bodystrength to over power anyone on the WWE roster. I also choose Sheamus because of his move set, he has a more agressive move set then John Cena (5 moves of doom, nah) I haven't seen alot of Big E langston TBH and Randy Orton I like as a wrestler but he has lost that ruthless agression he had while he was "The Legend Killer" (heel).

    Give the 1st match 30 min and the 2nd 15-20
    As you may notice I left the matches up to your imagination so if you have any stipulations/match type or even out come just let us know why?

    So there you have guys and gals, If you have any comments you know what to do!!

    Thanks for reading!

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    poole never heard of it? neither have i
    daniel bryan vs rob van dam and rob van dam vs seth rollins that is all
    TNA PPV Prediction Contest 2011/2012 2nd

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    Undertaker V John Cena at Wrestlemania.

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    Adrian Neville vs. Evan Bourne

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    The Great Khali VS Hornswoggle, just book the damn thing.

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    I wouldn't mind a match between John Cena & CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Shield. That would be epic in a way.

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTC View Post
    I wouldn't mind a match between John Cena & CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs The Shield. That would be epic in a way.
    WM quality match i think.

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    Cena vs Punk career vs career.
    Whatever the outcome the match would change the landscape of wwe.
    Punk vs Bryan 60 minutes iron man match.
    Work to a draw and then add 15 minutes ish overtime.

    Special mention to Paige vs Summer vs AJ last Diva standing.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMPunker View Post
    daniel bryan vs rob van dam and rob van dam vs seth rollins that is all
    I like the way you think!! I would add a ladder to either one of the matches and call it a PPV of its own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    Undertaker V John Cena at Wrestlemania.
    Seeing that Takers streak is on the line... Whats Cena putting up? WWE tittle? Career? Loser leaves town? huuumm...!!!

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