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    I'd think Rock/Austin/HHH have faced enough in 1 on 1 competition. I would like it much better if they faced the current talent in 1 on 1 competition.

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    There's only one dream match left as far as I'm concerned. Ever since it was teased at last year I've been waiting for the 2 hour Iron Man match between HHH and a broom! I know I'm being silly but I do REALLY want to see if Trips could put on a match against an inanimate object.

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    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs CM Punk : Less than 50%
    There's more interest from Punk, than from Austin. Plus, Austin said he doesn't NEED another match and would quite happily remain retired, especially if he's not 100%.

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    wrestlemania dream match past or present living or dead

    What would be some epic matches featuring living or dead superstars
    I think eg vs delrio
    DB vs bob backlund
    Cena vs warrior
    Savage vs punk
    Scsa vs lesnar
    Hhh vs flair (I know its happened plenty)
    Jericho vs Bret hart
    Just random thoughts what about any of you guys or gals?
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    international airstrike vs the hardy boyz in a tlc match
    scsa vs punk in a street fight
    John cena vs Hulk hogan in a last man standing match
    Undertaker vs randy orton in a hell in a cell match
    sheldon benjamin, dolph ziggler, billy kidman, paul london, brian kendrick, and kane in a money in the bank match
    kurt angle vs chris benoit in a submission match
    eddie vs rey in a 2 out of 3 falls
    rob van dam vs daniel bryan in a tlc match


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    Chris Benoit vs Daniel Bryan - Submission Match
    Stone Cold vs Rock vs John Cena - Triple Threat
    Eddie Guerrero vs Sin Cara
    Ryback vs Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg vs Batista - Fatal 4 Way
    Sting vs Shawn Michaels

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret "Hit Man" Hart vs Kurt Angle

    Team Hell No vs Rock 'n' Sock Connection

    The Undertaker vs Sting - Hell in a Cell Match

    John Cena vs Samoa Joe

    Dudley Boyz vs The Shield - Tables Match

    Randy Savage vs Triple H

    Ultimate Warrior vs Batista

    Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar - 60-minute Ironman Match

    CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels

    The British Bulldogs vs Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team - 2 out of 3 falls

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    Flair vs Hogan

    Sting vs Ultimate Warrior

    Ryback vs Lesner vs Goldberg

    British Bulldogs vs Rock and Roll Express vs Midnight Express vs Hart Foundation

    Benoit vs D. Bryan

    Punk vs Angle

    S. Michaels vs C. Hennig vs R. Savage vs R. Steamboat

    HHH vs L. Lugar vs Austin

    Rock vs Undertaker vs Cena

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    Another match I forgot to add into my previous post was Kerry Von Erich vs The Ultimate Warrior

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    A WM dream match Brock vs the Animal Batista

    A long time ago when Batista was at the top of the WWE and Brock was gone with no return in sight WWE Magazine was listing fantasy matches and one of them was Brock vs Batista. I personally think this could and should happen and heres how I would set it up. Brock enters the RR at some random number and starts cleaning house. The clock starts the countdown and when it hits 0 we hear batistas music and he comes down and eliminates brock and then himself implying that he came back for brock. On Raw he opens it saying that he's been waiting for this moment to beat brock and show who the real powerhouse is. This sets em up for WM. Comments/Bitch's/Gripes/Complaints are Welcome thank u

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