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    The "Dream Match" Thread

    Bryan Danielson V. Kurt Angle 30 min iron man match
    Bryan Danielson V. Chris Beniot (Just because Danielson reminds me so much of a young Beniot)
    LOD V. Free Birds V. Kerry and Kevin Von Erich
    Kane V. Abyss
    Great Khali V. Rob Terry in a ladder match
    Lou Thesz V. Kurt Angle
    Eddie Guerrero V. Chris Beniot one last time
    Andre The Gaint V. Bam Bam Bigalow

    So many more what are yours?

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    The Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs
    Shawn Michaels vs. Bryan Danielson
    Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk
    Tyler Black vs. CM Punk
    Samoa Joe vs. John Cena (just think it would be a bit interesting)
    Edge vs. Christian (At a major event to finish a feud)
    20-Man Battle Royal ft: Bryan Danielson, Low-Ki, Tyler Black, Kenny King, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Evan Bourne, Eddie Edwards, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, Davey Richards, Jimmy Jacobs, AJ Styles, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, John Morrison, Rob Van Dam (prime), Shawn Michaels (prime), Jay Lethal, KENTA
    Kurt Angle vs. Jack Swagger (Just so Angle can prove who the better of the two is)

    - Those are just a few

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    Kurt Angle vs Jack Swagger
    Daniel Bryan vs William Regal
    Kaval vs Rey Mysterio
    Shawn Michaels vs John Morrison

    just to name some.

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    Chyna Vs. Beth Phoenix
    Undertaker Vs. John Cena at some Wrestlemania (Taker Face, Cena Heel)
    Edge Vs. Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell
    C M Punk Vs. Luke Gallows

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    Dream Match for me: Sting vs Undertaker - Hell in a Cell

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    undertaker vs sting but not in the cell

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    Dream Match: The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels, That's one for the ages.
    To bad it can only happen in video games now
    Young Q

    "Just Bring it" mixtape coming soon!

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    kurt angle vs swagger
    the rock vs john cena
    austin vs hulk hogan
    rvd vs cm punk
    undertaker vs sting
    big show v andre the giant
    benoit vs daniel bryan vs eddie vs samoa joe
    aj styles vs rey
    abyss vs kane vs mankind vs sabu
    bret vs hogan
    the rockers vs mcmg

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    Goldberg vs John Cena WrestleMania XXVII
    CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan (in the WWE)

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    I take it in this scenerio everyone would be in their primes.
    Taz vs Samoa Joe
    Vader vs Goldberg
    Midnight Express vs Rockers
    Ric Flair vs Lou Thez
    Sting Vs Warrior
    Big Show vs Andre the giant
    Road Warriors vs Kane and Taker
    Tully Blanchard vs CM Punk
    Horsemen vs DX
    Terry Funk vs Steve austin

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