View Poll Results: Who do you want to face Michaels if he returned for one match only?

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  • Cm Punk

    1 16.67%
  • Daniel Bryan

    5 83.33%
  • Sheamus

    0 0%
  • Seth Rollins

    0 0%
  • Alberto Del Rio

    0 0%
  • Triple H

    0 0%
  • John Cena

    0 0%
  • Rob Van Dam

    0 0%
  • The Undertaker

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  • Brock Lesnar

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    The Real Once In A Life Time

    i was just looking around at the yearly wrestling awards and came to notice the two of John Cena's matches of the years. the first one was John Cena Vs. Shawn Michaels then it was John Cena Vs. Cm Punk. So this got me thinking has Shawn Micheals Vs. Cm Punk ever happened? and if not i honestly think this match is still do-able and they should so do this match down the line, i would guess this match a 5 stars just on the paper value alone.
    who else would want to see this match?
    but if not this match then what match would you want Shawn Micheals to come back to?

    Shawn Michaels Vs. Cm Punk
    Vs. Daniel Bryan
    Vs. Seth Rollins
    Vs. Sheamus

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    Mark Henry, but out of these guys Daniel Bryan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndqw View Post
    Mark Henry, but out of these guys Daniel Bryan.
    Be curious to know why you pick Henry.

    I chose Daniel Bryan. Michaels trained Bryan, and I'm 100% that they'd be able to put on a 5* Wrestlemania-worthy match.

    I wouldn't mind seeing another HBK vs HHH match either, for the buildup more than anything else. I know we've seen it before, but it's just one of those feuds I'd like to see replayed again.

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    Mainly because it hasn't happened yet and Mark Henry is a beast, and maybe the build isn't Shawn Michaels' last match but that's what happens when Henry murderalizes him and he goes home on a stretcher.


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