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    Quote Originally Posted by brockbatista View Post
    No skill? I assuming you mean: technical wrestling skills.

    I guess that's why The Rock sells out stadiums, arenas, generates mainstream press, and increases TV and PPV ratings. In essence, makes the WWE a lot of money.

    Like the Rock tweeted: it amazes how many of today's wrestlers don't understand the industry

    Here is what you don't understand. How many guys that are The Rock's size that can actually put on a technical wrestling match at the level of a Bret Hart?

    The Rock doesn't need to use technical wrestling skills because the guys he matches up with aren't technical wrestlers. If there were more technical wrestlers in The Rock's league, there is no doubt The Rock can put on a technical wrestling match on the level of a Bret Hart.

    The technical wrestling realm belongs to the smaller guys. It always has and it always will.

    What guys like The Rock, Austin, and Hogan have are the special ability to build up a feud and hype it beyond belief to sell out stadiums and make millions on TV ratings and PPV buyrates. The only guy in the PG era that comes close to this is John Cena.

    Don't even say CM Punk. Punk lacks that physical presence and charisma to hype a feud to a level like Rock vs Cena, or Rock vs Hogan, or Rock vs Austin.

    BTW, Jericho owned Punk tonight at WM28 ... in terms of technical wrestling.
    Whatever. The Rock didn't sell out Wrestlemania by himself and to say so is naive. I understand about how the pro wrestling industry works, after all I've been a fan for going on 59 years. I just don't like anything about Rock, that's all. There are a lot of big guy wrestlers who have technical skills such as; HHH, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, Sting, etc... and the Punk/Jericho match way outclassed the Rock/Cena match by far IMO. Of course the HHH/Undertaker w HBK as special ref in HIAC match stole the show at WM 28. After that match every match aside from Punk/Jericho looked really cheesy IMO.

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