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    Quote Originally Posted by Rated_R(ob)KO View Post
    I believe he just got confused between RVD VS. Cena @ ONS and Punk VS. Cena @ MitB... I'm just sayin'. []
    hahaha ow yes so it wasint just me

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    Cena vs Rock is not cancelled.
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    Will Cena/Rock be the next Hogan/Warrior?

    Ok I know that there at a few hundred threads abut cena and rock floating around but this is just a simple question I want people to answer.

    Years ago at Wrestlemania 6 for the first time ever two babyfaces fought for the title, Hogan and Warrior were the two most over stars in the company at the time and they thought it best to have a match between them rather then turn one into a heel. This got me thinking about the match coming up at wrestlemania.

    As much as I dislike teh rock I can admit he will more then likely never be booed or get a negative reaction from a wwe crowd. And personally i don't think they are going to turn cena heel for any reason, he's just far to valuable as a fan favorite.

    Does any one else think their going to try and market the match as just the two "best" guy going to see who's the best or will they try and turn rock or cena and make it the classic good guy vs bad guy
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    nop, i think is the next rock vs hogan

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    I don't think anything will be as big as Warrior/Hogan Hogan/Rock. The only man that can make a crowd boo the biggest babyface in the world is Hogan, and Cena already gets boo to begin with. I think they might learn from Hogan vs rock, and turn Cena heel; destroying the rock after their match, and beginning a new era. They should have their new face of the company planned by then, so Cena being the new top heel, shouldn't be a problem.

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    Even without Cena as top babyface they can easily groom a few more... The Miz, CM Punk and hell even Dolph Ziggler. The funny thing with that is you know they would play a great face but they also play great heels.

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    The Rock vs. John Cena (my prediction)

    alright so it seems most people think that Cena will win at mania but I have reason to believe otherwise, it is very possible the rock will be wrestling after Wrestlemania so who else could see the rock actually winning at Mania and then him and cena having an ongoing feud which in the last match if the rock loses he must retire and not come back and cena winning that match. that's my thought right now and I see it very possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingOrton View Post
    Even without Cena as top babyface they can easily groom a few more... The Miz, CM Punk and hell even Dolph Ziggler. The funny thing with that is you know they would play a great face but they also play great heels.
    Punk will never be the face of pg wwe. Top guy? Yea, but never the face. I dislike Miz, but I could see him being the face of today's wwe. We are off topic now lol
    something keeps telling me that Wrestlemania is going to have two HUGE events..

    Rock vs Cena...

    Punk vs Austin

    I can dream.

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    Miz will be the face over Punk because he has good hygene.

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    That's a great prediction. The Rock lose @ 'Mania and it will really b some HEAT in miami. And if Vince hire a ton of security u knO WWE is considering a Cena Win.
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