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    Wrestlemania 28: John Cena vs. The Rock *KEEP IT HERE!*

    This is just a thought i had. This would make the kids cheer for cena and the adults The Rock. This could take place any time.

    If The Rock wins wwe should go tv-14, cena tv-pg.

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    I highly doubt they would let the rating of company change depending on 1 match. I know The Rock has made the biggest impact in the ratings..ever, raising them by 8% at one time, a number that neither Hogan or Stone Cold could attain combined. But theres money to be made off kids, which has been proven, using Cena as their PG era's posterboy.

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    As many fond memories of the Rock that I have I believe the direction with Cena is the best choice for the future of the WWE. The way I see it, some of the Attitude era fans now have children (as do I) and wish to watch wrestling with thier kids. The current formula of the show makes it safe for older fans to enjoy the product with the younger audience. As these kids age I am sure the product will become more risqué.

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    Won't happen, WWE gets money and more sponsers being PG...and I highly doubt there will be A Rock vs Cena match at WM. I also doubt The Rock will be on Raw in the weeks to come. Last time we'll see him will be WM and then wait another 7 years when he comes back.
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    The Rock vs Cena at WM 28

    So at Wrestlemania 28 you have The Rock vs. John Cena. Who wins at next year's match?

    I see this one of two ways:

    1.) The Rock wins but John Cena comes out looking strong through out the match to not make his status & image weak but in the end, The Rock shows he still has what it takes to get the job done.
    2.) John Cena wins but The Rock comes out very strong through out the match but just couldn't get the job done in the end which shows a passing of the torch type thing as The Rock's time has come to an end.

    Personally, I would rather see The Rock win especially since his Wrestlemania match will be his last official match more then likely (basically his unofficial retirement match.) It would be nice to see him go out on top. Granted, it will probably be John Cena winning (sadly) if history shows anything with a passing of the torch or retirement/last match circumstance.

    Thoughts anyone?

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    Option 2, seems the most logical one, Rock layeth the Smackdown with John Cena's 'Never Give Up'. But Cena's image is already hurt, that wil not be repaired, so that could mean that they could easily just let Rock win to entertain the older fans, but we already had a 'pass the torch moment' with the whole feud between Batista and Cena last year, so no need for a torch passing. I actually think they will let Rock win to please the older fans. Cena ain't the only idol to the kids, they have Mysterio, Morisson, by that time Sin Cara, who knows maybe even Evan Bourne.

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    Neither man will win it will be a long brutal match in which both men will put all of them selfs into. But it will end with both of them counted out because they will have spent all their energy in the match and not be able to get up. We will all be left upset because they will have been overhyped for a whole year on this match and left without a clear winner. Happy April Fools Day from the WWE.

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    Cena is going over the Rock. The Rock will be inducted into the hall of fame.

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    John Cena over Hornswoggle after Cena tosses him off the top of the Hell in a cell cage.

    Horswoggle will need to be stretchered out and taken VIA ambulance to the Life and Death clinic resulting in Hornswoggle finally having a growth spurt in which he grows to the size of Big Show, and runs rampant on the entire WWE roster winning every title possible within a month.
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