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    Miz Headlining Wrestlemania!

    For the last little, while the normally vocal Miz has been fairly quiet.

    He headlined Summerslam with Cena, Rock and R-Truth, lasted longer than any other Superstar at the Rumble but then lost against Kofi this week on Raw.
    Miz cut a promo at the start of the Rumble and then again this week on Raw about getting to WM.

    I genuinely think he has a decent shot at beating Punk for the WWE title though. He's been out of the title picture for a bit tag teaming and mostly putting people over in his feuds, is it time for a major win?

    I'm not so sure WM needs the Punk-Jericho match for the title, it's got the potential to be big with just those two and a mic each.
    Why not have Punk to drop the belt to one of the other guys, it's too soon for Kofi or Truth IMO, so maybe Ziggler or Miz?

    What do you think? Will Punk-Y2J be for the title? Could Miz leave as champ? Or would Ziggler be better instead?

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    If Punk vs Y2J isn't for the title than it could be Miz or Ziggler that are next in line for another title shot.
    If this isn't Taker's last mania than I would hope for a Undertaker vs Ziggler or Undertaker vs Miz match.

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    I was thinking the same thing. Punk vs Y2J IMO would steal the show at Mania so they don't need the title. If it could be kept interesting I wouldn't mind Miz winning and his feud with Truth to continue. Doubt it would happen but I'd love it

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    Miz Vs Ziggler

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    It's not that I disagree that Miz should be in the WWE title match, it's just that there's bigger things that need to happen - like Punk vs Jericho. It's amazing how The Miz has remained to stay relevant after all this time, and I hope he puts on a good show against Truth or MITB at Mania.

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    personally i think that the miz should be drafted to smackdown, there he can feud with randy orton (when he wins the title again) and that way becoming new whc, i think that sd could use a heel like miz

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloverstone82 View Post
    Miz Vs Ziggler
    I would love to see that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    Darius: You're all bitching again? Jesus, I thought this was Insane Championship Wrestling ... Not Jersey Shore!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Giddy View Post
    Kryptonite is awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    Your sig gives kind of a rapey vibe

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    I don't see Miz getting the title before or at Mania, but I do see him continuing to stay relevant, and at some point this year, we will see Miz become the WWE champion again, or the WHC champion

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    Miz will leave EC PPV with the WWE title to face R-truth at WM28

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestling Realist View Post
    Miz will leave EC PPV with the WWE title to face R-truth at WM28
    Those drugs sound far out man!


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