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    Is it just me...

    or is Brodus Clay squash matches getting annoying, glad to Tyler Reks get a few shots in but come on with the squash matches please. Not hating on him or the gimmick i like both but i need to see more (no pun intended) thpughts?

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    No your right, squash matches are good for a debut or to show a guy as a monster but this has gone on to long now. The fact that they had a squash match on the ppv was just moronic. Brodus Clay can work well in the ring and this is just making him look like a gimmick and nothing else.
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    His squash matches are definitely getting annoying, but I think it's because they've dragged it on way too long. It's like watching his debut vid on YouTube 50 times. Good once or twice, let's see something new...

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