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Thread: A new theory

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    A new theory

    Chris Jericho is making the wwe a buzz, with his "the end of the world as we know it." But, even though though the main thoughts are about Punk, and maybe even Undertaker, a new idea just came to me. Now, i'm not sure how how he will explain it, but it could be possible. What if the 'she' that Jericho is talking about is infact Stephanie Mcmahon. But, instead of going after the title, he goes after the company. We all know Haitch is the COO, but what if Jericho wants to control the entire wwe. HHH and Steph both have some history with Y2J, so it could make sense. Thoughts?

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    i think it would be very good to have a hhh vs jericho feud, both are veterans who can make this storyline believable, plus that would probably lead to punk vs taker, which will also be awesome!

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    And Jericho is working for Vince, his goal is to bring vince back into power.
    Recall: the man cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken
    Also Jericho is the prophet, vince is the power. on the 2nd day of 2012 the prophet will emerge. it begins with jericho.
    And she has not told us anything yet, she holds the mystery of his revival of his rebirth. The female voice in the last 2 sound like Steph, but thats a stretch as proof of the theory.

    It could also be Shane.

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    I don't want to see Triple H and Jericho in a storyline again. I'd rather see Jericho with Punk or Taker.

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    Jericho vs HHH would be great, but I'm dying to see Punk vs Jericho!

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    My money was on punk vs jericho but im not so sure anymore.

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