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    A Blog about Blogs

    I know a lot of you guys are interested in writing blogs, however, after you've spent your time and energy in putting together a blog, you don't see it on the site… why?? Well, this post is supposed to help you get your blog approved. So before you write or complain about a blog not getting posted, make sure you read some of the rules and regulations. Get the scoop on the minimum requirements before you start posting. So we can have better quality blogs on the site.

    Here are some basic guidelines:

    1. Title: Has to be attractive and attention grabbing. "How I feel about Triple H's Return on Monday Night Raw" is a precise, but unattractive Title.
    "Thoughts on Triple H's Return" is a much less wordy title. Its neat and gets to the point. You can also get a little creative and try to grab the reader's attention. "My take on John Cena's Gimmick and How it should be changed"… WAY to long. How about. "John Cena: Lots of Muscle, Tiny Brain". Get creative with your title, figure out what is attractive to the audience. Grab their attention. This is what will get your blog read and approved.

    2. Formatting: Formatting is very important. Text with a clean format, easy to read titles, subtitles, sections, and over all uniform appearance will have a much easier time getting approved. Don't use more than 2 colors in your content, black is considered the first color. If your text is all bold, all underline, or italicized, it will not get very far. Stick with one font. A well formatted set of text with uniform font and organized content is very important. This will sure help you get approved.

    3. Content: The most important is content. If you write about the exact same thing as everyone else is, then you will have less chance of being approved, simply because you're probably not the first one to write about it. Make sure if you are writing about the same subject that you content is unique. Offering a different take on the subject will get you published. Otherwise a repeated article isn't going to work.

    Make sure you spell check!! So easy! Just write your blog in a word document, spell check, and paste it back. Make sure your blog is a blog!! The most blogs that I see are actually not blogs. They would belong in a forum. It usually is only seeking the opinion of the reader to start a discussion, which is why we have a forum. When writing a blog make sure you MAKE A POINT, ADDRESS an ISSUE, STATE an OPINON, or SUMMARIZE an EVENT! While these are not the only criteria that creates good content, generally they fall in these categories.

    Also, if your blog is 5 lines long… it will not be approved. Post that in the forum.

    These are generally the things I look for in a blog. There are a lot of blogs I've liked before that don't follow all of these general guidelines, but overall, majority of the blogs do fall in these categories.

    If you want to see examples of blogs that are usually approved, check out this list of the most popular member blogs and you'll have a good idea of how to get started and what to write.

    Good Luck!! See you in the blog section


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