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    Thumbs up TNA No Surrender discussion thread

    Discuss anything to do with the upcoming event called No Surrender - September 5th 2010 - Orlando, FL - TNA iMPACT! Zone

    Matches announced so far:

    Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle: Normal match - If Kurt Angle loses, He will RETIRE from Professional Wrestling.
    Not Changing my Signature until the following happens:

    [ ] Daniel Bryan either returns to WWE or Debuts in TNA
    [ ] Hulk Hogan & Russo & Bischoff leave TNA
    [ ] HHH turns heel
    [ ] Cena turns heel
    [ ] Jim ross comes back to commentary
    [ ] TNA score a 1.5 rating on thursdays

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    I can't see Angle losing tbf. Not to Jeff Hardy in a retirement match. I can stil see him coming back to the WWE for one last run.
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    would be great if kurt came back to wwe but he says he wants to finish career in tna but he cold just be saying that since hes in the company i think he will win and at bound for glory win world title

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    Kurt deserves to lose to someone better than Jeff to quit of Professional wrestling.


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