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    WWF Muslce Bodyguard

    I'm somewhat of a collector of the DVDs that WWE has put out over the years and every time I watch one of them, there's this one guy in the crowd. He's a bodyguard, he usually has on a WWE shirt, sometimes a hat, and he's about as ripped as Scott Steiner. I don't think I've seen him at all in recent years, but he's in almost every match on these 90s and early 2000s dvds. Does anyone know who this guy is? It's really been bothering me lately and even Google doesn't seem to know.

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    Stab in the dark, but is this the guy you're on about? Robert Swanson?
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    Yeah I think that actually is the guy. He looks just like the one that I'm seeing.

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    I just looked that guy up and he died in 1999. I'm pretty sure the guy that I've seen was alive in the 2000s. I don't think it was Swenson.

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    i think you may be referring to a guy named jim dotson. he was the head security guard for the wwf/e throughout the late 90's to possibly the early 2000's, although i'm not 100% that he was still around then. look him up on google images etc to see if it's the guy that you have seen.

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    Jim Dotson. Mr. Dotson if your nasty.

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