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Thread: Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley

    Really? This is the guy who should be the next "break-out" star. This guy was, at best, the sixth best rookie on NXT season 2. The crowd doesn't boo him because of heat, they boo because they know he sucks. I find him boring on the mic, and he tries too hard to be another Miz when he isn't even good enough to clip Miz's toenails. He's sloppy in the ring, and it's sad because he was in Development for over three years. His timing is off quite a bit, and he does not do a very good job of selling.

    Sure we can argue that this was a weak season of NXT and I agree. Kaval is clearly the best in-ring performer. Percy was clearly the best on the mic and got the best crowd reactions. This week WWE eliminated Percy and Husky after a week in which Riley finished 5th in the polls and did nothing to improve his spot. I wonder why WWE just showed who was eliminated instead of showing the polls, because Riley would have been last and would have gone home and that is not what Vince McMahon wants.

    Vince McMahon wants Alex Riley as his Season 2 winner of NXT.

    Another thing that just bothers me, although it's not that important. He just looks really old for his age. He's only 29, but he looks like he has gray hairs, and he has that type of face to where I just want to punch him. Looks like the Season 1 winner will be far better than the Season 2 winner, and we have to give this guy a title match.

    Why, oh why, WWE?

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    Alex Riley ftw!
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    That's Awesome...I think you just stomped the nuts of the entire IWC with this comment. A thing of beauty.

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    alex riley is just the miz clone he looks like him gets similar heat in a way but miz of corse is getting lots he is a guy fans are loving to hate but i tink the jock gimmick is a bit out of date though they should turn him into a arragant side kick for the miz should he not win nxt i dont mind him but kaval to be the winner i think and cause he had a dig at dixie and tna last night haha

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    I can see Alex Riley becoming the next "Break-Out" Star in the WWE, however not by being Miz Jr. The very first time I heard or even saw Riley was at the Miami Fair in Fla. for an FCW event. Not even kidding, my first thought was "Wow this guy looks and acts EXACTLY like The Miz" then fast forward a few months later and The Miz is his Pro hah. Anyways Alex Riley should maybe come up with something new because if not, I don't see him lasting long by being "A second Miz"

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    I could see him being a big star in the WWE. But he needs to get rid of his current gimmick since its extremely annoying. They need to get him away from the Miz, if they don't they will ruin his character.

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    He's not going to go very far acting like the miz. imo though this guy shouldn't win nxt season 2. it should have been husky harris or percy watson cause it would benefit them the most. some would argue that kaval or michael mcgillicutty but i think they both have spots on the main roster whether win or not.

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    I think in terms of what it takes to start right away in the WWE, Alex Riley is the whole package and if he needs to use the Jiz as his jump off point then thats what its gunna be. Personally, i was right along with Cody Rhodes when Huskey Harris was kicked off. He is average on the mic but his persona and ring work are WWE ready. I like Kaval ok but he really should have gotten kicked off next, then Mr. Perfect Jr. Somthing tells me Huskey aint going away tho

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    i do hope riley wins, i actually hope the top 4 all end up on smackdown: kaval, riley, hennig and harris.

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    Alex Riley: A TOOL!

    What the hell is Riley thinking? He gets arrested this morning for a DUI. This dude is by far stupider than Georgy Helms. Riley will not get a good push in the WWE for doing something so stupid like this ma dude. Maybe they should pair him, Michael Cole and Zack Ryder up and call them the TOOL Academy! What a jackass Alex Riley. Well Riley, good luck in the future because your going to be FIRED!!!! Just saying.


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    He did a good job being The Miz apprentice the past few month,I hope WWE doesnt think about suspend to punish him or worse release him, 'good luck in your future endeavors'

    He'll become a joke after this,wrestlers making fun of him,that mugshot picture shown on titantron etc.

    Somewhere out there Michael Cole is disappointed.

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