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    Alex Riley

    Really? This is the guy who should be the next "break-out" star. This guy was, at best, the sixth best rookie on NXT season 2. The crowd doesn't boo him because of heat, they boo because they know he sucks. I find him boring on the mic, and he tries too hard to be another Miz when he isn't even good enough to clip Miz's toenails. He's sloppy in the ring, and it's sad because he was in Development for over three years. His timing is off quite a bit, and he does not do a very good job of selling.

    Sure we can argue that this was a weak season of NXT and I agree. Kaval is clearly the best in-ring performer. Percy was clearly the best on the mic and got the best crowd reactions. This week WWE eliminated Percy and Husky after a week in which Riley finished 5th in the polls and did nothing to improve his spot. I wonder why WWE just showed who was eliminated instead of showing the polls, because Riley would have been last and would have gone home and that is not what Vince McMahon wants.

    Vince McMahon wants Alex Riley as his Season 2 winner of NXT.

    Another thing that just bothers me, although it's not that important. He just looks really old for his age. He's only 29, but he looks like he has gray hairs, and he has that type of face to where I just want to punch him. Looks like the Season 1 winner will be far better than the Season 2 winner, and we have to give this guy a title match.

    Why, oh why, WWE?

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