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    Thumbs up Quick Thoughts on TNA iMPACT 01-12-12

    Tonight's TNA iMPACT was a really good show.
    The opener with Roode and Storm got the show going in the right direction. Not a big fan of Sting's shirt though. It looked like he just got out of jail.
    ODB and EY is just getting ridiculous. Funny, but ridiculous.
    The whole Wintergelina storyline has gone on FAR TOO Long, and needs to be put to bed.
    Loved the segment With Eric and Garrett Bischoff. Is it just me, or does Garrett Bischoff look like a more athletic version of Shane McMahon?
    Good segment and match with James Storm and Kurt Angle. Storm's going to Against All Odds. That really makes me happy that they're finally putting Storm up against Roode and get that feud back on track.
    When Goatface Madison Rayne tries to interfere in Sting's business, she gets a cage match with Mickie James next week. HAHA! You tell her Stinger!
    The main event was Roode and Hardy for the WHC. A rematch from Genesis. Good match. OMG moment when Hardy's legs landed on the gate. BS ending when Bully Ray came out. I guess it's a way to get people to tune in next week, but to have a good match end like that isn't cool.
    Overall this was a really good show. It had my attention to stay tuned in, no ridiculous backstage stalker segments, and hardly any trash television. Which is a big +.
    Let me know your thoughts, and follow me on Twitter @T_Hughes35


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