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    I been thinkin how it would be fitting to have an elimination chamber match at wrestlemania for the Undertakers Streak, Take 5 of the most deserving guys in the WWE Past and present and have them all compete in one last match vs the undertaker. most may think its crazy to have the deadman face 5 competitors with his streak on the line, but everybody would be so concerned on being the one guy to end it, that they would make sure nobody gets that final pin. In the End Undertaker lasts while the other 5 are busy with eachother,just to have the last 2 men face eachother in what will of course be another classic win for the Dead man.... THOUGHTS? And who does everyone think should be the other 5, i myself propose Nash, Triple H, Stone Cold, Brock lesnar and Kane
    Nash!? he could barley walk without tearing something but anyway having an elimination chamber at Wrestlemania would be good and a first! I would love to watch it on the grandest stage.

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