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    Looking further into "It Begins"

    Sorry if this has been mentioned already and yes, sorry for another Jericho thread but I read this and thought it was very interesting.

    According to, this is WWE’s plan for the beginning of the “It Begins 2012” angle:
    1. ItBegins2012 (01/02/12)
    2. Second2012 (01/09/12)
    3. LookWithin2012 (01/16/12)
    4. Control2012 (01/23/12)
    5. Prophetless2012 (01/30/12)
    6. TheEndBegins2012 (02/06/12)

    Could it be possible that with each week we're getting something new related to the title of each video?

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    Do you have a link, or is it a members only article?

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    Doubtful. We were swerved, trolled, hoodwinked, BAMBOOZLED!

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    I would like it if they went that route. It's like having a code within another code. Typical Jericho.

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    I think eventually Jericho has to explain the video's. Why have the video's this dark and on these subjects if it's just for no reason. Makes me really look forward to after the Rumble when Jericho will probably begin the feud with Punk

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    interesting - week five he doesn't show up! its the weirdest angle I've seen for a while

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    He could be on to something here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    He could be on to something here.
    Maybe but seriously i need a link and proof to know if this is legit.

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    who knows??? i cant really predict anything on this angle

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    If they were going for something this mysterious, I think it would be really creative on their part. However, RATINGS WILL SUFFER. Fans aren't going to want to wait 6 weeks for Jericho to go through all this. They'll want an explanation sooner rather than later. Jericho not talking lost several thousand viewers, and that was upon his much anticipated debut. Imagine if he keeps it up for another 4 weeks.


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