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    Thank be to the lord 13 is to much and even 12 is taking the piss!!

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    MITB is better left off as a match at Wrestlemania like it was in the past, theres no need to have it as a PPV so that should go.

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    there was a rumor that they were going to do the 4 main ppv on ppv and the rest on the Network next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300pills View Post
    there was a rumor that they were going to do the 4 main ppv on ppv and the rest on the Network next year.
    than they still have 12 ppv's a year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    than they still have 12 ppv's a year
    yeah but it will just be like a special raw noting huge. just a extra show to build up feuds. but i want the 12 ppv cuz aren't they a big part of the wrestlers pay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanHooliganX View Post

    I liked Vengeance. Get rid of Hell in a Cell and use it as a match like once per year.
    This, they really need to make Hell In A Cell mean it's dangerous and can end careers again. Right now it does not feel like it because it is own PPV.

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    I doubt they're going to reduce their PPVs to 8 a year though. Because they probably think that by eliminating them, they will lose those 160,000+ buys for each one that they drop. But if they write good storylines over the longer time that they get during PPVs, then more viewers are gonna want to tune in. But there's still the problem that Vince is stuck in the 90s, and the writing team isn't that good.

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    Good move by the WWE.... To give more time to build PPVs and even make them worth purchasing even more....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle1809 View Post
    As you can read on the news board of this site, wwe is going back to 12 pay-per-views a year. The victimised ppv is Vengeance which was used to be 2 weeks after Hell in a Cell...

    January 29: Royal Rumble
    February 19: Elimination Chamber
    April 1: Wrestlemania
    April 29: Extreme Rules
    May 20: Over the Limit
    June 17: Bragging Rights
    July 15: Money In The Bank
    August 19: Summerslam
    September 23: Night of Champions
    October 28: Hell in A Cell
    November 18: Survivor Series
    December 16: TLC

    Any thought on this??
    Thank goodness. Two week build up PPVs are always brutal, I really think Hell in the Cell this year was the worst PPV in some time.

    Edit: I really agree Hell in a Cell should be the one to go, those matches were much better when they pertained to the story, rather than the calender.
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