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    I think its either 1 or 8.

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    13. Broadus Clay stole the "Funkasaurus" gimmick he was planning on debuting

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    Im going with 2, no one will expect it

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEPY LOCO1 View Post
    13. Broadus Clay stole the "Funkasaurus" gimmick he was planning on debuting
    Epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    don't forget number 14..Armbar...or 17...Armbar..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Death View Post
    12. The Funk-a-saurus left some funky gas in the ring making Jericho's eyes water.

    this is it.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphdogg4 View Post
    don't forget number 14..Armbar...or 17...Armbar..
    hahaha Y2J and his list vs Dean Malenko ^^
    I remember that

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    I would also cry if I was from Winnipeg, no matter how many pro sports teams you put there.
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    Actually its because they werent talking about Barrett.

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    Nah he heard the rumours that Batista was returning.

    It made me cry too


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