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    And thus completely negating the careers of women like Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna and every other (impactful) Women's Champion? I think that's a very bad idea. Not to mention that she is very late to make that claim.
    well the way the divas division is right anything even the claim to be the real women champion to put beth over and divas division in spotlight again will help

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    Divas Title, Women's Title, Bitches Belt......a belt is a belt is a belt. Call it what you want, it really is just splitting hairs. It's like arguing over the cruiserweight/light-heavyweight belt name. Who cares? I have more of a problem with the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE title being viewed as on the same level. But that's just me.

    If Madusa can still work - why not? They've already shown the belt/bin incident on WWE Vintage Collection. The only problem here being pushing Madusa past all the other Divas and it's mostly reminiscent of Flair's "real world title" angle, but the noob marks probably won't even remember that. You'd have to have Madusa work some matches squashing a few Divas to get to Beth.

    The major problem with the Divas writing is they only really have one thing going at a time - if they had have had LayCool and PinUp Strong at the same time, it would have been far more interesting. But instead we get a mish-mash of random Divas put up randomly against the girl pairing of the time. Holy shit, Curious George could write better for the Divas division

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    Yea i don't see it happening the headbangers and now her!

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    Lets keep the Diva's title. The likes of K2 can win it. Then have the Women's title for the actual wrestlers.

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    If done right, I'd love to see Alundra Blayze vs. Beth Phoenix! As long as Blayze leaves those fugly bathing suits she used to wrestle in at home.

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    Does anyone know if Madusa can still wrestle?

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    The Divas title is not a big problem. Hell the Women's title was held by Divas that couldn't wrestle - like Layla, when she sucked. Changing the Divas title to the Women's title isn't going to do shit, because you're still going to get the same Divas competing for it. Well even if people don't remember Madusa, if she can put on good matches right now, she'll definitely be more interesting than half the Divas crap we get right now.

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    Madusa is one of my favorite american female wrestlers of all time, even at her age she'd be more talented then most of those glorified lingerie long as Beth or Nat didn't have to job to her I got no problem with it..but I have a feeling Vince would never bring her back..
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    That would be a awesome dream match.... Madusa looks good yet!!!!
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    Before Beth Phoenix retire, WWE should give her a Intercontinental Championship Title run.


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