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    tonights raw ideas

    I posted this on my blog a few days ago but i dont know if anybody has seen it..

    I have been thinking how they could possibly create a decent storyline from the current position of everthing and how they could start it on monday.

    Raw opens with massive pyro and the normal intros by Cole and King but before all the smoke has cleared CM Punks music hits and a livid Punk tears down to the ring and demands a microphone..

    His appearance and attitude suggests he's pissed with something, cue the promo aimed mostly at john laurenitus as Punk is still 'titleless'. After several minutes of abuse/insults/demands/threats, the lights go down and again the second massive pyro of the night and jericho is stood at the top of the ramp, back to the ring and his arms streached out wide with a microphone in one hand (like the good old days)

    Jericho spins around and the WWE title is firmly around his waist and a massive smile on his face.

    Cue the promo we were all waiting for last monday how hes back to change the world, etc etc etc (you can fill in the promos with whatever makes you happy)

    We find out that Jericho attacked Ziggler backstage and stole the title off him and punk has to go through him to get it back, because he has claimed what was rightfully his, (as the previous promos said)

    Thus nicely setting up a championship fued between Y2j and Punk. But also the WWE could introduce Ziggler into this if they wanted too. He could be screwed out of the wwe title shot at the Rumble, or he got attacked by Jericho, it would add a different dimention to the fued and if played properly could elevate ziggler to the Main event.

    i think this could have the potential to be a great starter for the angle we are all wanting ..

    thoughts ???

    prediction comp..

    NOC - 8th

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    Pretty nice but, I think Jericho's destiny is to win the Rumble. That would be something gigantic to brag about. I dont think, and I dont want WWE to give us a Jericho vs Punk right away. We all know thats for Wrestlemania. Let's keep it for now, it would be too obivous. They should give the idea that its NEVER gonna happen.

    Let Ziggler has his opportunity. In fact, I think Jericho should be quiet until Rumble, get in there and win the whole thing. Then he can run his mouth

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