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    How the Cena and Kane feud could end in a win-win

    The only way Cena doesnt lose steam and Kane's return can still b relevant, is to set up a 1-1 match that haves The Rock and Undertaker doing run-ins so the end result isnt clean for whoevers wins.

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    Nah it won't. Rocky and Taker have their own thing going on right now - Rocky in hollywood and Taker taking time off to get ready for Wrestlemania.

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    I'm seeing the Kane Cena match as being the end of their brief feud. Cena had nothing to do since the Rock is right around the corner and the Rock never appears on Raw for face offs and banter often.

    I think this will end with Cena doing something overly brutal to Kane and making it look like he crossed the line and went to far in hurting Kane. Kane will praise Cena for it saying that he finally embraced the hate and now he understands, then the lights will go out and Kane will vanish in laughter.

    This will slowly turn Cena heel and at WM after the match with the Rock, Cena will snaps again and hurt the Rock. WM will end in deafening boos, kids crying and faint cheers from the fans who where bored of his stale Ned Flanders Boy scout character.

    Just a Old Schooler prediction.


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