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Thread: Seriously!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    The Situation would win dude. It's a celebrity match at Wrestlemania, the celeb ALWAYS wins - Floyd Mayweather, Donald Trump, Snooki.

    Except for Wrestlemanias 2, 14, 15, 16, & 22.

    And, you forgot the better celebrity wins anyways...

    Wrestlemanias 1, 2, and 11.

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    I want that garbage show to stay in "Music Television" next to Teen Mom. Damn people loving idiotic drama that they lack in real life....

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    I personally as a old school wrestling fan have always hated when the WWE put a celebrity in a match at a PPV. Especially when the celebrity gets the best of the wrestler or wins. It makes the industry look bad and it makes us as wrestling fans look stupid. Plus it takes away from a good wrestler who worked his or her asses off to grace the big stage to be ousted my someone like Snooki.

    I understand the business aspect that a celebrity brings in more media attention and interest, but don't let them get a win over a professional. Furthermore, don't question my intelligence with the pro selling a obvious lame scripted botched wrestling move attempted by a celebrity.

    I'm still disheartened over the Big Show losing to Mayweather. That made the entire industry look bad and really fraudulent to have Mayweather who's 5'6" 140lbs beat the monster Big Show.

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    Good for the media and Ryder but bad for wrestling



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