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    Would you get behind John Cena & Zack Ryder as an official tag team?

    I think that a Cena/Ryder tag team would be a great way to refresh Cena and move him out of the spotlight. I know many, including myself, are clamoring for a heel turn, but a heel turn would mean that he's still the center of attention, and it would end up bumping our current heel main eventers down a peg.

    Cena and Ryder could become an official tag team after Wrestlemania. They can retain their individual gimmicks while wearing a matching color scheme. Ryder would keep his current look, while Cena would switch to trunks (with U Can't C Me logo on the back), while keeping his wristbands, hats, etc. in their color scheme as well.

    I envision their tag team finisher as an Inverted Atomic Drop/Rough Ryder combo.


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