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    Is anyone else actually extremely confused as to the way Cena is being booked?

    Considering they still see him as they're main draw in terms of merchandising and media work I am very surprised as to how he is being booked these days:

    The Cena Sucks t-shirt's being sold directly next to the Rise Above Hate t-shirt smacks of not only Cena making more money but a potential shift in character type. While this article is from and therefore should be no more trusted/believable than how Teddy Long always seems to eventually make a tag team match as a main event.

    But it's more than that. I sort of believe he is being booked as if the company wants to turn him heel and turn his back on the companies direction.

    With Kane beating him at every single opportunity on Television for the last 4 weeks and only having one match go to a logical conclusion in that time i'm really not sure as to what they are doing?

    Is he being buried? Are they finally looking to revamp his character however many years overdue? Why is he working less matches (other than the obvious keeping fresh for 'mania)?

    Thoughts? Musings? Bitching at me for talking about Cena?

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    John Cena is still the face of the company at this time, and all of these things going on with him right now are accomplishing a few things in preparation for the match at WM with the Rock.

    1. Cena needed a little time to re-coop from some nagging injuries.
    2. This is an attempt to turn Cena heel, and at the same time see him "rise above the hatred".
    3. The 'E can capitalize on the Cena sucks chants by making money selling Cena sucks shirts.
    4. Although I'm definitely not a Rock fan, with WM being in Miami and Rock performing in front of his hometown, it will be virtually impossible for Cena to win and the 'E to justify it without a tweak of Cena's character.
    5. Cena isn't being buried, just being kept out of the title picture for awhile until sometime after WM when his SuperCena gimmick will more than likely return with a slight twist in character.
    6. Since the Rock isn't there all the time right now to build a proper feud for whatever reason, the focus has to be put on Cena, and Kane is the filler feud until we get closer to WM for the Rock to spend more time working with the 'E and Cena on building the feud better.
    7. This Kane vs Cena feud is also a way for Kane to grow in his new character and help Cena prepare for and beat the Rock. (I wouldn't be surprised to see Kane vs Rock feud one more time after WM)

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