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    WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

    Post either news about SvR games or anything else about it.
    I'll start:

    Over the past two weeks I have been making storyline on SvR 2010 which currently runs for 9 parts. It is based on the WCW/ECW Invasion angle from 2001 but it is how I would have booked it. I have 50 created characters that will all in some way be included in the invasion (all of them were from either ECW or WCW or were in the WWF at the time of the invasion).
    So far it has featured guys like Joel Gertner, New Jack, C.W. Anderson, Goldberg, the nWo and the bWo. The guys I have who were from the WWF anyway are:
    The Dudley boyz
    The APA
    Billy Gunn
    Perry Saturn
    Crash Holly
    Hardcore Holly
    Stevie Richards

    and of course the guys already on SvR:
    The Hardy Boyz
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    The Rock
    The Undertaker
    William Regal
    Mark Henry

    and I think there are some other but I really need to get to the point

    So if you have SvR 2010 and Xbox Live please search for WWF INVASION and try and please give me some feedback because I really need to know what you guys think so I can make them better. Oh yeah and after this I will be doing weekly ECW episodes and not WWECW, the original ECW.


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    I wasn't a big fan of the 2010 version. I'd like to see the return of GM mode for certain.

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    Know your role 1, Know your role 2, Just bring it, Shut your mouth, Here comes the pain, Crush Hour, and 2006 were the best WWE video games. 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 sucked badly. I will go out on a limb here an assume that 2011 will suck as well.

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