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    Vehicular Homicide and Baseball bats OH MY!!!!!

    Since Goldust is getting a push now and his book is about to come out. This is one of my favorite fights in wwe history. The reason why i call it a fight is because it was one. Those are real punches to the face folks and the violence here is at an all time high. This fight is the reason I and so many others will never forget the name GOLDUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thoughts on this matter???
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    Holy sh*t! Good on Dustin for taking those shots for the sake of our entertainment! I know sometimes Piper liked to go off script but I would think that this was pre-arranged. Not the broken hand but!

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    That was fun to watch!

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    That was awesome, but those shots to the head were just brutal.
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    this match was great minus trying to watch pipper body slam goldust on the car. that was hard to watch. he couldnt even pick him up hhaha..

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    Ahh....the days of gratuitous violence in the WWF-E. Long live the glory days....thank God for YouTube!!!
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    Allow me to offer my infinite wisdom on the matter... (Ahh.. Just kidding.) One of the greatest street fights in company history. In the words of Austrian Death Machine: "TOTAL BRUTAL!!!" I can't help but assume that the only reason Dustin is getting the push right now is specifically to prepare the oncoming promotion of his book. He has always been utilized just underneath his potential, both in WWE and WCW. I think the Goldust character emerged just about two years too early. He was just slightly ahead of his time in an era in which I truly believe he may have held WWF/E title. He's a very sound technician in the ring and has great mic skill. (With a dad like Dusty there is no excuse not to be good on the mic.) I think the angle he's working now with Debiase will really help to build Ted Jr. up, just like it did when Dustin worked with Sheamus. Dustin has always been a solid performer and that fight with Piper is proof of his heart and work ethic.

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    G O O O O O L D U S T!
    I Like Him, i Like His Punches, Nice Finishing Move, a very decent Wrestler! I enjoy Watchin' Him!

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    Another Goldust thread?

    Can't blame you...I love the guy. Since he came back and slimmed down; his character just feels right in WWE and I hope he gets a World Title push. I rather see him than the Cena/Sheamus/Orton title juggling act.

    Give the Attitude Era guys some love.
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    Did McMahon just say "Vintage Piper"?

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