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Thread: RTE Show Thread

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    WarPath 12/23/2012

    Shane Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to TWE WarPath! We are live in Orlando, Florida and we are not at some studio inside a Amusement Park! Hopefully we are getting a full show and not a short summary because people actually did their work and made Krysys happy!

    Jared Manning: What the hell are you talking about? Oh, wait you're breaking the fourth wall aren't you!?

    Shane Cole: Yepp. Anyways, we have some big matches tonight including a huge Tag Team Main Event, that Jared himself has put together!

    Jared Manning: You are correct, I decided to give fans a small preview of Eye of The Beholder by having TWE World Champion, Darius team with one of his opponents, Sagittarius Blue! They will face the other two men involved in the Fatal 4 Way, Shaz and Gaileo!

    Shane Cole: Definitely looking forward to that! Also in Tag Team action we will see TWE Vixxens Champion, Eden Sky team with Cherry Goldwin to take on Pisces Pink and Faith LeFlur!

    Jared Manning: Well, how about we get started with the first match of the evening, a #1 Contender's Tag Team Match!

    Laura Spencer: The Following match, is a Tag Team Match, and it is to determine the new Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, they are the team of Shawn Azenia and Ethan Knight, The Dynasty Of Perfection!

    Laura: And their opponents, representing the Cirque de Freak, They are Payne and Torcher!

    Shane Cole: And both teams are out here as we kick off this episode of TWE Warpath, both teams here fighting to prove they have what it takes to be the next Tag Team champs, let's see what happens.

    Jared Manning: You mean let's see a couple of sick freaks running around messing up a real team.

    *As the bell rings we have shawn and Payne starting, they circle each other, before, with a howl, Payne dives in, swinging at Shawn and taking im down with a quick clothesline. Shawn rolls to his feet quickly, looking a bit astonished at Payne's speed. He steps back in, going for a collar and elbow tie-up, as Payne grabs his arms, trying to stop him, neither man getting an advantage until Shawn quickly draws his arm back, hitting a quick elbow on Payne, right bewtween the eyes, Payne reels back, then comes in with a hard right, catching Shawn on the chin, as they go back and forth


    Shawn hits a few more rights, backing Payne up into a neutral corner before he backs up, running straight towards him with a big boot! He connects, and Payne staggers out of the corner, dropping to his knees as Shawn tags in his partner.*

    Shawn - AS
    Ethan - CS

    Payne - RR
    Torcher - JS

    Jared: That freak is getting his ass pounded! I love it!

    Shane: You love, what?

    Jared: Nothing, shut up!

    *Payne indeed looks to be in trouble, hanging upside down from the turnbuckle as Ethan poses for the crowd, walking around the ring before charging in with a running dropkick! Payne is able to move up and out of the way at the last second however, and Ethan slides along the canvas, splitting hios legs on the turnbuckle and taking a hard shot to the testes.*

    Shane: and Ethan taking too long to get to the point, takes a hard shot to the babymaker.

    *Payne, almost falling from the turnbuckle leaps to his corner to tag in Torcher, but he is still on the ground! Payne collapses in his corner, almost begging his partner to get back on the apron for the tag, which he does with some effort, while Ethan is still on the mat, nursing his sore genitals. Torcher looks over at Ethan, a demented smile splitting across his face as he runs over, grabbing Ethan's legs and pulling him towards the center of the ring, he stomps hard at Ethan's abdomen before going for the pin.*



    Shane: This could be it!

    Jared: C'mon! don't let these freaks beat you!


    *Ethan is just able to get his shoulder up, breaking the count as Torcher looks pissed, grabbing Ethan and lifting him to his feet roughly, he irish whips him into the ropes, grabbing him when he comes back for a spinebuster, but Ethan is able to reverse it into a DDT! Torcher's head seems to bounce off the mat, as an exhausted Ethan covers him, hooking his leg*



    Jared: Here it is! This will show them!

    Th-Still No!!!

    *Torcher rolls his shoulder up at the last moment, breaking the count, Ethan, spotting that his partner has made it to the apron, leaps across to tag him in, and he comes in hard, taking Torcher down with a hard clothesline and running over to Payne on the apron, taking him out as well, he comes back, but Tocher is ready for him, rolling him up quickly as he runs back in. *



    Shane: I think this is it

    Jared: Shut up!


    Laura: And your winners, and new Number One Contenders, Payne and Torcher, Cirque Du Freak!!!!!

    *Ethan is in shock, as is Shawn, who is only able to roll out of the ring, sitting on the floor with his back to the apron before finally getting to his feet, and together with his partner, walking out, their heads low as in the ring Cirque Du Freak are busy celebrating their win!*
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    Laura Spencer: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, from Galway, Ireland weighing 223lbs, he is The Self-Proclaimed "Son of Ireland" Ryku O'Ryan!

    Shane Cole: We have seen a complete different side of Ryku as of late, and it is not one that I care for.

    Jared Manning: Why? He has changed for the better, we now see that when Ryku is in it for himself, he is a great wrester!

    *The crowd boos Ryku as he enters the ring*

    Ryku: What are ya booin? Me!? Why, because I finally did thing fer myself? Because I finally got tired of helping all these worthless individuals, makin' them look good? Like Matt Ryder, that fella decided that after I put all the hard work into our match, that he'd just come in and take all the glory? All my glory!?

    *Ryku shakes his head as the crowd boos him*

    Ryku: I think not fella! So I Superkicked him and made him regret his actions. Now, if he ha got a problem with me, or what I did, well than he can come on down and I will gladly kick his stupid arse all over this arena!

    *Ryku smiles and motions for Matt to come out, but no one does*

    Ryku: Exactly! This bloke has no balls! He knows if he were to get in this ring, he'd be swallowing his teeth, which is exactly whats going to happen to my opponent tonight, Adrian Leavitt, also known as the Island Child. Well Leavitt, tonight yer gonna see why Ireland s better than yer crappy little Island!

    Shane Cole: Bold words from Ryku, will he back it up here tonight?

    Jared Manning: I think so, Ryku has a ruthlessness inside that I think will serve to further his career here in TWE!

    Laura Spencer: And his opponent, from Honululu, Hawaii weighing 203lbs he is "The Island Child" Adrian Leavitt!

    Adrian: You know you talk big Ryku, but all I see is a bitter man who couldn't win his matches so he decided to take his frustrations out on his partner! Tonight, I am going to prove that you are nothing more than a glorified loser!

    Ryku: Bold words coming from a man who hasn't won a match in ages! Oh how the mighty have fallen eh Adrian? You, a former Alpha Revolution Divison 1 Champion, the first Division 1 Champion, now you are nothing more than a guy who is only remembered as a stepping stone for others to climb to greatness! See, I know what that is like, but I decided that the time was over, that I was done being a stepping stone! I am the future and nobody is going to stop me!

    Adrian: You are not the future Ryku! You are a 15 Minutes of Famer! You will soon lose those 15 minutes and than, nobody will remember Ryku O'Ryan, you will be back to where you were a nobody, and parasite that leaches on to others! Mark my words Ryku, your 15 minutes are over!

    (Adrian Leavitt/Randy Orton VS Ryku O'Ryan/Sheamus)

    Stop at 12:08

    Shane Cole: Ohhh boy, I think we know what Adrian is looking for!

    Jared Manning: That damn Island Cutter!

    *On cue, Adrian attempts the Islan Cutter, but Ryku pushes Adrian away causing him to land hard on his back. Ryku smiles as he sees an opening, he stomps at the wrist of Adrian, before driving the heel of his boot into the wrist. Adrian lets out a small groan before grabbing his wrist.

    Ryku lifts up Adrian and attempts a Superkick, but Adrian ducks underneath and counters with The Island Cutter! Both men drop to the ground as Adrian grabs his wrist*

    Shane Cole: Island Cutter! This one is over if Adrian can cover Ryku!

    Jared Manning: I dunno, he is taking way to much time! That wrist is hurt and it hurt him to use it. It might be broken.

    *Adrian slowly moves over to Ryku and hooks a leg



    Kickout from Ryku! Adrian is in disbelief but manages to get his feet and motions for the end. Ryku pulls himself up, Adrian turns him around and goes for Pacific Crash, but Ryku holds on to the ropes causing Adrian to crash to the mat back first.

    Ryku stomps on Adrian's throat, the ref says something and starts a count. Ryku breaks the hold, but not before driving his foot into Adrian's face. Ryku smirks and waits for Adrian to get up, Adrian rises up and Ryku wastes little time, connecting big time with a Superkick. Ryku goes for the cover



    No! Ryku breaks the pin! The ref starts to yell at Ryku, who only yells that he isn't finished. Ryku lifts Adrian up and spits in his face before kicking him in the midsection and...*

    Shane Cole: Pedigree connected! Adrian is out like a light!

    Jared Manning: Theres that ruthlessness that we have seen as of late! Ryku isn't holding anything back.

    *Ryku goes for the cover




    Laura Spencer: The winner of this match, Ryku O'Ryan!!

    *Ryku posses for the crowd, who boo him for it. Ryku looks at the stage and sees Matt Ryder staring at him. Ryku motions for Ryder to come to the ring, but Ryder doesn't move instead points to the banner for Eye of The Beholder. Ryku just smirks before lifting up Adrian and drilling him with another Superkick*

    Shane Cole: Looks like we will see Ryder and Ryku at Eye of The Beholder!

    Jared Manning: And if we see this side of Ryku, I have no doubt in my mind that Ryku will walk out the winner.

    *Ryku stands over a lifeless Adrian as Ryder looks on as we head to commercial*

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Vixxens' Tag Team match! First, approaching the ring... from Los Angeles, CA... The TWE Vixxens Champion Eden Sky!

    *The Vixxens' Champion strides out with the gleaming title belt around her waist.*

    Jared Manning: Who ever gets tired of seeing our beautiful, strong and classy Vixxens' Champion coming out and doing her thing here on TWE?

    Shane Cole: These fans would love to see her get what she deserves? Eden may be the champ, but her actions since then have made her lots - and I mean LOTS of enemies!

    JM: That's what's success does, Cole! When you get to the top, everyone below you wants to throw you down. Simple fact of life!

    LS: And next, her partner... from South Beach, FL... Cherry Goldwin!

    JM: This is a further testament to Eden Sky's status - she has this powerful up-and-comer on her team, showing her the way to the top!

    SC: She has a minion, Jared. Cherry Golden is an imposing figure to say the least, but somehow she has fallen under Eden's thrall... And now Eden is even more dangerous than before!

    LS: Next, their opponents! First... from New Orleans, LA... Faith LeFlur!

    *Massive crowd pop. Faith bursts out, and the fans go wild as she makes her way to ringside.*

    SC: Once again, Faith LeFlur makes waves in the TWE universe! Young, talented, and on a roll as of late, she has the TWE faithful in her corner all the way!

    JM: Typical... the crowd cheers for the underdog, never realizing that they only identify with them because they too have nothing - unlike the champion!

    LS: And now, her partner... from the Mean Streets of Atlanta, GA... Babygirl Bigg, Pisces Pink!

    *The fans go wild again as the Princess of Power makes her entrance, jumping and waving to the fans.*

    SC: And let's not forget Faith's backup in the form of Pisces Pink - starstruck as ever! She, too, has been making an impact here in TWE - and would like to make an impact on Eden Sky's face!

    JM: She had her chance - and she blew it! Pisces Pink is nothing but a goon from the streets - she's attached to that scrawny little blue poser, and all she knows how to do is flip out and probably eat her weight in Ho-Hos!

    SC: Ya know, Eden had some stuff to say earlier tonight, "thankfully" we got it on camera. This is what she had to say!

    The camera cuts to Eden Sky's dressing room where she is seen sitting on a tall chair putting on her lip gloss and wearing a pink silk robe while looking at herself on the mirror placed on the wall. A large woman of hispanic origin is brushing Eden's hair as the camera shows their reflection on the wall length mirror.

    Eden: Maria am I not the most gorgeous woman you've ever seen?

    The woman, now identified as Maria, continues brushing her hair without looking at Eden's face.

    Maria: Yes Miss Eden. You are very beautiful.

    Eden seems unhappy with her response.

    Eden: You're not even looking at me.

    Eden grabs Maria's hand preventing her from continuing to brush her hair.

    Eden: Look at me in the eyes, my big blue beautiful eyes, look at my face, my silky skin, full luscious lips, my lively hair and now tell me that I'm the most gorgeous woman you've ever seen.

    Maria: Yes Miss Eden you have the beauty of an angel.

    Eden chuckles and lets go of Maria's hand. Maria goes back to brushing Eden's hair.

    Eden: I don't even know why I ask for your opinion; I mean who cares what you think? Of course I'm the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, after all you probably come from some third world country where they haven't even discovered shampoo yet.

    Eden rolls her eyes. Maria stays quiet and shows no emotion or response to Eden's words.

    Eden: You see Maria you're really not that different from all the other Vixxen's here. They're all inferior to me, they're all jealous of me and resent me for having everything they can't have.

    I'm the first TWE Vixxen's Champion and yet even the people that run this place fail to show me the respect I'm entitled to. They booked me in a tag team match tonight and I just had a tag team match a few weeks ago. It's not fair!

    As the reigning Vixxen's Champion it should be up to me when I have a match and when I defend my title and against whom. I shouldn't be in this match tonight and then have to defend the title against Faith LaPoop in a cage match. I mean that bitch has nothing to lose, but what about me? She can take away my title and my looks in a match like that.

    It's just not fair! Why should the beautiful people always suffer Maria?

    Maria remains unresponsive, but pulls Eden's hair with the brush. Eden stands up furious.

    Eden: Ouch! What the hell? Are you trying to rip my hair off my head?

    Maria: I'm sorry Miss Eden it was tangled. You should probably wash your hair more often.

    Eden looks shocked.

    Eden: Watch more often? You stupid bitch, you don't know anything! Now get out of my dressing room before I have security toss you out and deport you back to Costa Guate-Mexico!

    Maria: I was just trying to help. And by the way I'm from El Salvador you racist bitch!

    Maria leaves and Eden looks shocked.

    Eden: What an ungrateful little whore. You give them a job, you treat them with respect and they shit all over you.

    *As we come back The ref then starts the match...

    And as soon as the bell hits, anarchy erupts - the four women immediately start to brawl!(

    JM: It's chaos! Instant chaos!

    *The ref tries to restore order, but the fracas is beyond him. Eventually, Cherry flattens Faith with a right hand and gets set to unleash more punishment....

    But not before Pisces takes her over the top rope with a running clothesline - and both women spill to the outside! The crowd is on their feet as the action takes a turn! Now it's Faith and Eden in the ring - Eden gets the upper hand on Faith after she was taken down by Cherry... *

    Cherry Goldwin = Sarita, Taylor Wilde = Eden Sky/ Hamada = Faith LeFlur, Awesome Kong = Pisces Pink (stop at 2:38)

    SC: Well, looks like the girls are rolling - Pisces and Faith are in a brand new gear! Their teamwork is about to make mincemeat of the competition... but what's this here? Pisces has Eden Sky up for a powerbomb, and Faith is up top going for -

    *Cherry climbs up from the floor to the apron behind the turnbuckle - just in time to pull Faith down from the top rope to the floor outside! She spills onto the back of her head - and Cherry lays into her with boots!*

    JM: Looks like Faith was in the wrong place at the wrong time - and is messing with the wrong people!

    *Back in the ring, Eden escapes the powerbomb attempt by slipping down behind Pisces - and landing a stiff kick to the back of her leg, dropping her to the mat. Eden gets momentum off the ropes and returns with a violent kick to Pisces face! Pisces drops, and Eden goes for the pin...



    Kickout! Pisces isn't done yet! Eden backs away, planning her next step. She tries again for a running punt...

    Superkick! Superkick in the face from Pisces Pink! Eden goes down hard, but the impact of the kick sends her rolling to her corner - where Cherry is waiting to tag in - and tag in she does! Cherry comes in - clothesline from Pisces! Gets up, another clothesline from Pisces! Cherry strikes back with an enormous punch - Pisces doesn't flinch! She goes to return the punch, but Cherry interrupts with another punch...

    And Pisces is reeling!

    Cherry continues to punch, and Pisces stumbles back, getting wobblier with every punch! At last Cherry lands a final, skull-rattling punch, knocking Pisces into the corner -

    Her corner! Cherry wasn't paying attention - and Faith tags in! Faith ducks a clotheseline, rebounds from the ropes...

    Into a double-handed chokehold from Cherry - the setup for the Cherry Bomb! Cherry lifts her...

    Faith escapes with a midair dropkick that knocks Cherry on her ass! Faith takes off again...

    Lil Boot! Faith with the Lil Boot! Into the cover - Eden goes to break it up - Pisces snuck around on the outside to their corner and yanks her down to the floor!




    LS: Your winners of the match: Faith LeFlur and Pisces Pink!

    JM: You're kidding me! That match was highway robbery!

    SC: It was anything but - Pisces stopped Eden from getting involved where she wasn't concerned! Looks like there is justice in the world!

    *Faith and Pisces celebrate in the ring, absorbing the crowd's support as Eden and Cherry retreat backstage.*

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, Kaige Chamberlin!

    *Kaige saunters down the ramp as his music plays, the crowd eating up his cocky, arrogant shtick. He grabs a microphone from the ringside lady, and then climbs into the ring. He poses around the ring, before calling for his music to be cut off. He motions for a chair, and then another one - setting them up near each other. One is set near the turnbuckles, and the other in front of it. Chamberlain sits down in the turnbuckle chair and leans back propping his feet up on the other chair.*

    Kaige: TWE. Titan Wrestling Enterprise. On my debut, at Treasure of the Kings, I was defeated in an elimination match by one Mr. Smyth; the last two in the ring and I am felled by a clothesline. Our next match, and he beats me again. Then, at Rise of the Chosen Few, I beat Mr. Smyth. Last week, after the match had been put off, I beat him again. 2-2, we’re even. My sights are now past Mr. Smyth and on Scott Cage, the No Limits Champion. See, “Daddy always told me, there’s no such thing as competition”, but Mr. Smyth had me thinking otherwise, but I moved past him - now I’m on to the title holder, the No Limits Champion, Scott Cage.

    *Kaige leans back in his chair; looking around at the folks in attendance. He gives them a cocky smirk that they eat up, willingly, as they always do. His swagger keeps them locked in.*

    Kaige: Turns out Daddy was right. There’s no competition here, there’s no competition in EWNCW, in JBW, IWA, no competition in BITW! I am the best this place has to offer and until Eye of the Beholder, Scott Cage is just a glorified title warmer. He’s going to hold that title until then, and keep it warm for me. See, I’ve seen everyone here, I’ve seen them compete, I’ve seen them go on and on - I’ve seen myself compete, I’ve seen myself get passed over for time on the microphone, despite me and my, apparent rival, if we ask the top brass in this company, being the best two speakers this company has. See, in my hands, this microphone proves that I am just as good talking to all of you, as I am at beating people in that ring. Scott, you don’t stand a chance at beating me, and you know that - deep down in the back of your head, Johnny, you know your time is coming, and when it does, it won’t be pretty. Ask Leavitt, Ask Mr. Smyth. Ask Michaels.

    *The crowd cheers as Kaige lists off the names of those he defeated. The crowd erupts and Kaige sits back and enjoys it. He leans the chair back on all fours, but keeps his feet head aloft by the second chair.*

    Kaige: I am going to win that No Limits championship, I am going to be the greatest champion TWE has ever seen - and I hope Cleverly or Staples take notice, because my reign won’t stop there - I won’t be satisfied until I’m sitting at the top of EWNCW, looking down on the likes of Krystian Krysys, Ronaldo Romulus, K-Jammin, Seraphim, William Carlin, Jman, Tommy Thunder, TBOZ, and every other main eventer they have. And TWE, I know you boys got your hands full now, scrambling to handle all the egos, you have backstage - but know this. I will hold every. Damn. Championship. You. People. Have. Except Eden Sky’s, because she looks so damn good wearing that and a dress of pudding. So boys, sit back and take notes; on how to be on top of the world with no competition and being the best damn thing goin--

    Mr. Smyth!

    Mr. Smyth walks through the curtains and straight down to the ring with a purpose. The crowd barrages Smyth with boos, however he remains impervious to their presence. Smyth climbs into the ring, grabs a mic and begins to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: I’m sorry. You beat me last week? And on what TV channel did you see that on?

    Last week, TWE’s weekly show was cancelled. In it’s place was a re-run of Lost, and the only bit of info available to the public was a results page on Now I know that I’m going to get into a lot of trouble for this, but I am going to break down for you what happened. Simply put, three guys didn’t show up for the tapings.

    The crowd boos.

    I won’t mention names, as I am sure there are reasons for their absences, however they were key to the show and as a result, the show could not go on. These things happen. It’s a dark and sad part of the business, however it is a reality.

    Crowd boos again.

    A few days later, a member of the board from EWNCW dropped in for a visit. We were told of his unhappiness, and that’s understandable. However, we were all subject to a telling off. The thing is though, is that most of the guys and girls turned up on the night ready to perform. Some of us weren’t even booked on the show, but every one of us got put on notice: if it happens again, there will be severe consequences.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of what we call in the business world ‘tough love’. Being tough in situations that require it. Being a leader that everyone can respect. However, there is another term that went completely forgotten: ‘cheering on progress’. Instead of praising those who deserve it, we were all tarred with the same brush. As a talent, as an employee, and as a human being, that is demoralising. That would not happen in my enterprise. A demoralised employee is a useless employee. It’s blunt, but it is true.

    Smyth gets in the face of Chamberlain.

    So, Chamberlain, you did not beat me last week. It’s still 2-1 to me. You may have been gifted the win, and you may have been gifted an opportunity to be in a championship match, but you didn’t earn it. Believe me when I tell you that I have every intention of derailing your opportunities because you know that when it matters, I can knock seven shades of shit out of you.

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    Scott Cage!

    Scott Cage walks out from the back with the No Limits championship firmly on his shoulder. He glances down in the ring at Kaige and Smyth, before holding the title up high as pyro's go offf. Cage walks down the ramp with swag in his step, as he reaches the bottom, and proceeds to climb the steel steps into the ring. He climbs into the ring, and heads straight at Smyth, snatching the mic from Smyth, as Cage's music fades.

    Cage: Well well well, what do we have here? Two men who seem to have more bullshit blowing out of their mouths than they do their asses. You know, you both come out here, talking a big game. Kaige, going on and on about being the #1 contender and how he is going to kick my ass like no other, and Smyth, boasting on how he wasn't really beat and it was all a work, and how he is still one up above Kaige. Let me guess Smyth, you think you deserve a shot at the No Limits Championship? MY Championship?

    Smyth looks at Cage, as Cage just smirks.

    Cage: Well guess what, "businessman", never going to happen. You see, the simple fact of the matter is, I'm not a title warmer, as Kaige would like to believe. I'm not a paper champion. I've proven why I hold this title, and why I will continue to hold this title for months to come. See, I could do what you did Kaige, and sit here naming off names of those I've defeated, but I don't pander to these mindless sheep who follow the likes of you or Marik. The simple fact of the matter is, over the last few months, I've let me actions do my talking.

    Cage grins, as the fans are chanting arrogant over and over.

    Cage: Speaking of actions, last week, some young upstart punk had the balls to step into the ring with me, and think he was honestly going to beat me. Hero, I proved last week that you were in fact NOT a Hero, and at best, are a jackass with a ill thought out dream. I hope you liked that sound. The smacking of the mat, the 1...2...3, and the sound of the bell as Scott Cage, Mr Lone Wolf, was announced the winner. If we ever cross paths again, the results will be the same, boy.

    Cage turns back to Smyth.

    Cage: Now, mr "businessman" You must pried yourself on being able to pull the wool over these sheeps eyes, because what you are feeding them is utter bullshit. You want to try and pass off your last week as if it never happened, and go on some big conspiracy about people not showing up. Now, I may not pander to this flock, or any flock, but I will set the record straight, because frankly, if these fans leave thinking what your spewing out..well..they may as well go walk infront of a bus.

    Cage laughs, as the fans are just booing the crap out of everyone.

    Cage: Last week happened. Everyone showed up, and matches occurred. I beat Hero, Kaige beat you, Shaz and Gaileo beat Darius and Blue to make the main event of Eye of the Beholder a Fatal Fourway, and the show went off like it was supppose to. The problem was, there were prima donnas causing all kinds of issues backstage. So yes, Smyth was right in that we all got a "talking to" from the higher ups in EWNCW, because frankly, others can't handle their own shit. So, don't for a second believe Smyth's propaganda of "this never really happened, it was all made up", because all he is trying to do is soothe his insatiable ego. Frankly I...

    ***This is where Hero's part was supposed to go, but it appears he is MIA so... yeah... He was supposed to come out and talk which leads to the following***

    *Jared stands up and looks at the four men in the ring*

    Jared Manning: You know you all bring up valid point, but truth be told I don't really care.. What I do care about is you are all in the ring and you all look ready for a fight, so get a ref out here and lets have our selves a Fatal Four Way!

    *The Four men in the ring look stunned as a ref makes his way to the ring

    (Kaige Chamberlin/Sheamus VS Mr. Smyth/Del Rio VS Hero/Jericho VS Scott Cage/Orton)

    Stop at 24:07

    Shane Cole: Hero has the Walls of Jericho locked in tight! Will we see Kaige tap here tonight!?

    Jared Manning: I think not! At least not if he has anything to say about it *points*

    *Cage rushes into the ring and connects with a massive boot to the face of Hero, who instantly breaks his hold and rolls to the outside. Scott signals for the end as he waits for Kaige to get to is feet. Kaige slowly stands, but is quickly turned around, but Kaige shoves Scott into the ropes who comes back shoves him inot the ropes. As Kaige hits the ropes, Smyth grabs his leg and holds on, the ref yells for him to let go and he does, but Scott takes advantage of the ref taling to Smyth and connects with a low blow and than hits Dead Drop*

    Shane Cole: The Champ has connected with Dead Drop! This one could be over..

    Jared Manning: Again no! Smyth is still up!

    *Smyth rushes the ring and tackles Scott, and instantly begins throwing lefts and rights. The ref tells him to release Scott, but he doesn't listen

    Smyth rolls off and stands, looking down at Kaige he grabs him by the trunks and slides him out of the ring, sending him crashing to the mat. Smyth turns around and meets a kick to the gut from Scott who than connects with a snap suplex and covers Smyth


    No! Smyth kicks out and Scott simply smirks. Scott gets up and lifts Smyth up and again goes for a suplex, but this time Smyth blocks and counters with a front suplex of his own. Smyth lifts Scott up and sends him into the corner and delivers a big clothesline. Smyth than gets Scott up in a fireman's carry and smiles*

    Jared Manning: Oh boy! He is looking to hit his modified X Factor!

    Shane Cole: The move he calls The Rule! If he hits that than this really will be over!

    *Smyth does in fact connect with The Rule, but Hero quickly rushes the ring and hits an Encore on Smyth who is taken by surprise. Hero rolls him out of the ring and covers Scott




    Laura Spencer: The winner of this match, "The Alpha Male" Hero!

    Shane Cole: What a match and what an upset! I don't think anyone least of all Smyth saw this coming!

    Jared Manning: Where the hell did he come from? Needless to say this kid just showed up on alot of people's radar and whether or not that's a good think remains to be seen

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a singles match! First, approaching the ring... from Helena, AR... standing at six foot three, weighing in at six foot three... "Devil Dog" Keith Andrews!

    Shane Cole: Here we are, folks, set for another match showcasing the talents of tomorrow in the proving grounds of today! For those in the know, it's no secret: Keith Andrews is a standout talent among many. Athleticism, instinct -

    Jared Manning: Yada yada yada Cole - keep boring the fans to death, why don't you? Yes, Andrews is okay but let's not forget: he has had some serious rough patches as of late. You can be extremely talented and whatever, but if you can't win, nobody will take you seriously.... you get trapped in a rut, stuck in the mud, and you lose your fire. I think that Andrews needs a solid win, or else he will slump. Badly.

    SC: We will see, Jared. Tonight will be the perfect place to test that opinion!

    LS: And now, approaching the ring... from Wall Street, New York... standing at six foot three, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds... Amadeus Frewin!

    JM: Now we're talking! When it comes down to dominating, nobody does it quite like Amadeus Frewin! Not only is he a dominant man in the financial world, but he handles business in the ring too!

    SC: Indeed, Jared, and we will see how these two game competitors stack up against one another tonight in TWE!

    Jinder Mahal = Amadeus Frewin/Trent Barretta = Keith Andrews (stop at 4:57)

    SC: Uh-oh... the top of the turnbuckle is always dangerous territory, but this position screams "absolute disaster!" Looks like Frewin was going for a backdrop suplex from the top rope...

    JM: A fall from that height in that position would be disastrous for both men - even Frewin! He probably knows there's no way Andrews could survive something like that, but this could really fuck them both up if it goes bad!

    SC: I thought we agreed: no more F-bombs.

    JM: YOU agreed. I didn't. So fuck it.

    *Both men stand perilously at the top of the turnbuckle, jockeying for position.


    SC: Wait - OH MY GOD!!!

    *There is a ginormous crash -*

    JM: He did it! Frewin backdropped Andrews from the top rope!!!

    *The crowd is frantic as the impact shakes the ring, and both men land in a heap of destruction. The ref comes over and assesses the situation... both men are out cold!*

    SC: I think they both hit their heads on the landing! They could be out cold now!

    *The ref begins a ten count to determine whether the match should continue...




    Neither man is stirring.




    The crowd is chanting "Let's go, Andrews!" But neither he nor Frewin moves a muscle.



    Both men stir suddenly, as if waking from a deep dream.


    Frewin clutches the ring ropes, comprehending the severity of the situation and doing his best to beat the ten count. He manages to make it to his feet - shaky, but standing. He smiles - he is standing... and his opponent is not. He looks at the crowd and points to himself, talking about how he is the last man standing. But something's wrong... the ref never said "ten." He turns around...

    And eats a dropkick from Andrews! The crowd rallies behind Andrews, and his renewed vigor shows. Another dropkick! Frewin stands shakily and swings with a clothesline... Andrews ducks under, hits the ropes... bulldog takedown from behind!*

    JM: You gotta be kidding! Andrews had nothing left after that giant suplex -

    SC: I beg to differ, Jared! He looks to be firing on all cylinders!

    *Andrews closes in for the finish, but takes a sharp gut kick from Frewin, stopping him cold! Frewin immediately goes for the ropes and jumps... *

    JM: Here it comes - the No-One-Else Kick!

    *Frewin rebounds with the kick loaded and ready...

    Nobody home! Andrews ducks under... And catches Frewin on his shoulders in a fireman's carry! Drops down into...

    Out of Air! It hits clean! Into the cover... the count...




    LS: Your winner... Keith Andrews!

    *The ref helps Keith to his feet and raises his hand!*

    SC: Well we saw it here folks - Keith Andrews has shown us he still - wait, what the -

    *Out of nowhere, Scarfo Jonez slides into the ring from behind and delivers the Pained Face kick to Andrews, laying him out! The ref tries to pull the marauding Jonez off to prevent the beating from continuing, but Jonez shrugs him off as he fires punch after punch into Andrews face! Jonez stands after having enough and utters a primal roar that sends the ref running. After a few moments to stare at his prey, he motions for a mic...*

    *Cracks his Neck with Eye's Closed* to The Left *crank* and Arm Wynd*

    *snatches Mic that's Handed to Him*

    It Seems To Me like a Bug that In The Air with a Wing Clipped just being an annoyance.
    That Annoyance goes By The Name of Keith Andrews, Keith Andrews Let Me make it Clear and give you peace at Mind.
    An Ass Kickin ,one Way Worst Then The Last Time Waits For You...And Let me tell You What...I'm Running out of My Patience witcha.

    You Left a Hurt ,banged up Piece of Crap in Embarrasing Fashion gettin Showed the Mat Face First and Waking up with the Doctor's Flashing Lights in your Face. And That Andrews I Did That on An Off Night *laughs as he has a Remembering Face*

    My God Andrews, Is It That you Enjoy This Treatment. I Mean I've Said it before ,Done it Before and I'm Going to Say it Again and Have No Problem Makin It Even a Bigger Issue.

    Don't Do it to Yourself, Don't Show up to TWE Anny More...I Suggest, Its for your own well Being . I'm Addressing You and Letting you know .. Take This as a Warning . Hell ,keith ..Take This as ScarFo Helping You!

    Because If You Decide To Not Show up , I Can Sincerely Understand...But if Your a Real Man and Think your As Tough As The Twe BLOODOATH CHAMPION..then I Would like to See you Step in The The PPV Even Called EYE OF THE BEHOLDER ,AND ACCEPT A PROPOSITION.

    The Proposition is Pushing The Barrier, Raising The Stakes .After All The BloodOath Champ is Holding The Most Prestigeous TitLe. So Why Not Turn It Up at Eye of The Beholder to The Max!

    ScarFo Jonez Vs Keith Andrews...INNNN..

    *slight Pasue*


    If Your Not Going to Go out and Retire Peacefully , I'm Going to Break Your Body , Sabotage your Soul and Take you out of Place by Making You Uit on The Spot.

    And Wheter if its a FaceOff or a Pained Face or a New Move out the BigHouse Arsenal , I Swear to All My Belief's..I'm Going to RUIN what little Bit is Left of Andrews and Show The TWE Fanbase Just Why I'm The Champion and Why They Said ..Yea , he Did It!!!!

    *breaks Mic in Half, and let's the pieces Fall out his Hand*

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    *As we return from commercial we see Adrian Leavitt be helped in the backstage area. He is with a trainer and a medic, who are checking to make sure there are no concussions. Out of no where Adrian is attacked, the culprit is Israel Pamich, who is wielding a pipe. Israel strikes the lower back a few times and that drills Leavitt's knee*

    Shane Cole: What the hell!? Israel has lost his mind!

    Jared Manning: Yeah, even I am a bit confused by this. It seems so random.

    *Israel makes one final blow with the pipe, striking the neck before slamming it down on Adrian. Security rushes into the area and pulls Israel out of the room as medics check on Adrian*

    Laura Spencer: The following contest is your WarPath Main Event and is a Tag Team Match! Introducing first, from London, England weighing 215lbs he is Shaz!

    Shane Cole: Tonight's match should live to serve as a preview for the Fatal 4 Way at Eye of The Beholder.

    Jared Manning: It should, but the main question is whether or not Shaz can work with Gaileo, neither one of these men are really trusthworthy. I could easily see Shaz turning on Gaileo or vice versa.

    Shane Cole: This is true, but on the opposite side of things both Shaz and Gaileo know that this match could serve to weaken Blue and Darius, which would make one of the more likely to become Champion.

    Laura Spencer: And his partner, from your Mum's Bedroom weighing 280lbs he is Gaileo!

    Shane Cole: Gaileo has come so close to becoming Champion numerous times, the question is, can he finally do what he has been unable to do before?

    Jared Manning:: His odds are better I think, we know that he can go toe to toe with Darius, but I think he can beat Blue and Shaz easily, which makes him my pick to win.

    Laura Spencer: And their opponents, first from Anthens, Georgia weighing 130lbs he is "The Royal Rockstar" Sagittarius Blue!

    Shane Cole: Blue is one to look out for. He was in the first Championship with Darius and I do believe 2013 will be the year the stars align!

    Jared Manning: Oh god, will you please quit quoting Blue!? It's really annoying.

    Laura Spencer: And his partner, from Albany, New York weighing 230lbs he is The TWE World Champion, Van Darius!

    Shane Cole: The first ever TWE World Champion, Darius has proven that his win was not a fluke and that he is a true Champion. He is not only my pick for the title match but I think he will be named the TWE Wrestler of the Year in the TWE Awards!

    Jared Manning: You might be right about that, I may not be a fan of the guy, but there is no doubt that he has really stepped up and become "the man" for TWE.

    (Gaileo/Samoa Joe and Shaz/Bryan Danielson VS Darius/KENTA and Sag. Blue/Naomichi Marufuji)

    Laura Spencer: Here are you winners, the team of Sagittarius Blue and the TWE World Champion, Van Darius!

    Shane Cole: What a match! All four men gave everything in this match! Is it a sign of whats to come? Will this be the outcome for Eye of The Behol.. Hey! What's going on!?

    *Wrath and Pride are now in the ring assaulting Darius and Blue. Wrath connect with The Downfall of Man to Darius as Pride hits Blue with an Ego Trip (RKO) Shaz and Gaileo attempt to bail, but are cornered by Sloth and Gluttony who tackle them into ringside*

    Jared Manning: These damn lunatics just ruined this main event!

    Shane Cole: And they are destroying the challengers for the title! Wait, holy hell! Powerbomb from Gluttony to Shaz through our damn announce table! Do you feel good about yourself? Do you...

    *Gluttony drops Shane with a big right hand. Jared goes to flee, but Sloth throws Gaileo into him sending him over his chair. Greed makes his way to the ring as Wrath and Pride hold up Darius.

    Sloth enters the ring and hands Greed the TWE World Championship. Greed eyes the title than shoves it in Darius' face screaming that the title is is and that he is going to destroy Darius. Greed turns around and begins to walk, but he stops and smirks before hitting Never Enough Superkick. Darius drops to the ground, Greed drives his foot into Darius' throat and raises the title high as the crowd boos.

    Wrath, Pride, Sloth And Gluttony leave to let Greed enjoy his moment, but Greed only stays for a minute or so before leaving the ring, and the arena..... With the TWE World Championship. Fans are shown in stunned silence as the show ends*

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    TWE House Show Results
    Location: New Orleans Arena
    Date: 12/26/2012

    The Show Opens with Laura Spencer informing us that tonight's main evnet would be a No Limits Championship Match and that to decide who would face Scott Cage we would have a 6 Man Elimination Match

    Match 1
    6 Man Elimination Match
    Adrian Leavitt VS Mr. Smyth VS Amadeus Frewin VS Issa Shenzi VS Hero VS Blah Amazing

    W/Mr. Smyth
    Order of Elimination
    Blah was eliminated by Issa Shenzi
    Issa was eliminated by Hero
    Hero was eliminated by Adrian Leavitt
    Frewin was eliminated by Mr. Smyth

    The Finish saw Kaige Chamberlin run down and attempt to eliminate Smyth, but inadvertantly eliminated Adrian giving Smyth the win. Smyth and Kaige had a show down. Kaige went to turn around and Smyth kicked him downstairs.

    Match 2
    April Snow VS Barbie Panzer
    W/Barbie Panzer

    The Finish came when Snow slipped off the top rope and Barbie was able to make a quick cover. Post Match saw Lust and Envy rush the ring and assault Panzer. April tried to help but ate a sick kick from Envy.

    Lust ended up powerbombing Panzer through an announce table and than signaled for the Vixxens Championship.

    Match 3
    Keith Andrews VS Patrick Michaels

    The finish came when Andrews delivered Out of Air to Michaels. Before he went for the cover Scarfo came down to the ring and started trashing Andrews. This lead to Michaels rolling Andrews up and getting the pin by using the tights.

    Post Match saw Jonez attempt to attack Andrews, but Andrews saw it coming and the two ended up brawling. Andrews gets the upperhand and rams Scarfo into the stairs and than began to strike Scarfo several times across the face with a chain, similar to the chain Jonez himself uses. Security eventually made their way down and stopped Andrews. We are than shown an up close image of Jonez face following the assault

    Match 4
    Ryku O'Ryan VS Carter Krysys Vs Israel Pamich VS Matt Ryder

    The Finish came when Ryku and Ryder left the ring brawling backstage. Pamich and Carter traded right and lefts before Krysys got the upperhand and connected with a high knee and than a side kick to Pamich's skull.

    Carter went to the top rope and went for his Target Aquired Double Rotation Moonsault, but Pamich rolled out of the way causing Carter to crash and burn. Pamich lifts Carter up and delivers A Little Integrity and gets the pin.

    Match 5
    IronFist Championship
    No DQ Match
    Jay Cracko VS Jack "The Jaxsman" Johnson

    Cracko defeated Johnson in 17 seconds following a strike to the skull.
    Post Match saw Cracko walk around the ring holding up his title and his bat as the crowd boos him.

    Match 6
    No Limits Championship
    Scott Cage VS Mr. Smyth
    W/Smyth Via DQ

    The Finish saw Smyth connect with The Rule, but before Smyth could get the cover Kaige enters the ring and low blows Smyth as payback for earlier in the night. Postmatch saw Kaige hand Scott the title and the two had a face off.
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    TWE House Show

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Match 1
    TWE IronFist Championship
    Jay Cracko (c) VS Issa Shenzi VS Kaige Chamberlin
    W/Jay Cracko in 32:17

    The End:
    *Cracko looks over and sees Issa laid out on the ground following Kaige's Ballad of an Asshole. Kaige smirks and Crako who seems to be in a bit of shock. Kaige charges at Cracko and connects with a flying shoulder knocking him to the mat. Kaige covers him



    Kickout from Cracko. Kaige gets up and stalks Cracko, biding his time, wating for the perfect oppurtunity to strike. Cracko gets up and Kaige immediately goes for the Ballad of an Asshole, but Cracko pushes him off and sends him into the ropes where he is stroke in the back with a belt by Scott Cage. Kaige crashes down a knee and Cracko connects with a Shining Wizard.

    The crowd is booing and calling for a DQ, but the ref didn't see anything and Cage has rolled back under the ring. Cracko head to the tope and launches off, connecting with The Walk-Off an going for the pin




    Laura Spencer: The Winner of this match and still the TWE IronFist Champion, "The Prospect" Jay Cracko!

    Post Match:

    *Cage enters the ring and immediately goes on the attack, striking Kaige several times and than grabs him by the throat and lifts him up, and than as a final message, connects with Dead Drop*

    Match 2
    Carter Krysys VS "The Weapon" Aidan Black
    W/Aidan Black in 7:26

    Carter comes out says that he is here for an Open Challenge, he says he wants to see some new blood. Aidan comes out to accept and we have a match.

    The End:

    *Carter flies off the top ropes and connects with a massive Missle Dropkick than send Aidan to the mat. CK goes for the cover, but Aidan quickly kickout and sends CK flying off of him.
    Aidan gets up and shakes the cob webs off, as he turns around just in time to see CK flying off the second rope, this time Aidan is ready and connects with a big Spear, knocking him to the ground.

    Aidan lifts CK up who is extremely dazed, and connects with his finisher The Annihilator and goes for a cover.




    Laura Spencer: Here is your Aidan "The Weapon" Black!

    *Aidan becomes attack CK as if for no reason other than just to show dominance. Aidan lifts CK and begins throwing knees to CK's face. Aidan gets ready for some big move, but this theme song interrupts him.

    The crowd comes unglued as Krystian Krysys rushes down to the ring and the two begin brawling, with Aidan actually getting the upper hand until Krysys pokes his eyes. Aidan turns away and grabs at his eye, when he turns around he is greeted with One Last Breath for Krysys. the crowd goes wild as Krysys reaches for a mic*

    Krysys: Black, let me tell you right now. While I'm here nobody will lay a hand on my brother. Anyone who does will be on the reiveing end of One Last Breath, as you just experienced. So there it, he is safe from everyone here!

    *Krysys raises his brother's hand, who is smiling. Krysys than kick him in the gut and hits the Zero Driver*

    Krysys: Safe from everyone here, except me. Now, the reason I am here at a damn house show, for TWE no less.. Jared had the bright idea of a Proving Ground Match for the House Show, and Staples decided to send me to show these sonofabitches how to get things done. The benefit? I get to choose my opponent, and there is really one person who has peaked my interest, that man is Mr. Smyth, so Smyth get your ass out here and lets get this done and to make it interesting this is going to be NO DISQUALIFCATIONS!

    *Smyth makes his way to the ring and the crowd is ready to see this match*

    Match 3
    (Krysys/CM Punk VS Mr. Smyth/William Regal)

    Stop at 1:43

    *Smyth throws numerous elbows into the face of Krysys who finally drops him. Smyth back up into the rope and connects with a kick to the back of Krysys' head. He rolls over King Zero and goes for the pin



    KICKOUT! Smyth is in total disbelief, but than decides to roll out of the ring and grabs a chair. He heads back to the ring and strikes Krysys several times across the back and than jams the chair into his kidneys. Krysys moans in pain as Smyth again tries for the cover



    No!! Smyth is shocked, beyond angry Smyth is seen yelling at the ref. Smyth lifts up Krysys, but is kicked in the jewels and than poked in the eyes but the master cheater. Krysys than connects with One Last Breath and covers Smyth, grabbing a fistful of tights as well




    Laura Spencer: Your winner, "King Zero" Krystian Krysys!!

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    Match 4
    Sasha Panzer VS AshAttack!
    W/AshAttack in 9:34

    The End:

    *Sasha connects with a big right hand and follows it up with a DDT. Ash is smart enough to roll out of the ring. Sasha follows and grabs her by the hair, slamming her face first into the barricade. She goes to throw Ash into the stairs, but it gets reveresd and Ash ends up tossing her into the steps. Ash gets on the ring apron, and breaks the refs count. She than charges off the apron and connects with a big knee to Sasha's face.

    Ash grabs Sasha and rolls her back into the ring. She starts to get the crowd to cheer as she looks to be ending things. Sasha gets up and eats a kick to the midsection and is than lifted onto Ash's shoulders, she lets out a mighty scream and delivers a Gutbuster. She thinks about going for the pin, but smiles and heads up top, delievering a Jeff Hardy style Swanton Bomb and getting the pin




    Laura Spencer: Here is your winner, AshAttack!!

    Match 5
    Unsanctioned Street Fight

    *Van Darius makes hi way to the ring to cheers from the crowd. He is still without his belt and it is obvious he is not happy. He says that he knows Greed is in the building and demands to fight him. He says this is not a match, this is a no rules street fight, he says he doesn't care whether or not Greed is suspended, he says it is time to end this.

    Greed makes is way out through the crowd and says he will gladly fight him, but the belt is not going anywhere because he does not have it. He says if Van beats him he will think about returning it.*

    (Van Darius/James Storm VS Greed/Bobby Roode Ignore King Mo)

    Stop at 20:39

    *The crowd comes alive as Darius hits Greed with his own finisher! Darius goes for the cover





    2.9999999 NO!!!! Greed kicks out but only just! Darius looks stunned and cannot believe this. His crimson face has a look of fear and anger as he stands back up. Darius begins shouting at Greed to get up and fight. He says that he is going to destroy SIN tonight.

    Greed slowly gets up, obviously in complete and total pain from the tacks. He turns around as Darius attempts anther Sin Kick, but Greed ducks underneath and hits one of his own. He goes for the cover



    Kickout! Darius gets the shoulder up and the crowd comes unglued. The fans are loving this, not knowing who is going to win. Greed gets up and goes outside, he looks under the ring and pulls out a set of brass knuckles and smiles. The cutom knuckles appear to have spikes on them and the crowd boos Greed for pulling them out.

    Greed enters the ring and stalks Darius. The ref pleads with Greed to remove the knuckles, but Greed shoves him away and continues the wait. Darius finally gets up and Greed goes to strike, but Darius moves out of the way and Greed misses. Darius turns Greed around and kicks him in the gut and than connects with a close up Spear.



    thre... Wrath pulls the ref out as his hand is touching the canvas. Sloth and Gluttony enter the ring and they begin striking Darius repeatedly. They lifts Darius and Greed spits in his face and screams that he is the true TWE World Champion and than delivers the Sin Kick. Wrath pulls the ref in and tells him to count




    The fans boo knowing that Darius should have won and would have had it not been for interfernce. Greed raises his arms high above and stands tall over Darius to end the show*


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