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    TWE OverDrive 10/3/2012

    *The pyros go off as the new OverDrive Theme plays through out the arena. Fans are cheering in this pack arena live in San Diego*

    Shane Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to OverDrive! We are 2 days removed from Treasure of The Kings, and we finally have Champions! We saw Issa Shenzi pick up the No Limits Championship in a very intense match against Scott Cage!

    Jared Manning: Not mention Scarfo Jonez won the BloodOath Championship in a easy victory in my eyes! And how about Elite Bloodline? Picking up the Team Combat Championship in a brutal Ladder Match!

    Shane Cole: Match of the night has to be the TWE World Championship, we saw Van Darius and Sagittarius Blue tear the house down in one of the most talked about matches this year, resulting in Van Darius becoming the first ever TWE World Champion!

    The crowd goes nuts when Van Darius's theme begin's to blare through the speakers, and then they get even louder when he runs through the curtains with his TWE World Championship high above his head. He drapes the championship over his right shoulder and walks down the ramp, giving as many fans as he can high fives along the way down. He slides into the ring, and poses on a turnbuckle for a few seconds, then makes his way to the other three turnbuckles and poses on them for the fans so each side has a clear view of him posing with the championship. He gets down from the turnbuckle and his handed a microphone, then stands in the center of the ring.

    Darius: Wow. That is all I have to say right now ... Wow. This past Sunday was one of the greatest nights of my life ... I competed against Sagittarius Blue and we brought the house down. It was a back and forward match, but once the smoke cleared, I was the one standing tall. Blue, I know you can hear me back there, and I can safely say that you have earned my respect kid.

    Darius tucks the microphone under his arm and claps for a bit and the fans join him, then he brings the mic back to his face.

    Darius: Now, lets get started. People have kept asking me all week, "Van! How does it feel, man?! You've finally won a world championship!" And do you want to know what I tell them? I tell them that I wouldn't trade the feeling for the world. I am the first ever TWE World Champion, and I will go down in history because of that accolade, and now I also have a world championship reign under my belt, so I am just cementing my legacy even more. I have fought tooth and nail over the last few months, just trying to claw my way to the top. I have faced some of the biggest names in those few months.

    Darius pauses for a moment and looks at the championship on his shoulder.

    Darius: I have faced world champions ... On numerous occasions. Champions none other than Van Hooligan X ...

    The crowd boos a bit at Van Hooligan's name.

    Darius: And a man known as Kyojin.

    The crowd pops loudly at Kyojins name.

    Darius: The point is that I have proven myself more than worthy when it comes to being the world champion ... I defeated Gaileo a few weeks back so I could advance in the tournament, and that win really helped with the ...

    The crowd jeers as Gaileo makes his way out to the stage. He slowly walks towards the ring, his eyes fixed on Van Darius. He slides into the ring and walks past Van Darius, before standing on the turnbuckle and raising his arm to the crowds disgust. He gets handed a microphone, but allows a moment for the crowds reaction to soak in

    Gaileo: Do I need to tell you who I am?

    Crowd boos

    Gaileo: I am Gaileo, the master of mixed martial arts! I am your number one contender to the TWE World Championship! Heat incoming. Darius you are right. In the tournament to crown the TWE World Champion you beat me, and now here you are. It wouldn't surprise anyone here should you soon move on to EWNCW, and it would be a terrific career oppotunity for you! But first, that little title on your shoulder, needs to be around my waist.

    I beat - no, I disintegrated Ryku O'Ryan at Treasure of Kings - Ryku O'Ryan - a wrestling icon to many. You at Treasure of Kings though Van, you beat Sagittarius Blue!
    popity pop pop. Sagittarus Blue has accomplished nothing in any wrestling promotion, and you beat him, good for you. But if you want to put on a five star main event match with anyone - it should be me. A man who's been with both Alpha Revolution and TCW. A man who can give you a challenge. The TWE World Championship is the most prestigious title in this federation, and-

    * Scarfo Jonez Theme Motorhead-Outlaw playin loud
    * Ridin On Motorcycle and stops Midway on the Ramp

    Hold Up, Hold On ..Stop And Re-trace, Re-phrase ,Swollow your words and stop your Speech. There's Only So much I Can say and much more that I can do . But Gaileo ,when you talk about prestigious Titles ..I Think its Only Right, For Me to Come out and show it to You!

    *holds up the title towards Gaileo*

    When You Mention any Championship, right away at the Top Has to Be The Bloodoath Championship. The World Can't Be Yours , But This BloodOath, This BloodOath is What you Put your Life On.
    *louder* You DEPEND ON YOURSELF TO SURVIVE ,AND CONTINUE TO TRY TO SURVIVE UNTIL THE LAST BELL..but its too late to get out. And Then its Announced...


    TWE is Everything. I Want Everything. And I have What Matters. That strap on Darius Shoulder Doesn't Matter, It Really Doesn't in the Real World. "World Champ", Nobody Can Save You Darius... Who Can in this world,your world... *pff* Nuthin and nobody Can, If its My BloodOath till My Death and when we meet the devil ,he will Tell You Himself....There's Everybody Else and Then There's SCARFO!!!

    If Anybody Got Any fuckin Different to Say ,Then I Suggest ...........

    *Keith Andrews heads to a great pop from the crowd as he enters the ring picking up a mic placed for him in the steel ring steps and gets right into ScarFo's face*

    Andrews: Oh believe me, I got something to say to you.

    TWE means everything to me as well, but unlike you I don't need that BloodOath Championship to make me feel like I need to survive. I've been through the hellacious duty of defending the USA and survived.

    I'm a Dog of War, there is no battle I will back down and win, lose or draw I hold my head up high but when the chance to prove that you standing here in this ring as the BloodOath Champion was nothing more than a stroke of luck by defeating me in the early rounds of the BloodOath tournament not long ago comes up, I will go through what you have offer and then some to defeat you and shut you up.

    You talk a lot of shit but can also back it up, which would help if you facing anyone that wasn't me but unfortunately for you, I know that when I give my all, I can knock down those stand in my way with a great deal of force and stand tall as the better man and right now that's you. I will beat you ScarFo and if you believe I'm all bark and no bite, you got another thing coming.

    *Andrews and ScarFo trade vicious words as do Gaileo and Van Darius until....*

    -Tourniquet plays through out the arena as Marik makes his way to the ring

    Marik: Seems you all have a lot to say, but we all know that actions speak much louder than words. So, with that said... Hold on I need to get into my Teddy Mac Mode..

    *Marik shakes around a bit*

    Marik: We're gonna have ourselves a tag team match! Gaileo will team with the BloodOath Champion, Scarfo Jonez! They will face Keith Andrews and the TWE World Champion Van Darius!!

    *The crowd cheers, Darius and Andrews seem pleased, as Gaileo and Jonez look rather annoyed*

    Marik: And that match will be tonight's Main Event! Holla holla holla!!!

    Commercial Break

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    *Mr. Smyth’s music hits, and there is a huge chorus of boos, which gets louder when Smyth leaves the gorilla position and stands on top of the staging area. Smyth smiles, nods and says thank you as he walks down the ramp towards the ring. He enters the ring, grabs a mic from the stagehand and waits for the boos to end.*

    Mr. Smyth: At Treasure of the Kings, you saw a six man elimination match, which opened the show. Each one of those six men were making their debuts here in TWE, and they were looking to make an impact. Only one of those men actually made an impact though...

    *Video footage shown on the titantron.*

    Watch from 09:22 until pinfall.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Ouch! See that? I didn’t even have to hit The Rule or apply the Texas Cloverleaf. Just one simple clothesline, and Kaige Chamberlain went down quicker than a prostitute who has been handed a twenty.
    And it’s not because Kaige is a weak man – he probably is a rather strong chap. The reason he fell foul of the clothesline and got beaten by me is because I surprised him, and I surprised him using my intelligence.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Well think it through – would a smart man stand there aimlessly slapping his chest like a retarded gorilla, just because he pinned someone? No he wouldn’t, because that smart man would realise that there is still a threat in the ring and let’s face it, there is no bigger threat than a man who is of a higher intellect. Kaige Chamberlain lost that match quite simply because – like the other four competitors - he isn’t smart. In fact, he’s an idiot.

    *Crowd boos.*

    In the days after Treasure of the Kings, Kaige and I crossed paths again. I won’t go into word-for-word detail, as it’s irrelevant, but the general jist is that Kaige was unhappy with his loss, and would like the opportunity to go one-on-one with me to prove that my win was a fluke.

    *Crowd pops.*

    And I agreed. I mean why the hell not? I’m a businessman, and that sounded like good business – a one-on-one match between two young, hungry
    guys who want to make a big name for themselves in this business. Just between the two of us, we could tear the house down. Then I had time to think about it. While there were a few more factors to it, Mr. Smyth vs. Kaige Chamberlain has already been done, and I won. No cheating, no ambiguity – a full on clean win. What would be the point of seeing it again? Is that something that the world wants to experience for a second time?

    *Crowd pops, with a small section chanting ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’*

    Oh, you want to see that happen, do you? Mr. Smyth vs. Kaige Chamberlain? Tonight?

    *Crowd chants ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’*

    Well it’s not going to happen.

    *Crowd boos.*

    While it would be great for business in the short term, it would be detrimental for business in the long term. Just because Kaige is a spoilt rich kid who always got what he wanted doesn’t mean it should happen, nor should it happen because you troglodytes want to see it.

    *Crowd boos.*

    What would be deemed good business is Kaige and I moving on to new challenges. Actually, what Kaige does will have no bearing on business because I am the most important asset within TWE. I have the business skills to turn this company into a global phenomenon, and I have the in-ring experience to handle all the talent. That’s my goal. Everyone can aim for titles and belts, but my aim is for power. Once I have a hold on the day to day running of TWE, only then will I have been successful.

    *Crowd boos.*

    There will be no match tonight. Instead, I will be having meetings with the board of directors here at TWE, as well as some higher-ups in EWNCW. These meetings will be to discuss how to use my skills, experience and personal qualities to everyone’s advantage, and I promise you that in the very near future I will be the most powerful man in wrestling.
    And that...well that’s what’s best for business.

    *No music plays, Kaige simply walks out smiling; his hands clapping as he looks at Mr. Smyth. He turns and points at the titantron, mouthing something similar to “Well, that was impressive.” He chuckles and looks out towards the crowd, smiling and continuing to clap. Someone from the left side tosses him a microphone, and he heads towards the ring.*

    “Congratulations, Mr. Smyth. Come on crowd, clap for him. He won the match, didn’t he? Got the win, proving to be the best new guy in TWE; the craftiest, the smartest, and one could argue, the best. But let's be honest, no one believes that do they? No, some don't believe this guy is the best; some think it was some of the others guys in the match, some think it was me, and some, well, some may very well think it's you. But why don't we prove it, huh? Me and you.”

    *He beckons towards the crowd and places the microphone beneath his arm, holding it there as he claps.*

    “You beat me, and as much as I hate it, almost fairly. And you’re right, I fell to a clothesline, a simple, yet powerful clothesline. I can still feel my neck aching from that shot, yet, not as much as it did initially. Time seems to be on side, but anyway. It was pretty damn impressive, especially seeing it - instead of living it. I'll give you that.”

    *Kaige motions towards the titantron where the video is shown again in slow-motion.*

    “Wait, what is that? From behind? You couldn’t even face me like a man, you had to catch me on the rebound, so to speak. But I must give you your due, Mr. Smyth. You got me, and you beat me. One. Two Three. I can’t fault you for that, because the object of the game is to win, and make money. Something we both do, I presume, relatively well. So good on you, winning the match with a clothesline. The Debut Elimination match. What a wonderful match it was, down to the wire, down to the final two - down to me and you.”

    *Kaige enters the ring and leans against a turnbuckle.*

    “It was your smarts that got you the victory? How I see it, it wasn’t that you were smart, it was an opportunity - one that you took advantage of. On one, that was very smart of you, but on the other it just proves, you have to catch me off-guard to beat me. I do the work, and you take the easy route out. I must say that is impressive. But what does it really prove? That you can, what? That you can beat me with a sneak attack? Now you can argue it was a match and I should have been on my game, and I’d agree, but let’s be honest - you, you took the easy route.”
    “Now, these people came to see a fight, and one way or another, they are going to get it. These people obviously want this match, and despite how they are, they will pay to see it. Now, you claim to be intelligent, but riddle me this, batman, if the name of the game is to make money, and these people want this match, which means they’ll pay for this match, why do you deny it to them? Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly care for these people, but it seems to me that if they want this match, it’d be in your best interest to participate in this match. You make money, I make money, we get to find out just who was better, in a straight, one on one match up, between the two richest and best new TWE Talent.”

    *Kaige smirks*

    “But I have a feeling that, you’re still going to say no, so I already went to management. We had a nice long talk about my future, and the future of some of the new debuts, in particular you. Now, I won't get into specifics, because I didn't want to get to close into your future, but something did come up. It was rather interesting and something that is sure to please me greatly. Guess what, buddy!”

    *He approaches Mr. Smyth*

    “See, you did promise me a match, a return match. But now you're out here going back on that, saying that you'll be the future of TWE and EWNCW, the most powerful man here, but I find that funny. To think that you'll be more powerful than me, when I symbolize power. Yet that is neither here, nor there. What is here, and there though is this."

    "We have a match tonight. One on One, me versus you, And there is really nothing you can do about that. Looks like we get to give these people a treat. Tonight, when I face you, Mr. Smyth, there will be no shots from behind, it will be face to face, a straight up match - with one of us either tapping out, or getting pinned. Which, as I said earlier, should be fun for me, and well, profitable too. This spoiled rich kid did get what he wants, and while you may not like that, I particularly enjoy the chance to pin you in the middle of this ring. One. Two. Three. Personally, I can't wait - and now, now I know they can't either and by default, you can't.”

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    *Mr. Smyth stands there, thinking through what Kaige has said, while the crowd chats “Yes! Yes! Yes!”*

    So instead of taking the more difficult option of enticing and berating me into a contest, you thought you’d take the easy option of running to management
    and asking for a match? Then, on top of that, you come out here and accuse me of taking the easy way out by dropping you from behind?

    *Smyth looks to the crowd.*

    Now boys and girls, that there is a perfect example of a hypocrite.

    *The crowd boos as Smyth looks back towards Kaige.*

    But let’s move past that and talk business. You say that these...people...would pay their money to see Mr. Smyth vs. Kaige Chamberlain go one-on-one in a match. What you seem to fail to notice is that these troglodytes have already paid their money. Whether they get to see the two of us go at it or not, their money is already in our pockets.

    *Crowd boos.*

    But I don’t expect you to understand, Kaige. You’re a man who has had every little thing handed to him by mommy and daddy, aren’t you? See, that’s what I dislike most about you. I’ve worked hard throughout my life, and I got my rewards at an early age. There is nobody more successful than I when it comes to business. You’ve never had to do anything, and you still get your riches.

    *Crowd boos.*

    At Treasure of the Kings, I dropped you like a sack of potatoes. Yes, I did take an advantage, but that is because I am much, much smarter than you and everyone else who was in that match. Of course I got you to do the hard work – you didn’t think that I was going to do it all myself, did you? I’m a businessman. I have others below me do the hard work, while I direct and manage the people and situations. You all danced around like the puppets that you are, while I as the puppet master watched, waited and took my opportunity when it arose.
    You don’t call that intelligence? I think you will find that it is the smartest thing that anyone could have done in that type of match, and the reason I won is because I saw the avenue of opportunity, put together an action plan and I made it happen. Basic business principles: identify, plan and execute.

    But don’t worry, Mr. Chamberlain. I know this is going over your head, so I will put together a handout with small and simple words, just for you.

    And it’s fitting that you called me Batman. Batman is a natural leader, who always came out on top, which describes me down to a tee. It’s also fitting because when you lose to me again, you will be nothing more than the Boy Wonder Robin, who contributed nothing in life.

    *A chuckle parts the lips of Kaige as he listens to Mr. Smyth.*

    “Fitting, you call me a hyprocite, and accuse me of having mommy and daddy give me my riches, yet you allow others to do your work. Why is that? Is it because you’re a hypocrite yourself? But that is not what gets me the most, it‘s that you are proud of how you achieved victory. On one hand, I applaud you for thinking of it before me, using my momentary lapse of judgment to secure victory for yourself, yet on the other, I can‘t help but think you cannot do that against me, if I were face to face with you. No worries, we shall truly see tonight.”

    *Kaige slaps the microphone from Mr. Smyth’s hand, letting the sound of the object resonate along the arena.*

    “You listen to me, Mr. Smyth. I don’t really care for these people, and I don’t care for you, but we both like the prospect of money and that‘s what this is going to make us. Yes, they‘ve paid for it now, but they will also pay for the big show, showdown, if you can make it out of here in one piece. I don‘t care about your business past, because in all honesty, that will have nothing to do with this match. You are a snobby rich son of a bitch, and I am going to enjoy beating your ass all up and down this arena. Because let‘s face it, there is a reason you changed your mind. You realized you couldn‘t beat me, if I was given a straight match, so you tried to maneuver around it. When that didn‘t work, you went and decided to cancel the match, say you changed your mind and that you wanted to move on to bigger things, yet you don’t want to face me again. Now I understand, you’re a business man but isn’t it in the nature of a businessman to crush the competition to rise to the pinnacle of greatness? What’s the matter, afraid that you cannot defeat me?”

    *Smyth gestures for Kaige’s mic, who hands it to him. Smyth takes the mic, thinks for a second, but then hits Kaige round the side of the head with the mic, dropping Kaige to the floor.*

    There’s another opportunity you’ve missed.

    *Smyth drops the mic next to Kaige, and exits the ring while the crowd boos and chants “Arsehole!”*

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    Laura Spencer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is a Vixxen's Championship qualifier match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... from New Orleans, LA... weighing in at one hundred and twelve pounds... Faith LeFlur!

    Jared Manning: So uh... who the hell is this broad? Aside from a nice set of -

    Shane Cole: Before you finish that sentence that could get you sued, I understand that Miss LeFlur is a former student of the Panzers – a well renowned wrestling group – but has had differences with them, and so has parted ways with them. She's here to pursue her own path, so we will see how she does here in TWE – especially now that she's on the hunt for the Vixxens' title.

    Jared Manning: … I was going to say aside from a nice set of wrestling boots, I can't pick out much about her. I swear.

    Shane Cole: Her boots weren't all what you were looking at...

    Jared Manning: … She has a lovely outfit too. And a nice figure to wear it.

    Laura Spencer: And now, introducing her opponent... coming from Trailerparkville, standing five foot seven and weighing one hundred sixty nine pounds... Bertha Ray!

    Shane Cole: Well, this is interesting...

    Jared Manning: Yes, quite! She's not eye candy at all, but she looks like she's coming to break somebody in two! Faith might have the looks now, but I don't think she will after this match! If Bertha has her way, Faith will look even rougher than she does!

    Shane Cole: Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, this Vixxens' match is about to get under way, and we're about to have more great action right now!

    Jared Manning: … Not the kind of action I wanna see... but I'll take it...

    The two ladies stand ready as the ref rings the bell...

    [video – ODB vs Mickie James] (Mickie James = Faith LeFlur/ODB = Bertha Ray – stop at 7:35)

    Everyone pops as Bertha Ray kicks out just before the three count. Faith is shocked that such a vicious DDT didn't put her opponent away, but stands up and prepares to attack. She sets Bertha up for an Irish whip, but Bertha reverses it and tosses her to the ropes instead, following up with a shoulder block that puts Faith on her ass. Faith gets back up and manages to duck a clothesline, swings with a high roundhouse to catch Bertha on the come back but Bertha ducks that, then Faith connects with a hurricanrana which throws Bertha for a loop.

    Shane Cole: What a hurricanrana! Folks, Faith LeFlur is on fire!

    Jared Manning: Yes, Cole! She is way too hot to touch! Ooh la lah!

    Shane Cole: Would you stop oogling her and focus on calling the match?

    Jared Manning: All I'm saying is that Faith is looking great and doing great in the ring! But she's just looking really great out there. Really great...

    Bertha stands up woozily, stumbling about while trying to get her bearings. Faith raises her hand, signaling that the end for Bertha may be near.

    Shane Cole: Here it comes -

    Jared Manning: What is it? Wardrobe malfunction?

    Shane Cole: … You're hopeless...

    Faith charges Bertha and lands her trademark big boot to the face.

    Shane Cole: It's the Lil' Boot! Faith LeFlur's finishing move!

    Jared Manning: Oh, that's what you meant...

    Bertha drops to the mat, and Faith goes for the cover. The ref counts...




    The ref calls for the bell and raises Faith's hand in victory.

    Laura Spencer: Your winner... FAITH LEFLUR!!!

    Jared Manning: … You sure there's not going to be a wardrobe malfunction?

    Shane Cole: Let it go, Jared. Just let. It. Go. Faith LeFlur will move on in the quest for the Vixxens' title!

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    *Pisces Pink is walking backstage in one of her moods. She is holding a Barbie doll and singing "Unprettier" by TLC when she happens upon Lust and Envy having a conversation with Wrath. She says nothing at first, only aware of two of her mortal enemies standing in front of her. The trio look up and notice her - Wrath seems unmoved, while Lust and Envy sneer with disgust. *

    Pisces Pink: What I wouldn't give to punch the shit out of both of you worthless bitches. Y'all fucking screwed me over at Treasure of Kings, and have the nerve to talk about me behind my back like I won't find out. I hear all the things you say about me - and it's funny: half of it you won't say to my face. It's also funny that, for all the shit you talk about Pisces, you won't straight up fight me. At least not without someone to back you up and make sure I don't kill you.

    Lust: If you were cultivated enough to know what a book is, you should know that Thomas Hobbes said the first fundamental law of nature is that every man ought to endeavor peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek and use all helps and advantages of war.

    Sin will bring peace when we all hold all the titles. Meanwhile, we will resource to every advantages of war to get rid of your sorry fatass, bitch! We don't give two shits about fairness, this is about absolute domination, and we will obliterate you, no matter how!

    *Envy laughs*

    Envy: Look at my sister, bring forced to use the big words. Pisces, you got what everyone who gets in Sin's way gets. As my sister said. Fairness is not something in which we take into account when we go about our goals. TWE will only know piece once Sin hold what they desire most.

    *Wrath sneers*

    Wrath Funny how this worthless woman covets the Sins she so deeply hates is it not? You Lust over us, envy us and are angry with us. The seeds of Sin have already been planted, and that is why you failed in your attempt to defeat my sister you worthless bitch!

    *Pisces Pink holds the Barbie doll silently, only staring at the trio. Her hands tremble, and there is a look of sadness in her eyes for a moment, like a kid at school who got snubbed by all the cool kids. Then the expression changes, and a moment of dejection gives way to a torrent of anger as she trembles with rage.*

    Pisces Pink: (to Wrath) First of all, you shut your goddamned mouth and stay out of grown women's business. You're already on my shit list just for being with these bitches.

    (To Lust and Envy): Second, both of you cunts are due an asswhoopin'. You say that you don't care about fairness, but the real reason you do what you do is you're afraid. Not just of me - as you fucking should be - but of everyone. People like you get by in life by convincing other people that they have no goodness in them. I give you this: you people are pure Sin, because that's what you feed on. It's the only thing keeping you alive. You take from others and when they have nothing left, you beat them down and make it look like you whores actually did something. But what happens when you run into something that you keep trying to take from, and it only makes that thing stronger and angrier? Huh?! What happens is this: eventually, that thing will corner yo' ass, catch yo' ass, AND CRIPPLE YO' ASS. And that's what the fuck I will do when I get my hands on you. I will knock the shit out of both of you and wrap your necks up in the ring ropes as an example to everyone: NOBODY FUCKS WITH PISCES PINK.

    *Pisces unconsciously snaps the doll's head off as she speaks without missing a beat. She then turns to Wrath again...*

    Pisces Pink: ... And after the hoes get theirs, you're next. But that's only if my boyfriend doesn't tuck you in for your dirt nap first.

    *The Members of Sin laugh as they walk away, leaving Pisces even angrier*

    Shane Cole: Well, that was interesting.. In other news we have learned that Marik has demanded that Mr. Smyth and Kaige Chamberlin meet in the ring. He has checked on Chamberlin and he has been cleared so they will be in action later tonight!

    Jared Manning: Well, that should be interesting, gotta know Kaige is lookin for payback!

    Laura Spencer:The following contest is a Tag Team Match set for one fall! Introducing first, from Anthen, Georgia weighing 130lbs, he is "The Royal Rockstar" Sagittarius Blue!

    Shane Cole: The man who was seconds away from being TWE World Champion! Blue put up one hell of a fight and you have got to believe, he has his eyes set on getting another shot!

    Jared Manning: If that match were to happen, there is no guarantee that Darius would be successful a second time! He had to pull out all the stops in order to beat Blue the first time!

    Laura Spencer: And his opponent, from Reno, Nevada weighing 162lbs, he is "CK" Carter Krysys!

    Jared Manning: Ya know, for being a Krysys, CK is kinda lacking on the whole "talent" thing. I mean he is decent, but not someone I could or would take seriously.

    Shane Cole: Are you kidding? CK is one of the most talented competitors in TWE and I have no doubt that he will go far in this business!

    Laura Spencer: And their opponents, first from London, England weighing 215lbs, Shaz!

    Jared Manning: Shaz is talent! How he isn't competing for the World Championship is besides me!

    Laura Spencer: And his partner, from Upstate, New York weighing 200lbs he is "The Prospect" Jay Cracko!

    Jared Manning: Cracko is probably the most under-rated wrestler in TWE. He is a gifted athlete and should be main eventing each and every show!

    Shane Cole: His biggest asset is a baseball bat! How does that make him gifted!? Forget it, lets just get to the match.

    (Cracko and Shaz/Young Bucks VS CK and Blue/Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw)

    Shane Cole: CK and Blue pick up the win in a HUGE way! I cannot believe how well they worked together!

    Jared Manning: Cracko and Shaz worked better, CK and Blue just got lucky!

    Commercial Break

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    Laura Spencer: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from Tijuana, Devon, weighing 220lbs he is "The Enigmatic Luchador" Mascara Del Eboy!

    *There is a black out, for a moment the only light is the flash photography, dazzling amongst the thousands in attendance, each of them taking a picture of pure darkness, just in case it meant something. Suddenly the Titentron is alight, on it plays a video, the sound resonating around the arena.*

    “In a World of corruption.
    In a world of fear.

    The Good Guy

    Must fight evil!!!”

    The video shows an orphanage, a warn down old building made of wood with tarpaulin for a roof, and ridged metal replacing the window that once shone bright light into the orphanage, the ground that surrounds the building is baron and dry. To the left of the orphanage is a farm-like-yard, an empty pig pen, laden with slop and hay, beyond that is a mule chained to a post. One the wall of the stable there is some graffiti that someone has attempted to rub off, but the words are still visible “FUCK GOD!”

    Inside the orphanage, it is dark, a few dusty rays of light pertrude from the cracks where the windows weren’t borded up properly. Busy children converge upon what is now canteen, they await there porridge with eager grins, more than content to wash it down with fine tap water. They form an orderly cue, the boy at the front of the line, starts to pass the metal bowls back along the line, until each child has one, then they are each rationed two scoops of porridge.

    Once every child was seated, a nun wandered in, clenching the bible and displaying a cross on her necklace. The nun observes the children, who brake only from the eating to great the nun with a smile, the nun gives a loving cold stare, barely able to fashion a smile, she knows that these wonderful children will never escape this life, she has worked here for years and heard many tales of orphans ending up as alcoholics or violent, abusive husbands.

    there is one boy Juan, who’s father was at this orphanage, he left when he was 18 and got a job at supermarket, where he met Julia, Juan’s mother, they had Juan a year later and for a while things were great, until the monotonous life of a “"Valormercado"” employee wore thin, Francisco, Juan’s father turned to drink, just three years later, Francisco a raging alchaholic strangled his own wife and Juan was placed into the orphanage.

    The nun know stands at the head of the canteen, behind a podium that came into a affect when this hall was there church, the podium had a faded gold septa with the word “BELIEVE” on it.

    The nun begins to speak...

    “Children...Today i have a very special announcement. Somebody is leaving us today, somebody has been offered a job in America. You’ll all know ********* (This is bleeped out on the tape) who came to us, when his grandma died 15 years ago. In that time he has grown into a wonderful young man, who has a strong sense of moral obligation and of his duty to god. This man has touched the hearts of many of us, simply because he has denied to bow to convention and he has...FOLLOWED HIS DREAMS. This boy, This man, dreamt of being a...LUCHADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    *The children can be heard muttering his name, but any legible audio is again beeped out.

    “He calls himself...MASCARA DEL EBOY”

    *The children begin to clap*

    “And before he gets on a plane, he wanted to talk to you all.”

    *The door blasts open, the bright light fills the hall, making many of the children glare in an attempt to adjust the sudden light, in the door way stands a man, a man of well built stature, not pertruding muscles, like that of a meathead, but of hard earned muscles, muscles of constant sit ups and press ups, and lifting of hay bales. He wears old school orange boots with only the toe painted blue, a pair of board shorts and sports a Blue, Red and Black mask, in his hand he holds a television set, set walks into the hall past all the kids who look at him in awe, this is “The Enigmatic Luchador”, the one who stands up for the little guy, the prince of Lucha Libre, perhaps a symbol of “LIBERTAD”. THIS IS MASCARA DEL EBOY!!!!! *

    He takes his place at the head of the hall, clears his throat and begins to talk.

    Mascara Del EBOY: can have your dreams.
    You look at me, once I sat there, eating that porridge. I never thought I’d make it to the big time, and now I have major wrestling deal to work with Titen and his Wrestling entertainment.

    I remember watching Wrestling with my granma, growing up and I thought to myself, one day! I will be in that ring, I will wear a mask to protect my identity and I would fight the forces off evil.
    *MDE mimes punching someone, then kicking them to the ground and standing with his foot on their chest.*

    And this is why I have brought you this.

    *Mascara Del Eboy picks the television up and lifts it high into the air.*

    It has been 15 years since grandma die, and I not yet have courage to go into her house, BUT! TODAY I MUST. I must get television to put in orphanage so they can watch my TWE DEBUT!!!
    *The children cheer*

    Now I leave you to go wrestle in American, CHILDREN OF Tijuana, Devon!!!
    EBO....MASCARA DEL EBOY has left the building.

    *MDE walks down the hallway and towards the door, as MDE’s music is playin
    g in the background*

    *The camera follows from Mascara from behind as he marches towards the door, as he flings the doors open and once again the hall is filled with blinding light.*

    *Suddenly we are back in the arena, Mascara Del Eboy walks out onto the ramp...*

    Laura Spencer: And his opponent, weighing 250lbs, he is "The Prodigy" Chris Diamond!

    Shane Cole: Mascara Del Eboy debuts tonight against this man, and that means he will have a tough time tonight!

    Jared Manning: My money is on Diamond

    (M.D.E/El Generico VS Chris Diamond/Kota Ibushi)

    Stop Watching at 23:45

    Jared Manning: This match has been unbelievable! Mostly because of Diamond, he is super talented!

    Shane Cole: Do you have a hard-on for him or something? Mascara is doing great in this match and I for one see him picking up the win on this!

    *Diamond and Eboy are still on the mat and the ref has reached a count of 5. Diamond slowly gets to his feet and goes to work on Eboy, stomping away at him, yelling all sorts of things.

    Diamond lifts Eboy up and goes for a suplex, but Eboy flips over and connects with a backstabber which causes Diamond to flip backwards. Diamond crashes to the mat and Eboy instantly goes for the cover. The ref counts



    Diamond rolls the shoulder and rolls out of the ring. Eboy immediatly gets up, runs off the ropes and suicide dives out of the ring, Diamond connects with a kick to the skull sending Eboy crashing to the barricade. Diamond rolls Eboy back into the ring, he picks him up and Eboy yells "Look Out!" and pokes Diamond in the eyes. The ref yells at Eboy who only shrugs. Diamond turns around and this time Eboy hits the Cobra and Diamond drops to the ground and rolls out. Screaming that he doesn't need this as he heads up the ramp. The ref counts him out



    Diamond continues to yell as the fans boo him loudly, some even flipping him off and throwing trash in his direction. Eboy tries to go, but the ref stops him





    Diamond laughs and says he'll get his payback





    Laura Spencer: The winner of this match as a result of a countout, Mascara Del Eboy!

    Shane Cole: Not the way I think Eboy wanted this match to go. Why would Diamond just leave? Why not fight it out?

    Jared Manning: Obviously there is more to this, We will have to wait and see!

    Commercial Break

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a match set for one fall... Introducing first, from Birmingham, England, weighing in at 222 lbs and standing five foot eight... Mr. Smyth!

    Shane Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing the latest chapter of the saga between Mr. Smyth and Kaige Chamberlain play out here tonight. Since Treasure of Kings, we have seen the new talent doing their best to make a statement here in TWE, but none may have been quite so direct as Mr. Smyth, the man who won the six man elimination match that night.

    Jared Manning: Of course not, Cole. Mr. Smyth is TWE's premier businessman – his style is all about being direct and getting right to the point! Mr. Smyth is the most successful man in the business world today – he can't afford to make empty statements and beat around the bush like most people do. That's why Mr. Smyth makes my fave five any day. He treats wrestling like business: he gets in there, states his case and closes the deal.

    Shane Cole: Even though he sometimes avoids the issue at hand – as he has with Kaige Chamberlain, who has been clamoring to have a rematch with him as of late...

    Jared Manning: Who's avoiding what? Mr. Smyth knows business – and he knows that his deal with Kaige is done. He proved it, what else is there? Chamberlain just got one-upped by the better man, he needs to man up and let it be!

    Laura Spencer: And now, his opponent... hailing from New York City, NY... weighing in at 200 lbs, standing six foot three... Kaige Chamberlain!

    Jared Manning: Yes, this song fits him... He is an asshole! The nerve of this man, this spoiled brat, thinking that he could come in here and be a star! What, did he have to have his mom and dad buy his way in here?

    Shane Cole: And yet, he does have a resume of experience... Kaige Chamberlain has competed in various wrestling promotions, and had been fighting from a young age, so he's no stranger to violence and pain. While many may find his attitude a put-off, he is brutally honest and will sugarcoat nothing – unlike Smyth.

    Jared Manning: Hey, that's Mr. Smyth to you! You make it sound like Smyth is some common liar -

    Shane Cole: He claimed that facing Chamberlain would be 'bad for business' but the real reason for that is simple: he doesn't want to get shown up by Chamberlain! Say what you will, but Kaige possesses enormous potential and could very well be tomorrow's breakout star in TWE... and deep down, Smyth has to know that.

    Jared Manning: Hmph. We'll just see about that!

    Alex Riley = Kaige Chamberlain/The Miz = Mr. Smyth (stop at 8:48)
    [video – Alex Riley vs The Miz – Capitol Punishment Rematch]

    The ref counts off the backslide...



    NO! Smyth kicks out viciously! Chamberlain looks on in agonizing frustration, telling the ref that it should have been a three. He goes to lift Smyth to his feet, only for Smyth to toss him through the ropes and out to the floor. As Chamberlain tries to re-enter the ring, Smyth lands a baseball slide kick straight into his face, and Chamberlain is laid out on the floor. Smyth demands the referee count, and the referee does... 1... 2.... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7...

    Chamberlain manages to stagger to his feet and rolls back into the ring, much to Smyth's dismay. Smyth quickly grabs him and lands a double-arm backbreaker. He looks down at Chamberlain as he writhes in pain, then kicks him in the ribs to make him squirm even more. Chamberlain rolls to the ropes, trying to pull himself up, but Smyth kicks at him again. He gets up despite the kicks, and Smyth becomes fully enraged at Chamberlain's defiance. He tries for one more kick to the midsection, but Chamberlain catches his leg and drops him with a punch to the jaw. Smyth scrambles to his feet and is put back down with a clothesline, groggily gets back up and is nailed with Flattery, Chamberlain's signature superkick.

    Shane Cole: Ouch! That superkick was delivered with precision! Smyth is reeling, fighting to stay on his feet -

    Jared Manning: Come on Mr. Smyth! Don't fall down! Don't fall down!!!

    Smyth steps to the right, then to the left... then falls straight to the mat. Chamberlain goes for the pin, and the ref counts...



    Thr – NO! Smyth pops his shoulder up, and Chamberlain screams in frustration. He mounts Smyth and begins beating the holy hell out of him. The referee moves to break up the affair, barely getting Chamberlain to stop before the five-count. He stalks to the corner and punches the turnbuckle in his frustration as Smyth slowly gets up. Chamberlain spots his opportunity and charges, only to be met with a Lou Thesz press from Smyth – who follows up with his own volley of punches. The ref pries him off now, and Smyth aims a look of utter disdain at him and then Chamberlain. Chamberlain stands up and pushes the ref aside to take another crack at Smyth, and the two engage in a heated slugfest. During the exchange, Chamberlain swings wide and misses, and Smyth lifts him onto his shoulders to apply The Rule, but Chamberlain squirms free and lands behind him, taking the opportunity to land a released German suplex. Smyth hits hard and tumbles across the ring, but goes with the momentum – he rolls and stands up while running backwards into the ropes. Chamberlain never sees the rebound clothesline coming, but it hits him like a truck. Chamberlain is laid out on the mat, and Smyth wastes little time in turning him over and locking in the Texas Cloverleaf.

    Shane Cole: This could be it – that's the Texas Cloverleaf, a submission hold that Smyth is known to use to put away many superstars!

    Jared Manning: Duh, Captain Obvious – and it's Mr. Smyth, ya troglodyte!

    Long seconds pass as Chamberlain strains for the ropes, but to no avail... and he taps. The ref calls for the bell and gets it.

    Laura Spencer: Here's your winner... MR. SMYTH!!!

    The referee spends a few seconds fighting to make Mr. Smyth release the hold on Chamberlain, who is in excruciating pain. Smyth looks on with no emotion, and turns to walk away – but not before muttering “troglodyte.”

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    Laura Spencer: And now, this is a match scheduled for one fall... Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, PA, weighing in at two hundred thirty five pounds, standing six foot two... Scott Cage!

    Shane Cole: It will be very interesting to watch this match tonight, Jared. Ever since changing his persona, Scott Cage has been making waves in TWE as he proclaims his rebirth. One of our correspondents got a chance to speak with him before this match: according to the interview, Scott Cage firmly believes that his match tonight will be the new start he needs, the spark that will ignite his personal renaissance.

    Jared Manning: If you say so, Cole. It's nice that he's doing all this, but a leopard never changes its spots. He's getting so caught up in convincing us that he's some new person, he could lose focus of what matters: winning matches and making an impact here in TWE.

    Laura Spencer: And now, introducing his opponent... hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii... standing six foot one, weighing in at two hundred and three pounds... Adrian Leavitt!

    Jared Manning: Ah, some island flavor up in here tonight!

    Shane Cole: Colorfully tasteless as usual, Jared... Here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very determined superstar in Adrian Leavitt. He is hungry, he is dangerous, he wants to take what he sees as his – and right now, his sights are set on Scott Cage. This will be a real test to see if Cage is ready to turn the page on his new life.

    Jared Manning: The man from the islands, Adrian is no small-timer, guys! If he can't have something given to him, he will take it by any means necessary! Scott Cage may be – no, IS in real trouble tonight!

    (Ted DiBiase = Scott Cage/Chris Masters = Adrian Leavitt – stop at 7:49)

    Leavitt kicks out just before three! Cage is surprised, and scrambles to his feet to devise a plan of attack. He yells at the ref to do his job before moving on to Leavitt, who manages to stand and is ready to retaliate. The two trade blows, both staggering and swaying from the impact of the punches. Cage tosses Leavitt into the corner and comes in with a nasty big boot that leaves Leavitt reeling towards the center of the ring. Cage goes to follow up, but Leavitt attempts the Island Cutter. But Cage has the move scouted: he tosses Leavitt forward into the ropes to set him up for a clothesline. Leavitt ducks it, comes up with an attempt at the Pacific Crash – but Cage steps backwards, and with nothing to grab onto, Leavitt falls hard on his back. Cage picks him up into a brutal chokehold, looks at the camera with a look of pure intensity, and then levels Leavitt with a ring-shaking clothesline. He leisurely goes in for the pin, and the ref makes the count...




    Laura Spencer: Your winner... SCOTT CAGE!!!

    Shane Cole: Looks like we have witnessed the beginning of the Age of Cage. Tonight truly was a new day for him... but one must wonder: what is next for the man known as Scott Cage?

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    Laura Spencer: The following contest is a #1 Contender's Match, for Team Combat Championship! Introducing first, the team of Rob and Luke, The Turne Brothers!

    Shane Cole: The team who were seconds away from capturing the gold look for a secon chance! Will they be able to pick up the win tonight?

    Jared Manning: It will be a tough task tonight to get to that match. What they need to do is not look towards Rise of The Chosen Few, but instead focus on tonight's match.

    Laura Spencer: And their opponents, the team of Shawn Azenia and Ethan Knight, The Dynasty of Perfection!

    Shane Cole: Shawn Azenia, a talented young man who has teamed with some unique partners, including his Kings of Karnage Partner, Rich Cranium!

    Jared Manning: But he has seemed to found his greatest success with Ethan Knight! Tonight, they look to prove that they are Perfection!

    Shane Cole: Who is the lady with them?

    Jared Manning: That would be Theresa, their personal assistant. Definitely not bad company to keep in my opinion.

    (Dynasty of Perfection/MNM VS The Turne Brothers/The Hardyz)

    Shane Cole: Big win for The Turne Brothers! They are going to Rise of The Chosen Few, the question is, will they be one of the "Chosen Few"? or will Elite Bloodline retain?

    Jared Manning: We still have 4 weeks until that question is answered Shane. The more important question is can Rob and Luke keep the momentum going?

    Commercial Break

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is your Main Event of The Evening! It is a Tag Team match, set for one fall. Introducing first, From Your Mum's Bedroom, weighing 280lbs, he is the #1 Contender for the TWE World Championship, he is Gaileo!

    Shane Cole: Gaileo is one of the biggest talkers in the business, but can throw down with the best of them when it comes down to it all.

    Jared Manning: That is why he will become the next World Champion. He has it all, charisma, mat skills, the looks. He is the A Game of Professional Wrestling!

    Laura Spencer: And his partner, from The Bighouse, weighing 260lbs, he is the TWE BloodOath Champion, Scarfo Jonez!

    Jared Manning: The most hardcore individual in TWE! Jonez is a brutal monster that loves to inflict pain and punishment. He is the future and with him, the future is bright!

    Shane Cole: Who's future? Cause with him wearing Gold, the future I see is blink at best!

    Laura Spencer: Introducing their opponents, first, from Helena, Arkansas weighing 295lbs, he is the #1 Contender for TWE BloodOath Championhip "The Dog of War" Keith Andrews!

    Shane Cole: Andrews is a true blue good man. A soldier, not only in the ring, but in the military! He has the skills to be a true BloodOath Champion!

    Jared Manning: You can't be a good guy and hold the BloodOath Championship! You have to be ruthless, have the killer instinct, and Andrews does not have that!

    Laura Spencer: And his partner, from Albany, New York weighing 230lbs, he is The TWE World Champion, Van Darius!

    Shane Cole: Van Darius proved a lot of people wrong when he became World Champion. Lets see if he can continue to prove himself to everyone.

    Jared Manning: Only time will tell on that, but I think Gaileo will defeat him and become the new World Champion.

    (Van Darius/CM Punk and Keith Andrews/Sheamus VS Scarfo Jonez/Bryan and Gaileo/Jericho)

    stop watching at 13:57
    3!!? NO Darius just barely kicks out. Gaileo rolls out of the ring, and meets up with Jonez on the outside. Darius runs off the ropes and leaps through taking out both men. Darius lifts Gaileo up, but Gaileo catches him with a thumb to the eye and shoves him into Andrews, taking them both out.

    Gaileo rolls Darius back into the ring and looks over at Jonez, who knows what he is thinking. Jonez runs over and grabs his biker chain, and the ref immediately gets out and yells at him. Gaileo runs over and grabs the TWE World Championship, rolls back into the ring and knocks Darius out with it. Gaileo looks down and smirks before tossing the belt to the outside He yells at the ref who runs into the ring and counts



    Andrews tries to run, but Jonez pulls him back and knocks him out with the chain


    Shane Cole: C'mon! Not like this! Not this way!

    Jared Manning: You do what you have to when you are looking for gold!

    *Gaileo grabs the title and holds it over Darius and smirks as the show ends*


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