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Thread: RTE Show Thread

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    Cameron Tyson: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the new TWE, My name is Cameron Tyson and I am being joined by a fellow debutant commentator Michael Dangerfield

    Michael Dangerfield: Thank you for introducing me when I am clearly capable of doing it myself, what I am not capable of doing is figuring out what are we doing here?

    Tyson: All I know is the Board of Directors have some big news and not just with our announcement but in regards to the show and also we have VixXens action as Sasha Panzer goes one on one with Eden Sky

    While Tyson finishes what he is saying six men are walking down the ring all dressed sharply and walking briskly towards the ring

    Dangerfield: Yes I love these guys I want to hear their vision for the future of TWE

    Tyson: Are you serious? Have you been watching the show Michael? Have you seen the carnage and lose of control since the TWE Board of Directors have arrived?

    Dangerfield: No I haven’t seen it I was commentating Horse racing til last week but these guys hired us on a decent salary so they can’t be all bad?

    Tyson: Well let’s hear from them now

    The Crowd is throwing rubbish into the arena showing disgust for these mystery men in the ring

    BOD No1: Ladies and Gentleman, You may want to be quiet and listen to what we have to say because things are changing here in TWE.

    *The Crowd predictably boo louder*

    BOD No1: I would say it’s in your best interest to listen to us of course you would ignore that so we are going to proceed with these massive announcements anyway as our time is of utmost importance

    BOD No2: Now we have tried to steady the ship in TWE and tried to provide great family entertainment and we even assured you everything would be fine several times but you did not believe us

    The fans are now chanting Bullshit and continue to chant this while the BOD's are trying to speak

    BOD No3: And even though we tried to cleanse this show of the evils within you people continue to boo us and chant terrible things like you are now it is actually quite rude though as much as we try to rid this show of ‘fans’ like you by rising prices and getting rid of misspelt signs and trying to cut out profanities you continue to show your distain, not at us but at society in general

    The crowd are now chanting you’re a fucking hypocrite dad a da daaa da over and over again until BOD No 4 takes the microphone away from BOD No 2 and starts getting real angry

    BOD No4: You people are oh so predictable and that is what has ruined this show, not us and the worst thing is you don’t even realize how ignorant you are and we are not going to allow you to ruin our great name Titan Wrestling Enterprises.

    BOD No5: Thank you Mark (BOD No4) for that and with this information the big reveal that will shake the foundations of this show.


    A huge eruption from the crowd which turns into a good now piss off chant

    BOD No5: Oh I am so glad you people chanted that because that’s exactly what we plan on doing, we plan on pissing off completely but we are not just pissing off, there will be a couple of other things pissing off you see we sold our stake or TITAN Enterprises stake if you will to the original owners of the show, that’s right EWNCW

    Crowd erupts again this time with EWNCW chants

    BOD No4: That’s right keep chanting EWNCW, no while you are at it keep chanting TWE... go on chant it let yourselves be heard

    Crowd starts chanting TWE TWE TWE

    BOD No4: Chant it while you can because Condition No 1 of our sale is that we keep the TWE name and copyright laws and therefore this show is no longer TWE, it leaves with us

    The Crowd is Irate at this announcement and start chanting Arseholes over and over again

    BOD No4: Oh I am so glad, no we are so glad you like that Condition because we have a real dozy for you for condition No2 but I am being selfish please frank share in this grand moment

    BOD No6 (Frank): Thank you Mark, that’s right our second Condition is that we are also Taking our titles with us, that’s right our titles not Eden Sky’s VixXens title, not The Elite Bloodlines Team Combat titles and not even Van Darius’s World title, no they are our titles

    Now we have that out of the way Condition number 3 is....
    Israel Pamich
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    The crowd explodes massively with cheers for Van Darius, and the cheers get even louder when he makes his way onto the stage with a microphone in hand. Darius looks down to his waist with a look of despair, but then marches down the ramp with a look of determination and then stops at the apron, looks under the ring and pulls out his white bag to a pop from the crowd and then slides into the ring.

    Darius: So let me get something straight. You just sold TWE. No questions asked, and let me guess, it was to make a quick buck, right? Right. Of course it was. That's cool and all because I don't have to deal with any of you pigs anymore and hell, maybe my new boss will be cool! But I do have a problem with this whole little trade over ... Something of mine was taken from me. Something I have defended for nearly a year and never lost. Something I am willing to break necks for ...

    Darius gets into Frank's face and snarls, making Frank back away.

    Darius: I was never defeated. I shed blood for that championship, I have had bones broken and flesh ripped from my bones, and you are seriously going to take that away from me? Are you fucking STUPID?

    The crowd pops loudly for this.

    Darius: I don't care how many of you are in front of me right now. I will gladly beat the sense into each and every one of you. Hell ... I may even do something like ...

    Darius dumps the bag onto the ring, spilling thumbtacks, broken glass and needles all over. Darius kicks the debris at the Board.

    Darius: You know what. I'm done waiting. I'm taking my championship back, and TWE stays here ... But you're all gone!

    Darius throws the microphone down and charges the Board but ...

    BOD No6 (Frank): Hey, hey, hey!!! I swear to God Van Darius if you touch ANY OF US ...

    BOD No5: Settle down Frank we cannot afford for this sale to go array, what Frank was going to say Van Darius is that Condition No 3 and the final condition of this sale going through is that we are allowed to leave unharmed and untouched so Van Darius if you touch Frank or any other BOD before we leave then the sale falls through and we will FIRE you Van Darius on the spot.
    Frank: You have anything to add Vany Van Van?
    Van Darius looks furious and wants to knock Franks lips of his face but thinks twice and leaves the ring and with that all 6 BOD leave and the sale of TWE goes through
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
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    Tyson: I do not know what to make of that last segment, we don’t even have a name for the show

    Dangerfield: All I know is that my contract is Iron Clad so I am still working here

    Tyson: OK Big Show

    Jessica Young: Your following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from Berlin, Germany Sasha Panzer!

    Dangerfield: Sasha Panzer is certainly a woman on a mission

    Jessica Young: And her opponent, from Los Angeles Calafornia, Eden Sky!

    Tyson: Eden Sky not happy about losing her title lets see how she responds tonight

    The ref calls for the bell

    Miss Tessmacher (Sasha) vs. Angelina Love (Eden)

    Start at 2.11 and End at: 5.18

    Tyson: What a sadistic and evil look given by Eden there, she is not a happy Wrestler

    Eden Sky crawls over to a weak Sasha and gets in her face of her and shoves her back to the mat, she gets up and lands several kicks to the midsection and the ribs of Sasha, the ref has seen enough and pulls Sky away and warns her, Sky is smiling as she does so and bowing to the crowd as she is keeping her opponent to the mat, heading to the top rope she climbs and positions herself and waits for the weakened Panzer to raise to her feet…

    Dangerfield: Eden is taking little Miss Panzer to the mat her tonight and now she has Marik at her side, what a combination.

    Panzer has rose to her feet, she is unsteady and turns to Sky and Sky jumps from the top rope going for a flying crossbody, she is caught by Panzer and with a smile, knee backbreaker to Eden! Panzer gets up and smiles again, bowing to the crowd Marik mimicking Eden and then blows a kiss to Marik.

    Tyson: Miss Panzer did not take that beat down to

    Sasha turns back to Eden, she begins to land kicks, relentless, vicious kicks to the gut of Sky, these become harder and more painful, until the ref pulls her away and gives her warning…
    Sasha brushes this off and turns back to the Eden Sky, she pulls her up by the hair and gets in her face before she lands a smack to her face, she begins to land blows to the face of Sky, only to be met by a smack back from Eden, this leads to the two Vixxen’s trading blows in the centre of the ring…

    Panzer grabs the hair of Sky and lands a series of high knees to her gut, backing her into the corner, she lets go of the hair and spinning heel kick to Sky, sending her flying into the ring post and Panzer lands another spinning heel kick to the right temple of Sky and she falls to the ring apron… Panzer seizes her chance and puts her back to her, drops her shorts and thong...

    Miss Tessmacher (Panzer) vs. Velvet Sky (Sky)

    Dangerfield: That is disgusting, what a sign of disrespect

    Continuing the stinkface to Sky the ref begins the count

    1, 2, 3, 4… Get outta there! Last chance!

    Panzer brushes it off and head back to her assault on Sky, she pulls her up by the hair and lands another high knee to the gut and out of nowhere, BITCH SLAP to Panzer, followed by hair toss, slamming Panzer to the mat, with a smile…
    She sets herself up to finish of Panzer; Panzer rises to her feet and WELCOME TO PARADISE!! Hitting her finisher, she goes for the pin and AshAttack goes to the mat…


    Jessica Young: Here is your winner Eden Sky!
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    Jessica Young: Ladies and Gentleman this match is scheduled for one fall and by request of the new General Manager will be a quarter final match to crown our new champion

    Tyson: This is insane Dangerfield, we don’t have a named GM, we have no name for our show or no name for our title

    Dangerfield: I am sure we will find out in due time

    Jessica Young: Introducing first already in the ring he is the fan favourite, Triple JJJ

    Dangerfield: I don’t like this guy

    Tyson: Why might I divulge

    Dangerfield: He is Happy all the right it makes me sick

    Jessica Young: He’s opponent Kaige Chamberlain

    Dangerfield: Now this guy is the future of this company

    Tyson: Everyone is the future of this company, its 30 minutes old
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    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

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    Chamberlain/Kash v JJJ/Chavo watch til 2:47 please

    Chamberlain goes for and successfully hits the body drop on JJJ who is now looking worse for wear

    Tyson: The strength of Chamberlain is unbelievable and we is now closing in on victory

    Dangerfield: Kaige was closing in on victory when his opponent was announced

    Kaige gets JJJ of the mat and puts him in a sleeper hold and holds JJJ for a while making JJJ’s face turn red and just as JJJ is fading Kaige gets JJJ back up and throws him into the ropes and he hits the super kick knocking the J’ster flat

    Dangerfield: What a combo from Chamberlain there a sleeper hold into Flattery

    Tyson: I am not too sure if JJJ is flattered by that though

    Kaige goes for the pin



    ......JJJ Kicks out

    Tyson: He may have a less that flattering Win Loss record but this man has heart

    Dangerfield: The end is nigh my colleague

    Kaige looks frustrated as he waits for JJJ to get on his feet and once again throws JJJ into the ropes but this time JJJ answers with a vicious clothesline

    Dangerfield: He is not allowed to do that!

    Tyson: Why not?

    Dangerfield: It’s not in the spirit of easy commentating

    JJJ meets kaige with a second clothesline and then goes to the pin



    Kaige kicks out this time

    JJJ is now the one who looks frustrated as he grabs Kaige and starts landing a few lefts
    and rights and Kaige looks spent.

    JJJ throws Kaige into the ropes this time and connects with a third Clothesline

    Tyson: This could be the biggest upset on this show ever

    Dangerfield: You idiot Tyson, Chamberlain will come back you watch

    JJJ is now pumping himself up as he signals to the crowd its Jack Hammer time

    Tyson: Kaige is going to suffer a huge loss here it’s like JJJ is possessed

    Dangerfield: That would explain this atrocity of JJJ winning this thing

    Kaige gets up and JJJ grabs him around the neck and signals the Pile driver though as he starts to lift him Chamberlain reverses into his Finisher which lays out JJJ

    Dangerfield: Yes Kaige has got him and JJJ has just heard his last Ballad

    Tyson: Ballad of an arsehole has connected and this one is over

    Kaige goes to pin JJJ




    Jessica Young: Ladies and gentleman your winner and the man advancing to the semi finals of the championship tournament..... KAIGE CHAMBERLAIN

    Kaige dusts his hands clean as if to suggest that was an easy win and walks off to the back
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

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    Tyson: So Kaige Chamberlain moves forward in the tournament to face quite frankly I am still not sure

    Dangerfield: Well Jessica is coming out now maybe she can reveal some more details about this show

    Jessica Young: I have been just informed that the new General Manager is ready to come out so Ladies and Gentleman without further ado may I introduce to you the new boss of this grand show

    As Jessica stops speaking the lights go off in the arenaand the crowd is eager with anticipation as to who the boss is.

    After about 20 seconds of complete blackout the top of the ramp and the titantron lights up firstly with just a blank black screen then some writing comes up on the screen

    Welcome to the beginning of a new era, an era of change, an era of positivity and an era where this grand company rises to the mighty ranks it once was

    Welcome to....Respect

    Welcome to....Honor

    Welcome to....Integrity

    The crowd now starts booing as they seem to know who is in the top job now and this writing quickly disappears with

    Tyson: Is it who we think it is Michael?

    Dangerfield: I hope so I am ready for some humility

    The video plays for about 30 seconds before a very sharply dressed individual dressed very sharply comes strolling to the ring with that trademark grin which could only mean....


    Israel makes his way to the ring amongst a chorus of boos as he enters the ring he gets given a microphone and is about to speak to the faithful who don't seem to be happy with him
    Israel Pamich
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    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
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    Israel Pamich: Ladies and Gentleman my name is Israel Pamich and I am the new General Manager of this once prestigious show.

    The crowd is not happy with this news as the arsehole chants start

    Pamich:: Now Now Now I know why you people are upset and you have every right to be, this show has become a spiralling disaster since the previous owners in the BOD have run riot in this company and as much as you hate me and as much as we do have very little in common but the one thing we do have in common is our love for the former TWE and the same level of Hatred for the BoD.

    The fans actually appreciate this and cheer for Israel now

    Pamich: I was affected to by the BoD, as much as you people hate me I was the fastest rising star in this company and this you cannot deny though the BoD can deny it because they didn’t even use me and although I was enjoying the vacation I soon got sick of sitting at home while this massacre was going on.

    Now I could have easily ran on to the show during one of these gang attacks on several superstars though that would have achieved nothing as we have seen. So I took the route of Integrity and honour and spoke to the EWNCW hierarchy and told them that things need to change and if they didn’t the show which was once a proud feeder to the EWNCW has become a low level soap drama with no end in site.

    So I proposed that TWE returns to its former glory and become a haven for the stars of tomorrow and the EWNCW board agreed though I was shocked by what they said next. They basically said if you have this grand Idea then why don’t you run it so with negotiations between me and EWNCW and EWNCW and the BoD finally reaching its conclusion I am now here running this show.

    The crowd are now chanting thank you Tommy over and over again

    Pamich: Now with that being said a few things need to be decided and I am not going to waste any more time letting you fans know of the direction this show is taking. So the first announcement is that this show will now be known as Ready To Evolve or RTE for short, the reasoning for this name was very simple and that was the stars in this company are ready to evolve and so is the company.

    The second decision I need to make is the name of our new championship.

    Now forgive me for not being original but I have decided to name this championship the RTE World Title.

    The crowd is even more ecstatic with this announcement

    Pamich: My final announcement for tonight is the elimination tournament Jessica announced on my behalf earlier.

    Now firstly Congratulations to Kaige Chamberlain on his win earlier tonight, now he will take on the winner of our main event tonight which will be the last TWE champion Van Darius taking on Patrick Micheals.

    Now next week we will have our final two quarter finals match for the newly created RTE World Title which will see Mr Smyth in action going up against Matt Ryder and the Main Event next week will see Amadeus Frewin taking on Gaileo.

    Thank you very much everybody and forgive me for saying this but EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW

    The crowd erupts at these announcements as Israel leaves the ring
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
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    Jessica Young: The following contest is set for one fall and the winner will advance in the Ready to Evolve Championship Tournament! Introducing first, weighing in at 220 lbs. He is from Phoenix Arizona ...

    Patrick Michaels!

    Cameron Tyson: This guy is a rising star, and having Shawn Michaels as your uncle is a plus as well.

    Michael Dangerfield: He has nothing to do with that has been! Patrick Michaels is twice as good as his uncle, if not three times better!
    Ring Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at 240 lbs. He is from Albany, New York ...
    Van Darius!

    Van Darius vs. Patrick Michaels
    (Start 3:30 End 10:29)

    Darius hoists Michaels into the air high on his shoulders, and then plants him face first down onto the mat with an electric chair drop! Michaels rolls around the ring a bit, holding his face as Darius pulls himself to his feet with the ropes. Michaels regains his composure and props himself up onto one knee while facing Darius. Darius then charges Michaels and drives his boot into Michael's skull and knocks him down to the mat. Darius rolls Michaels onto his back and hooks the leg!

    One! Two! No!

    Michaels kicks out before three. Darius grabs Michaels by the hair and starts to pull him to his feet, but Michaels punches Darius in the stomach hard, knocking the wind out of him. Michaels hits Darius in the stomach again, and then sweeps Darius off from his feet with his leg, knocking Darius onto his back. Michaels gets to his feet and leans against the ropes, catching his breath as Darius slowly gets back to his feet.

    Cameron Tyson: Michaels seems to be getting into this again.

    Michael Dangerfield: Well if he wants a shot at the world championship, hes going to have to beat the former TWE champion ... But I don't think that will be too hard.

    Once Darius is back on both feet, Michaels launches himself from the ropes and knocks Darius back against the turnbuckle a springboard dropkick to the chest. Michaels backs away from Darius, and then charges at him and hits Darius in the jaw with a stiff flying forearm! Darius nearly falls down to the mat but Michaels shoves him back into the turnbuckle. Michaels backs away once again, and then charges Darius once more and goes for a Bicycle Kick, but Darius moves out of the way, causing Michaels' leg to get caught up on the top rope!

    Cameron Tyson: This could be the opening Darius has been looking for. Michaels just lost a whole bunch of momentum because of that one mistake!

    Michael Dangerfield: I agree, and Darius seems to be losing it now, just look at his eyes. It almost seems like he is in another state of mind! What a freak!

    Darius realizes that Michaels is caught up on the top rope, and this puts a grin on his face. Darius backs away from Michaels and starts to grit his teeth and running his fingers through his hair. Darius starts to seethe as Michaels gets his leg down from the turnbuckle, and when Michaels starts to turn around, Darius charges at him and goes for the SpearBuster, but Michaels catches Darius and tosses him into the turnbuckle, but Darius manages to stop himself from crashing into the turnbuckle.

    Darius turns around as Michaels runs at him, but Darius grabs Michaels' arm and Irish whips him to the other side of the ring. Michaels rebounds off from the ropes and goes for the Bicycle Kick on Darius again, but Darius ducks the kick! Darius turns around and Michaels kicks him in the stomach and plants him with a DDT! Michaels then runs for the turnbuckle and quickly scales to the top and stalks Darius as he slowly gets to his feet.

    Cameron Tyson: What is Michaels doing?! Is it worth the risk?

    Michael Dangerfield: Apparently he thinks so!

    Right as Darius is about to get to his feet, Michaels launches himself from the top rope with a diving kick, but then Darius launches himself at Michaels and catches him midair with a SpearBuster! Darius plants Michaels down to the mat hard and hooks both legs!

    One! Two! Three!

    Jessica: Here is your winner ... Van Darius!!
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
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    Darius gets to his feet and the referee holds his hand in the air as the crowd pops loudly, but then the pop turns to boos as Israel Pamich walks down the ramp slowly, clapping his hands along the way. Darius just stares Pamich down as he walks up the steps and climbs into the ring. Pamich says some words to Darius, and then extends his hand for a handshake to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Darius looks around the arena, and down at Pamich's hand. Darius looks up at Pamich, and then just walks around him and makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp to a pop from the crowd as Pamich stands alone in the ring with his hand still extended out.

    Cameron Tyson: Van Darius has won the match, and he isn't going to allow Israel Pamich to ruin his celebration!

    Michael Dangerfield: Ruin it? He was trying to congratulate Van Darius! But Van completely blew him off like a prick!

    Cameron Tyson: Well either way, Van Darius moves on in the tournament on his quest to regain the world championship! We will see you all next week! Goodnight everyone!
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
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    bumping for those who have not read
    Israel Pamich
    PWR Superstar
    First and Current PWR Breakout Champion since 17-05-15

    Two Of A Kind
    Kid Wonder and 'Mad Dog' Paul Conrad
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