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Thread: RTE Show Thread

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    TWE Presents: Eye Of The Beholder

    Shane Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to Eye of The Beholder! I am Shane Cole and joining me as always is Jared Manning!

    Jared Manning: General Manager Manning, Shane! Tonight is a big night! We are going to crown a new World Champion, be it Gaileo or Shaz and we will finally put the Jonez/Andrews feud to bed when Jonez defeats him in the I Quit Match!

    Shane Cole: Well, that is your opinion on the matter.. Anyways we will also see Scott Cgae defend his title against Kaige Chamberlin, Eden Sky defends her title againt Faith LeFlur in a Cage Match, Elite Bloodline defending the Team Combat Championship againt Cirque de Freak and Jay Cracko defends his IronFist Championship against a Msytery Opponent! All pretty interesting matches for sure!

    Jared Manning: Lets not forget Ryku O'Ryan will be destroying Matt Ryder! So many good matches man I am going to love tonight!

    Shane Cole: Well, at this moment we are going to Rich Dolan, who is backstage with a special guest!

    Rich Dolan: Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me at this time is the man who defends his Championship against 3 other individuals, he is the TWE World Champion, Van Darius. Now Darius tonight could be your biggest test as you face three of the toughest men in TWE right now, how are you feeling about that?

    Darius: Thanks, Rich. What you say is true, I am facing three of the toughest individuals in the TWE right now. Tonight I face Shaz, Gaileo, and Sagittarius Blue. All three of these men have their own set of skills and abilities, and each of them have a special talent. For example, Gaileo likes to talk a big game, saying he will beat me, and yet he has failed on multiple occasions. He may be a bit bigger than me, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Next on my list is Shaz. Shaz is a young guy with a hell of a lot of talent, but hell, when I first got into this industry, he was the first guy to call me out. We've gone through hell and back, but we aren't finished yet. Shaz is another one of those big talkers who just can't seem to get the job done right.

    Lastly, we have Sagittarius Blue. Now this kid I have a lot of faith in. Do I think he could walk out as the champion? Of course I do, this kid has talent, and we had one hell of a match before. I respect him for his talent and his abilities, but do I think he will walk out as the champion? No, of course not. I will walk out as the champion.

    So to answer your question about how I feel, Mr. Dolan, I am confident about this match. I may have the odds stacked against me, but when haven't I? I will always come out on top because I am the TWE world heavyweight champion, and no one will take it away from me.

    Rich Dolan: My next question has to be, what are your thoughts on Greed? The man took your title and has yet to return it. Earlier last week you came within a second of becoming the first man to be a member of Sin, but the interference of Wrath ended up costing you the match? So with all that said, do you foresee a match with Greed in the future?

    Darius: What do I think of Greed? He is a spineless, gutless, cowardice son of a bitch who has stolen what is mine. He damn well knows that he could never take that championship from me legitimately! I am better than Greed, and do you want to know why I say that? Because I don't need a group of people always following me around to fight my battles for me. I had Greed beaten, I had him down for the one, two, three but his little friend Wrath had to interfere and cost me that damn match! I proved that I am better than Greed, and having his friend help him attack me only proved it more! Let me tell you something, Dolan, I may have been knocked down multiple times by the members of SIN, but I always get right the fuck back up!

    So with that said, let me answer your next question. Do I see a match with Greed in the future? Yes. Yes I do. Do I think he will be a little bitch and bring back up? Yes. Yes I do. Will that stop me from whooping his ass all over the mother fucking arena and sending his ass STRAIGHT INTO A REHABILITATION CENTER?! NO! IT WILL NOT! I really hope I get him again soon, because I am going to show him the true meaning of pain and suffering when I send him packing with his teeth in his hands! Does that answer your question !?

    Rich Dolan: Indeed it does. Now my final question. has just listed that we will be having a EWNCW Proving Ground Tournament, basically to decide who will compete in the next one, interesting enough you are one of the contender's. Thought on this and the possibility of leaving TWE for EWNCW as the World Champion?

    Darius: Its funny that you bring that up. I have been in a Proving Grounds match before against Gillz, and we tore the house down, but truth be told I couldn't get the job done, but do you remember why? Gaileo, one of my opponents tonight, fucked me over. He interfered and cost me the match, so I was not promoted to EWNCW. This time will be different, I will fight my way to the finals, and I will beat whoever my opponent may be.

    Here is the thing, I will still be the TWE world heavyweight championship while this goes on, and when I win that tournament, and then win the EWNCW Proving Grounds match ... The championship that should be around my waist right now will be going with me so I can show everyone over at EWNCW why I am the TWE world heavyweight champion. I will win the Proving Grounds match, I will move to EWNCW ... STILL your TWE World Heavyweight Champion!

    Van Darius looks into the camera

    Darius: Greed ... I know your watching. I want my championship back. If I don't have it by the end of tonight, you won't be the hunter. I will. Watch your back, because I'm coming for you, mother fucker.

    Van Darius looks at Rich with a grin, and then walks out of view of the camera.

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    Laura Spencer: Ladies and gentlemen... the following match is set for one fall - and will determine the number one contender to challenge for the TWE BloodOath Championship! Introducing first, approaching the ring... hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada... weighing two hundred and thirty one pounds... "The Canadian Conqueror," Nathan St. John!

    *St. John enters to heavy heel heat as his theme plays, but doesn't seem to care very much. He holds his arms wide, as if expecting a hero's welcome... despite only getting a villain's sendoff. His expression is momentarily one of disgust as he tries to comprehend the crowd's behavior, but goes back to nonchalant disdain as he seems to realize that it's under him to care what these people think. He makes his way to the ring despite the boos and insults. *

    Jared Manning: Come on! Those people can't disrespect Nathan St. John! Cole, do something!

    Shane Cole: Keep your pants on, Jared. Folks, welcome to another amazing match awaiting us here at TWE's Eye of the Beholder! In a few short moments, this match to determine the number one contender for the BloodOath Championship will begin - and the competition tonight will be nothing short of fierce. Already in the ring, we have -

    JM: Stop it, you don't have the right to describe this amazing man - I'll do it! Ladies and others, the man in-ring right now is the undefeated Nathan St. John, the pride of the northern lands, the Canadian Conqueror, the unbeatable warrior! St. John is gracing all of you with his presence and majesty - and ALL OF YOU WILL SIT IN SILENT AWE AND DRINK IT ALL IN, YOU IGNORANT BASTARDS!!!

    SC: ... Jared, since when did you become St. John's cheerleader?

    JM: I can't help it, Cole - St. John represents greatness! Regardless of how one feels about that funny country he comes from way up there - he's probably Santa Claus' neighbor from down the road - but St. John has cut a swath of domination through TWE as of late. He deserves to hold gold - and what better, more befitting title than our BloodOath Champion?!

    SC: Well, first he has to be in line to challenge for it. Then he has to actually compete for it. And more importantly, you need to get back to your meds. We're hosting a high-profile Pay-Per-View for cryin' out loud, Jared - get your head in the game!

    [COLOR=#009900]LS: And his opponent, approaching the ring next... from Tombstone, Arizona... weighing two hundred and ninety five pounds... he is... ]
    The Reaper!

    *The crowd delivers a somewhat mixed reaction as the intimidating figure of The Reaper emerges from the back, moving slowly yet steadily towards the ring... *

    SC: And the opponent of the Canadian Conqueror is this man... arguably one of the most intimidating, mysterious and dangerous men in TWE -

    JM: And recently one of TWE's most missing men, Cole? Reaper's been off the grid for months!

    SC: Well he's here now, Jared - and still pissed from the last WarPath - St. John screwed him out of their match! But Reaper got the last word - with a chokeslam that sent St. John to dreamland! Now Reaper's got extra incentive to put St. John to sleep tonight - revenge AND a shot at becoming BloodOath Champion!
    *The Reaper slowly enters the ring, never taking his eyes off of St. John. St. John actually seems to pale as he looks back at The Reaper - especially when The Reaper tightens the glove on his chokeslamming hand. St. John stays in the farthest corner of the ring from Reaper, constantly telling the ref to "keep him back." Reaper paces his part of the ring like a caged tiger, waiting for the word to be given to snatch up his hapless prey.*

    *The ref checks both men to make sure that they are all good to go, then calls for the bell and gets it. With no hesitation, The Reaper closes the distance on St. John - who immediately leans out of the ring through the ropes, begging him away. The ref intervenes and begins a five-count to make Reaper back up. *

    SC: For an undefeated competitor, St. John lacks heart in a big way...

    JM: No, he's got smarts in a big way! Look at how he keeps Reaper waiting... these are the kind of mind games that are played by the greats - and won by the greats! Pretty soon, Reaper will be so wound up with wanting to get his hands on St. John that he will make the first mistake he possibly can. "No heart." Hah, you are a simple one, Cole.

    SC: *rolls eyes*

    *The Reaper steps back to allow St. John time to get himself together - and the first thing St. John does is shoot in for a single leg grab.*

    JM: There you go, St. John! Got him right where you want him!

    *St. John has Reaper by the leg... but as he is on the ground with his arms wound around The Reaper's leg, he realizes something: Reaper is quite large. And, at the moment, quite immovable. Reaper looks down at St. John and is not amused. St. John wriggles and twists trying to throw Reaper to the ground... and Reaper responds by kicking him away like a small stray dog. St. John bounces and rolls back to the corner he came from. Crowd pops.*

    SC: "Right where you want him?" So you're saying that St. John wants to be kicked around like an empty soda can?

    JM: You shut up.
    You non-believing American...

    SC: ... But you're American too.

    JM: There's a difference! I believe in Nathan St. John!

    *As the commentary squabble continues, St. John rolls out of the ring, consumed with frustration and anger at being humiliated so. The ref begins to admonish him to return to the ring - and St. John waves him off. So the ref starts to count. 1... 2... *

    *Reaper, however, is not going to let St. John take the easy way out... so he silently slips out of the ring and heads around to cut St. John off. St. John is so upset and flustered - especially due to the jeering fans at ringside - that he doesn't see The Reaper coming with the force of an eighteen-wheeler. The ensuing clothesline turns him inside out and hits so hard that St. John's spit hits people in the third row back. A bigger crowd pop hits here as Reaper establishes control.*

    SC: Regardless of what you believe, The Reaper is the one in the driver's seat right now! This fight has moved to the outside - which means that the scales are leaning in Reaper's favor right now. With no ropes to get a break from, and all manner of dangerous things out there, St. John's undefeated streak is facing horrible odds.


    *The ref restarts the count as the contestants duke it out. At 3, St. John manages to get lucky with a thumb to the eye of Reaper followed by a running kick to Reaper's knee. Reaper is down on one knee, giving St. John just enough time to get onto the ring apron...

    JM: Hang on, what's he doing - holy cow!

    SC: St. John connects with a reverse springboard move off the ropes on Reaper! Excellent execution with hardly a moment's pause! But both men are down - and the ref's counting!

    *The ref had restarted the count from thinking that St. John was going to enter the ring - now he is at six. Reaper and St. John begin to stir... but St. John takes the advantage, quickly standing up and diving into the ring, running the ropes and coming back for what seems to be a setup for a suicide dive to the outside... only to be met with a tremendous big boot from The Reaper. Down goes St. John! Reaper covers, ref counts...




    Kane = Reaper/Shelton Benjamin = NSJ - stop at 2:56

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    *Reaper into the cover... only for St. John to grab him and pull him into a counter-pin!*

    SC: It's a surprise roll-up!

    The ref counts!



    Thr-NO! Reaper kicks out! St. John slaps the mat in frustration!

    JM: That's a bullshit count, ref!

    SC: Watch your mouth Jared - children are watching this -

    JM: I don't give a damn, Cole - the ref knew that was a slow count! Damn anti-Canadian elitist official, trying to hold back the rightful Conqueror!

    SC: *facepalm*

    *St. John thinks for a moment, while Reaper gets to his feet. St. John steps backwards, hits the ropes, charges Reaper... Reaper swings, but St. John slides under him on his side and grabs one of Reaper's legs - taking it out from under him and sending Reaper to the floor!*

    SC: A hell of a maneuver if I've ever seen one!

    JM: Of course it is! St. John just destroyed that lunatic's vertical base in one fell swoop - the same as he will destroy Reaper himself! Look, he's still not done!

    *St. John holds the leg of Reaper up in the air as Reaper lies facedown on the mat, slamming it knee-first into the canvas. Not once, not twice, but repeatedly. Reaper shouts in pain and fights to turn over - St. John stomps on his other leg to keep him from getting up and locks the held leg into a modified kneebar. Reaper twists in agony, but still has the will to fight - he kicks at St. John until he dislodges the Canadian from the perilous hold.*

    JM: How dare that mummified muddlehead put his feet on St. John! Blatant anti-Canadian disrespect!

    SC: This isn't about respect, Jared - it's about survival! It's about making it to get a shot at title gold! Reaper shouldn't care about respect right now - in this position, nobody should!

    *Reaper gets to his feet after a brief moment, but St. John is back on the attack - coming in with another slide attempt. Things go differently: Reaper raises his leg, St. John goes under it, and Reaper's foot comes back down. On St. John's head. St. John spasms with the sudden shock of a large boot against his temple. Reaper quickly reaches down and pulls a shaky St. John to his feet before whipping him into the corner. Reaper follows, clothesline in the corner! St. John stumbles forward, Reaper grabs him and lifts him to the top turnbuckle...*


    *The fans go wild as The Reaper joins St. John at the top and maneuvers him into position on top of his shoulders...*

    SC: Top rope Death Valley Driver!!! Top Rope Death Valley Driver!!!

    *Reaper takes off... but as he does, St. John flips forward with the momentum. Both men land... but it's Reaper who hits harder, as the shift in weight and momentum confound him... and it's St. John who lands on his feet!*
    SC: What in the world - ?!?! St. John escaped the Top Rope DVD!!! And it's Reaper who's down - the landing went wrong! He landed on his knees!

    *St. John wastes no time... as Reaper lies in burning pain, St. John drags him to the center of the ring and applies his trademark finisher: the sharpshooter! Reaper is in extreme pain - the hold's already damaging power was amplified with a focus to the knees! The crowd is trying to will him on, but St. John is cranking for all he's worth! Reaper tries to crawl to the ropes... closer... CLOSER! The ref is asking for a submission, Reaper will not answer - he is still reaching for the ropes! St. John is shouting at the ref, the ref shouts back, St. John responds "JUST RING THE DAMN BELL!!!" Reaper raises his hand to grip the rope, but it's barely out of reach! He raises it again, still out of reach! He raises it again...


    SC: Hold on, what the hell -

    LS: The winner of this match via submission - and number one contender to the BloodOath Championship... "The Canadian Conqueror" Nathan St. John!!!

    *St. John jumps up in triumph as the ref raises his hand for the win.*



    JM: The Reaper tapped out, that's what! The ref saw Reaper tap and called for the bell! The Reaper was overcome by Canadian skill and spirit!!!

    SC: NO, that's not what happened! The Reaper was reaching for the ropes and his fingers kept slipping! Look at the replay!

    *A replay is shown onscreen, showing a close-up view of the action: The Reaper's fingers barely grazed the bottom rope, and his hand hit the floor as it slid off the rope.*

    JM: I don't hear the ref reversing the decision, so I guess this one's in the books, Cole! Prepare for the coming of the Canadian BloodOath Champ - WAIT, NO!!!

    *St. John is spun around to meet an infuriated Reaper - who promptly goozles him, lifts him, and chokeslams the hell out of him. The ref manages to convince him to leave, but not before leaving Nathan St. John unconscious in the middle of the ring.*


    JM: Temper temper, Cole - remember the kiddies out there!

    *Reaper stalks away up the ramp and towards the back - but not before one last, lethal look back at the ring... and at the man laid out in the center of it.*

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    *Shaz is backstage, after watching the opening match of tonight, and he smirks before looking into the camera, holding his IWA Championship belt.*

    Shaz: Well, tonight is Eye of the Beholder. And the main event for tonight, includes myself, the best in the world, Shaz, taking to the TWE World Champion, Darius. Gaileo, and the biggest bitch from the Seven Deadly Sins', Greed!

    Now I have had enough of all this crap, and it's about time someone steps up to the plate, and has some guts to talk. Now, Darius. He may be champion, but that doesn't mean crap. I am the IWA Champion, so going into the main event, you have two world champions. Two competitors that will go far in this business.

    I know that this belt doesn't mean nothing in TWE, but this is evidence. I am on top of IWA, and I'm the best in the world. Tonight, after pinning one of those pussies, I'll be on top of TWE by becoming the TWE World Champion. Darius may have defeated me earlier this week, with a Spear out of nowhere.

    But we can all easily see that was a flukey victory, I mean. Before the match, I went to the beach. And I got sand stuck in my eye, and Darius took advantage of that. He's a weak champion, whereas I am a fighting champion. Darius, is no competition. And I'll prove that tonight.

    *Crowd boo Shaz, as they chant DARIUS*

    Shaz: And also in this match, is Gaileo. Now, this guy is one half of tag team champions, over at IWA. And he is pretty amazing in that ring, with his MMA moves and tactics. But I'm afraid, that's the problem, he's only here in TWE, because his career at MMA was an absolute, and utter failure.

    His MMA career must have been a fail, if not, then why the hell would he come to wrestling? Why? Because he's in it for the cash. His manager back at IWA, goes on and on about how wrestlers are in it for the dough, but he doesn't realize that his own bitch, Gaileo is also in it for money.

    *Mixed reactions from the crowd*

    Shaz: However, coming into this match. I couldn't care less about Darius, and Gaileo. The only man I have an issue with, is the man who has Darius' TWE World Championship belt on him, Greed. Now Greed, you may be part of the Seven Deadly Sins' but believe me my friend.

    Without them, you're nothing. You're not a threat, you're not competition to me. Hell, you think you're so superior all of a sudden just cause you've got a belt on ya. But you need to remember, that the belt you have on you, isn't yours, at all. It's Darius'. So watch out Greed, because Shaz is on a rampage, starting tonight. And you are the victim, of this rampage.

    Shane Cole: Interesting words from Shaz there, makes me more eager to see the Fatal Four Way later tonight!
    Laura Spencer: The following Tag Team match is scheduled for One fall, and is for the Team Combat Championship! Introducing first, from the Mcclean Facility, Payne and Torcher, Cirque De Freak!

    *Payne and Torcher walk out, slinking their way to the ring They roll in under the ropes to a mixed reaction. Going over to their corner, Torcher hops up on the turnbuckle as Payne crouches down in the corner of the ring, his arms out.*

    Manning: Ugh, I can't believe champions like the Elite Bloodline have to face a couple of demented freaks like these two, this is a travesty.

    Cole: These two could be the new champs, they have been on a roll as of late, and may have what it takes to pull out the win here tonight.

    Laura Spencer: And their opponents, they are the TWE Team Combat Champions! William Hastings and Anthony Bennett, The Elite Bloodline!

    *Hastings and Bennett pop out, each holding their title high in the air they run down the ramp, rolling into the ring they each jump up on a turnbuckle lifting their prized belts high before jumping to the floor. Begrudgingly handing their belts over to the referee, they get in their corner, staring daggers at the challengers to their titles.*

    Cole: And it looks like we are ready to begin, this should be a great match.

    Manning: Yeah right, unless these freaks take a shot to the head and start throwing poop at the crowd or something, I can't believe my good friends have to face these clowns.

    Cole: Good friends? Nobody likes you.

    Manning: I like me.

    *As the ref hands the titles to a crew member on the arena floor, he signals the timekeeper, starting this match.*
    Cirque - Morgan and Hernandez, EB- British Invasion

    Manning: This is it, this is the end of those ridiculous fucking clowns!

    Cole: This could be a turning point in what has been a very competitive match so far.

    *Hastings picks pain up, going for the superplex but Payne is able to shift his weight, coming down right on top of his opponent, he hooks his leg, pinning him to the mat!*



    Manning: No way! No Fucking Way!

    Cole: New Champions! New Champions!

    Thr- NO!!!

    *Bennett Jumps in, breaking the pin at the last second. He picks up Payne, throwing the other man's head between his knees as he goes for his Sitout Powerbomb, The Privilege He picks Payne up, Straining to slam him down but in comes Torcher with a spear! he hits Bennett Hard, knocking the air from his lungs as Payne falls on top of him, adding more force to the move.*

    Manning: Nooooo!!!! Tony!!!!

    *Anthony Bennett, clutching his stomach in agony rolls over to the turnbuckle as Payne gets to his feet, Hastings is ready however, taking the fight to him with a vengeance! Payne reels, but is able to recover, firing back with hard rights of his own*


    *Hastings gets the upper hand, hitting Payne with a series of sharp and fast rights, he backs him up against the ropes. He grabs Payne, whipping him hard towards the other side of the mat! As Payne comes back however, Torcher, using the distraction to sneak behind Hastings, hits him hard in the back of the head, as Payne collides into the Englishman with a hard clothesline!

    Cirque De Freak stand over their fallen adversary, looking at each other Payne cracks a huge, insane grin, while Torcher grabs Hastings' legs, locking in the Sharpshooter! Payne drops down, completing their maneuver by locking in the Camel Clutch!*

    Cole: Carnival Chaotics! This could be it, New Champions! New Champions!

    Manning: God I hate you so damn much.
    *Hastings looks beaten, with no way out and no choice but to give up and cost his team the titles, his face is a mask of pain as he screams in agony, the ref hovering over him, waiting for him to quit! Payne grins in triumph, certain of his upcoming victory when from out of nowhere he is dropkicked hard in the face by Bennett! Payne falls back into his partner, knocking him over and through the ropes to the floor below as Bennett rolls to the apron, using the rops to get to his feet. Hastings rolls up Payne, using the last of his energy in a desperate bid for the pin!*



    Manning: This is it! It's Over!

    Cole: How much can either team have left?

    Thr- NO!!!

    *Payne is able to kick out at the last second, falling back to the mat as both men are on their backs, trying to get to their feet. Bennett desperately waves towards the entrance ramp before getting into the ring behind the ref, taking him down from behind with a hard shot!*

    Cole: Why the hell did he do that?

    Manning: That ref was obviously biased, he deserved it!

    *The ref hits the mat hard, unseeing as Torcher jumps back in the ring, going right after Bennett with a double leg takedown. Bennett drops to the mat, Torcher riding him down and striking with a series of hard punches with both hands!*

    Cole: What the hell are they doing here?

    Manning: Black Blooded! Black Blooded!

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    *Manning is indeed correct (for once) as Mr. Blood and Mr. Black run down the ramp! Mr. Black rolls in the ring first, running at Torcher and driving a knee hard into the back of his skull. Torcher drops as Mr. Blood climbs the turnbuckle. Mr. Black looks back, seeing his partner in position he picks Torcher up onto his massive shoulders, a smile evident even with his leather face mask, as he turns towards the turnbuckle where Mr. Blood is waiting. Blood launches himself, connecting with a hard dropkick as Mr. Black drops back, slamming Torcher hard to the mat!*

    Cole: This is bullshit! They aren't even TWE Wrestlers!

    Manning: They go where the money goes, any moron knows that! You know the Tag Champs are rolling in cash! if anyone can afford to hire these guys, it's the Elite Bloodline!

    *Torcher rolls out of the ring, seemingly unaware of his surroundings as Mr. Blood helps Hastings to his feet. Payne is also able to get up however, using the ropes, but Bennett is there, grabbing him and kneeing him hard in the gut, he signals to his partner as with a smile towards Black Blooded, they hit the World Class Ticket to Pain! The Vertabreaker/Piledriver combo seems to knock Payne unconcious, as Hastings immediately goes for the pin, his partner rousing the ref, Black Blooded look back once as they exit the ring, hopping back over the barricade before the ref can gain awareness of his surroundings.

    The referee, seeing the pin, drops down to begin the count!*


    Cole: This is a travesty!


    Manning: Oh shut up, this is Business!


    Laura Spencer: The winners of this match, and still the TWE Team Combat Champions, The Elite Bloodline!

    Cole: You have to give the assist to Black Blooded here, they made sure that the title didn't change hands tonight.

    Manning: Oh quit your bitching, Black Blooded may have taken out Torcher, but it was the Elite Bloodline, My close, personal friends, that took down and pinned Payne, winning this match!

    Cole: This is just a total miscarriage, this demeans the champions, the titles, even this company

    Manning: Oh Dear lord! Will you please just shut the hell up!

    *In the ring, the Elite Bloodline are celebrating, the ref handing each man their championship. They hold them up high, before looking back at Payne, still laid out on the mat, with a nod to Hastings, Bennett picks him up, and they hit another World Class Ticket to Pain! Payne's head bounces hard off the mat, before his limp body follows, rolling out of the ring and landing heavily on the floor below.*

    Cole: what the hell was that about! They already won the damn match! This was totally unnecessary!

    Manning: Sending a message to anyone else who may want to challenge them. The Elite Bloodline are planning on being champs for a long, long time, and they will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

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    *The camera cuts backstage to show Sebastian Schweizner in the locker room with Gaileo, polishing the IWA Tag Team Championships*

    Schweizner: Round 2. Round 2 of Gaileo's quest for the TWE World Championship. Last time out, Gaileo lost, he knows that Van Darius knows that. Even freakin' Barack Obama knows that. Darius won fair and square, so congratulations for him. But now, he won't be so lucky.

    See, this is something I don't get from you Van. Here, you're a good guy, the fan cheers you. Go to IWA for example, boos are heard. JBW, cheers! EWA in your one appearance - you got cheers and boos! You have more faces than Mick Foley. You can't be faithful to your conscience. You're yourself over in IWA, but here, you put on a brave face, just for the adulation of the crowd.

    Darius, you're a dishonest son of a bitch. But what you lack in honesty, you make up in wrestling ability. Last go round, Gaileo said he would decimate you, but this time, he's smarter. We're smarter. But we know that you're beatable. You won't be sent to the hospital, but you will be down 1...2...3. That I'm sure about.

    And who else is involved? None other than Sagittarius Blue! The Royal Rockstar with the Perfect Pornstar! The little big problem, with his little thing having a big problem. The Classic City Saint, who comes from hell! You see Saggy, I respect you, as do most people, but you're just like everyone in the wrestling business - every freakin' one of them. Money. Grabbing. Asshole.

    TWE, IWA, JBW. You're just like my other opponents. You wrestle everywhere you can, to earn the most money you can. If a dying fan came to you for an autograph, you would walk away, and go to collect your iPad. If a dying fan came to Gaileo for an autograph, he would do the kind thing. He would put the fan out of his misery, and in a heap on the floor.

    You're just over-rated Sag, but not by us. No, we've made that mistake too many times. But people talking about how you're the future of wrestling, when you're not. Gaileo is. And tonight, when at TWE: Eye of the Beholder, you get given a reality check by Gaileo himself, well then at least he can make you a nicer, and more realistic human being.

    And another man who wrestlers everywhere, and with different attitudes, is Shaz. Shazzy Waccquiao. The little fighter "from da hood." What you don't guys don't know, is that I can officially reveal that Shaz-Ma-Taz has violated the TWE Wellness Policy on account of smoking marijuana, which he "claims" is medicinal.

    At least, it's only a matter of time, until Shaz's weed addiction proves to be his downfall. But currently, Shaz is a champion, and a fighting man. He takes all opponents in his stride, and normally- normally, comes out on top. But what you don't know Shaz, is that Gaileo is an anomalous result - something that doesn't fit in - that's not normal!

    And Shaz. Shazzy-poo. Your ego is something we detest about you. You don't understand how you aren't champion everywhere, and that's because there is people better than you. People may think that because Mr. Blue is the only one of the three competitors without a title, then he is the weak link, but you are. Everything revolves around Shaz in your world. But the fact of the matter is, when you lose, you'll go incognito. You'll be humiliated today, by either Gaileo, Van Darius, or Sagittarius Blue. And the sad thing is, we like you the most.

    It's claimed that TWE is under appreciated, and it's true, it's true. I know it, Gaileo knows it, the other World Title participants know it, even some as criminally insane as Leon Stuart knows it! But another thing criminally under-rated is Gaileo, and he will walk out of *Insert Arena Name Here* as TWE World Champion

    And finally, Greed, you may hold the TWE Championship now, but when it comes to a fight of who rightfully have the belt. Gaileo wins everytime, and if you dare to show your face without the 6 other sins, then you have less than no chance. And that's a promise.

    *Schweizner smirks, as Gaileo gazes into the camera, before Schweizner tries on the IWA Championship belt, and the camera cuts back to ringside*

    Laura Spencer: The following match is a Triple Threat Match, the winner will be named the new Number 1 Contender to the No LimitsChampionship!... first, approaching the ring... from Reno, NV...standing five foot seven and weighing in at 162 lbs... "CK"Carter Krysys!

    *Carter Krysys comes out to a huge pop, a determined look on his face as he stalks down the ramp and into the ring, Posing for the fans briefly, he turns his attention right back towards the entrance ramp,ready for action*

    Cole: CK Is really focused here tonight

    Manning: It doesn't matter how focused he is, he is about to get his ass beat.

    Laura Spencer: and his opponent, from Wall Street, New York... weighing inat 250 pounds and standing at six foot three... AmadeusFrewin!

    *Frewin chages out to a huge chorus of boos, running straight down the ramp he circles the ring, staying outside and eying Krysys in the ring.*

    Manning: and here comes the man who is gonna do it!

    Cole: He has as much of a chance as anyone of winning, but CK has theheart to see this through.

    Laura Spencer: And their opponent, from San Antonio Texas, Weighingin at 220lbs, he is PatrickMichaels!

    *Michaels makes his way to the ring with a bit more caution, eying both Frewin and Krysys, seemingly oblivious to the heavy booing of the crowd. He gets into the ring, Frewin getting in as well as the ref signals to start the match.*

    CK - Styles, PM - Low Ki, AF - Jerry Lynn
    1:49 - 17:07

    Cole: Krysys and Frewin left, either man could win this!

    Manning: Right, sure, either man, right. Krysys doesn't have achance, just admit it.

    *Krysys and Frewin square off, trading rights back and forth!*

    *Frewin gets the upper hand, backing Krysys up to the turnbuckle,before running back towards the middle of the ring. He runs at Krysys, going for a dropkick! Krysys spots him coming in however, and rolls up the turnbuckle to avoid contact! Frewin kicks the turnbuckle pad, hitting the mat, on his back. He jumps to his feet quickly, but not fast enough as Krysys has already launched himself from the top of the turnbuckle flying straight at Frewin with a huge cross-body he drops him to the mat, pinning him! The ref drops quickly, counting the pin*
    Th- NO!!!

    *From out of nowhere, Michaels drops in, hitting a legdrop right on the back of Krysys' neck, breaking the pin. Krysys rolls off of Frewin in agony, clutching the back of his neck as Michaels picks up Frewin hitting the Pele Kick!*

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    Manning: It's over! It's Over!

    Cole: I thought you wanted Frewin to win?

    Manning: Unlike you I am completely neutral, I just want to see agood match.

    Cole: Right, like I believe that.

    *In the ring, Michaels looks ready to go for the pin but Krysys is there! He grabs Michaels, whipping him hard into the turnbuckle he follows him, clotheslining his opponent hard before lifting him up into a sitting position on top of the turnbuckle, he climbs up overhim, placing one leg on either side of the top rope*

    Cole: Is he? He can't be!

    Manning: Even he can't be stupid enough to think he can make that plunge!

    *His back to the announcer's table, Krysys grabs Michaels, hooking both of his arms, Krysys leaps as hard as he can, hitting the Clean Livin' and slamming Michaels through the Announcer's Table!
    The crowd can hardly believe their eyes as a “Holy Shit” chant starts through the arena, Krysys slowly gets to his feet, flipping Michaels off as he stumbles back to the ring, where Frewin iswaiting. He grabs Krysys, Kicking him hard in the gut he hooks his arms, going for the Selfish Spike! He hit's the DDT, planting Krysys' skull into the mat hard he floats over for the pin!*

    Manning: I told you! Frewin has this, Krysys is fucked!


    Cole: This really could be it!

    Thr- NO!!!

    Cole: Krysys kicks out! Krysys kicks out! This match is still goingstrong!

    Manning: That ref is blind! Frewin will take him out either way.

    *Krysys is somehow able to kick out! Frewin can't believe it! He leaps to his feet, pushing the ref and yelling in his face, the referee looks scared, but holds his ground insisting that Krysys got his shoulder up in time. Frewin finally turns, grabbing Krysys by the hair he pulls him to his feet, going for another Selfish Spike! This time Krysys sees it coming however, and is able to counter the move into a rollup!*

    Manning: He cheated! He fucking Cheated!

    Cole: He didn't cheat, he was one step ahead of Frewin there!


    Manning: No No No!!!


    Laura Spencer: Your winner, and the new Number One Contender to theNo Limits Championship... "CK"Carter Krysys!

    Manning: That Weasel! That sneaky little asshole! He cheated!

    Cole: Will you stop that? CK didn't cheat, he used a perfectly legalmove there, he was just faster than Frewin.

    Cameras show Keith Andrews sitting backstage with his wife and children as Rich Dolan comes in

    Rich Dolan: Keith, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your I Quit Match with Scarfo Jonez? Namely the fact that Jared Manning has made it clear that tonight will be your last chance....

    Andrews kisses his wife and children and tells to go to their seats and says goodbye before turning to Dolan.

    Andrews: Now, where were we?.....Yes, my last chance at Jonez and the TWE BloodOath Championship. I know that Manning may mean well by making up that clause but really all he's doing is giving me no restrictions, no reason to not go out there and destroy Jonez and finally get the payback I deserve for his actions towards me by taking that which he prides himself in being and that's the BloodOath Championship.

    That's why my wife and children are here tonight. To see the demise of Jonez as I make my personal bitch. Me and Jonez are going to put on a war and should this is in fact be the last I face Jonez and I go down, I'll be sure to go down swinging. The fight in me is that of a Devil Dog, I'll die doing that which I feel in my heart is right and what's right is making Jonez become nothing but a distant memory in TWE. That's my promise to the world and to myself.....Semper Fi.

    Andrews walks away and Dolan thanks him for his time.

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    *Keith Andrews makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of cheers from the crowd. They know they are about to see a fight*

    Shane Cole: This will not be a match, this will not be a contest, this won't even be a fight. This will be a war, a battle that will not end until one man if forced to utter the words "I Quit".

    Jared Manning: I expect blood to be spilled, lots of it, preferably the blood of Andrews.

    Shane Cole: I have no doubt that we will see blood, however I am not sure the blood will all belong to Andrews..

    *The crowd boos as the BloodOath Champion makes his way out to the ring. He looks intent on causing some pain as he stares down Andrews*

    Shane Cole: We can tell you won thing folks, that title will live up to it's name sake tonight! You often hear how wrestlers have poured blood, sweat and tears into their careers, tonight you will experience that first hand!

    Jared Manning: Damn straight! This isn't some 2 bit Midcard Title! It has value, prestige, and is a title these two want more than I think the 4 man competing in the World Championship, want that title!

    Shane Cole: It goes to show that every title here is something to be desired!

    Laura Spencer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is an "I Quit" Match and is for the TWE BloodOath Championship! Introducing first, from Helena Arkansas weighing 224lb, he is "The Devil Dog" Keith Andrews!

    *Massive ovation as the cameras show Andrews Wife and family again in the crowd. Andrews seems focused and more intent than ever before*

    Laura Spencer: And, introducing his opponent, from The Bighouse weighing 265lbs, he is the current, reigning and defending TWE BloodOath Champion, Scarfo Jonez!

    *Boos rain down on this man as he hold the Championship high in the sky*

    Jared Manning: The final confrontation between these two! This should be a treat!

    Shane Cole: Are you actually excited for a match involving Andrews!?

    Jared Manning: Only because I know he is going to bleed! Oh, Scarfo had some choice words for the his opponent. Check it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarfo Jonez
    Tonight is The Night That Andrews and Jonez Collide For The Last Time , For The Last Time and it Comes to a Sudden Halt and a Final Conclusion. Oh How I Have Had So Much Pleasure since I First Met Keith and left him so Hurt ,So Down in the Gutter and pits of Life knowing he is sitting up to eat on his hospital bed . And Knowing that he can't make any more moves ,can't get up. But only , just only lay back and grip his pillow tight on The Hospital Bed.

    Remember Audience ,I believe You All Do Remember. You All Remembered Rather Quick From the Gasps I Just Heard and the my God's in your whisper's.
    If I Died Before I Wake , You Will Still Remember it *laughs so eerily*
    That Vicious I Can Always Be, And Jesus Christ Himself wouldn't Save Keith Andrews From What's Coming to Him.

    You See , When The Outlaw of The Wrestling Ring makes His Way Down My Ramp , and Gets into The Squared Circle that Belongs to Me . There's Nothing that Can be Done ,but For KIEF to Jump The Gun and Grab the ref and tell him to put the mic to his mouth so he Can Quit.

    I'm Going to Embarass You Keith, And As in a Matter of Fact I Don't Even Like The Fact that I'm Facing You Tonight. I Don't Want to Hear Management Telling me Scarfo You Took it Too Far. I Don't Want to Hear The Owner Say what have You Done!..And I JuST Can't Wait For Authority To Tell Me Your Under Arrest... Just So I Can Tell Them I'm Under Contract to Do This , And There's Nothing that Anybody Can Do About it. I'm Giving a Title Shot Out to an Underachieving Andrews , So Don't Give Me Grief and a Brief Way on how to Do Things..Blame Society.

    Blame Everyone Who Cheers For Him and Gives him Enough Motivation for him to Comeback and Bounce back from Injury Like if he's 100% with TWE knowing he is Not.
    I'm Going To Destroy Andrews. Limb form Limb , Collapse Lungs and a Permanent Limp That's All.

    Do You Think I Care Because I Don't , Not About His LiFE and The People in His LiFE. Feelings , The Heart Warmth he Has For His Wife and Children that Are Going to Be Here


    Has Something to Say to The Andrews Family . . . .
    I Will Haunt All Of Your Minds and Today's Date Will Stick out and stand out as the day your daddy died by Pain and Torture from Scarfo Jonez because now that the light bulb went off in my head , the Idea that came of it is to Do What I Had Planned and Execute it Non Stop. I Want to See Tears, I Want to See Your Heads Turning Away from Weapon Shots , I Want to Hear Screams of You All Saying DaDDy, DADDY .. DAaaaaD.

    I Will Smile Back and Even Taste The Blood that Runs Through The Children's Veins.
    And If I Feel Like it , I'll Even Bring him to You After The Match.

    Keith's Daughter, Daddy's Little Girl Will Grow up and Be The Whore that Daddy Never Thought She Will Be, Due to Her Father Not Being in her Life ..Because of ScarfO!

    And Junior , Looks Like he Will Be Soft and Be on The Other Side , if You Don't Know what I Mean , You Will When Your Old Enough to Understand and Notice that Its True What I Said , ScarFO Was Correct.

    And The WiFe, I Would Tell You After I. Get Rid of your Husband For You, to Get with a Real Man Like Me. But I Wouldn't Want the Leftover Run Down Pussy that Keith Fell in Love With Next to Me by Any Means.

    Tonight Marks The End , Keith Andrews Will Quit!!!

    *Jonez smirks as the bell rings and we are finally under way. Andrews and Jonez exchanges words which ends with Jonez spitting in Andrews face. Andrews replies with a right hand to the face and follows it up with several more. Jonez goes back and hits the ropes, he bounces back right into a sickening clothesline from Andrews.

    The crowd is loving this already and Andrews seems to be enjoying it as well. Andrews goes to lift Jonez up, but catches a low blow from Jonez who quickly follows it up with a Snap Suplex. Jonez than heads outside the ring and walks up to his motorcycle, grabbing his chain which is 100% legal in this contest. *

    Jared Manning: Oh boy! Someone's about to get bruised and maybe a bit bloody!

    Shane Cole: You are way to happy to see this...

    *Jonez enters the ring and waits for Andrews to get up, when he does he is immediately meant with a right hand wrapped in the chain to the midsection. Andrews doubles over in pain, dropping to his knee. Jonez waists no time and strikes again, this time to the back of Andrews head, causing him to collapse to the mat. Jonez smirks as he digs the heel of his boot into the back of Andrews head, the fans boo him for the the action as Andrews shakes around trying to get free.

    Jonez finally lets up and walks over to the corner. He stares down at Andrews' wife and smirks as she looks on in disgust. Jonez turns around and eats a big boot from Andrews who falls back to the ground after connecting with the move. *

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    Shane Cole: Desperation move from Andrews! That chain to the skull did more damage than we are seeing..

    Jared Manning: No doubt, there may be some bleeding we aren't seeing. He went down way to easy.

    *The Ref stands over both men, knowing there is nothing he can do as both men lay on the ground. Jonez however, seems to be getting to his feet first. He stands tall and stomps the hell out of Andrews , who seems to be lifeless at this point. Jonez demands the ref to ask him.*

    Ref: Keith, what do you say!?

    Andrews: Screw you Jonez!

    *The crowd roars as Jonez just looks more angry. He leaves the ring and pulls out a table and a bottle of gasoline. Jonez just smiles as everyone seems to be in shock. Jonez pushes the table in and enters himself. He opens the table up and pours the gasoline, closes the bottle and tosses it aside.

    Before he can ignite the tabel he is grabbed from behind by Andrews, who lifts him up and hit a Front Suplex, driving Jonez through the table. The crowd cheers as Andrews raises his arm high. Andrews looks over and sees the gasoling canister. He lifts up and the crowd cheers a "Light him up" chant break out through the arena and Andrews seems ready to oblige. He loks over at his wife and tells her to cover the children's eyes and tha pours the gasoline onto Jonez, and than in a split second sets Jonez a blaze.

    Jonez immediately rolls out of the ring and panics, his right arm and left leg are still burning as he screams in agony. Jonez pulls a fire extinguisher out and points it at himself and sprays. The flames quickly go out and Jonez is than ambushed by Andrews who kicks him in the gut and suplexs him to the mat.*

    Jared Manning: My god! He is sick! He sent Jonez on fire!!!

    Shane Cole: Oh, Jonez draining Andrews of all his blood is fine for you, but Andrews setting Jonez on fire crosses some line for you!?

    Jared Manning: Yes!

    *Andrews rolls Jonez back into the ring and than brings in a ladder much to the happiness of the crowd. He pats his head and indicates that he is still bleeding from earlier. He takes a bit to long and Jonez connects with a Suicide Dive, which sends Andrews head first into the barricade.

    Jonez rolls back into the ring and slides the ladder over to the apron. He sets it up on the ring apron and the guard rail. He rolls outside and lifts up Andrews, he than repeatedly beats the head of Andres on the ladder until blood begins to pour out like a faucet. Jonez than smirks as he readies Andrews and connect with a powerbomb to the ladder, which doesn't give at all. Andrews lands hard and rolls off the ladder to the mat, agonizing and screaming. Jonez once again demands that the ref ask him*

    Ref: Andrews what do you say?

    Andrews: Let me speak to Jonez...

    *Jonez stands over Andrews*

    Andrews: Heres my answer..

    *Andrews spits on Jonez, which only serves to piss off the convict more. Jonez lifts Andrews up and sends him back first into the ladder, causing Andrews to trip and fall, hitting his head on the way down. Jonez just laughs. He walks over and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and begins striking the midsection, over and over and over rapeatedly to the point he actually breaks the stick. Andrews' midsection is now covered in red welts and he rolls around grabing his midsection. Jonez asks if he is going to quit and Andrews flips him off*

    Shane Cole: I am all for determination, but at this point is it smart? Andrews needs to consider his career..

    Jared Manning: For once I agree, he is busted open, and bruised beyond belief. Not to metion his family is watching this!

    *Jonez lifts Andrews up and gets a face full of blood from Andrews. The blood temporaily blinds Jonez and he gets a massive Spear because of it, both men crashing into the ladder, sending it off the guard rail, causing both men to land on it, Jonez takes the full blow and the two warp the frame of the ladder. Andrews is up first and drags Jonez over to his motorcycle. He lifts Jonez up and suplexs him on to the motorcycle, bending Jonez's back in the landing.

    Andrews looks around and smiles as he grabs the BloodOath Championship. He wipes some of his own blood on to it and signals that Jonez' blood will soon join. Jonez slowly limps up and sees Andrews coming, he moves out of the way and Andrews barely stops before going over the motorcycle. Jonez turns him around and hits him with a pair of brassknuck he had hid in his trunks. Andrews collapses onto the cycle and Jonez smiles a most evil smile.

    Jonez slams Andrews onto the ground, than moves the motorcyle, lifting the back wheel up and slamming it onto Andrews chest, who lets out a loud gasp from the pressue. The crowd is getting loud as Andrews wife watches in shock. Jonez turns the motorcycle on and than in a momemnt of pure shock, he reves the engine and the backtire, which is planted on Andrews chest spins and Andrews lets out a blood curdling scream. The rubber burns and look to have taken some skin off as well as we see blood on the chest of Andrews. Jonez revs it again and give it more thruttle as Andrews screams. Refs and security rush out to stop Jonez, but he says it will only end when Andrews says he quits. Andrews screams but refuses to quit, as more blood can be seen on his chest.*

    Shane Cole: This has reached a stage of foolishness! Andrews has had his skined torn off and is bleeding! He need to quit! Nothing is worth this!

    Jared Manning: For once I am proud to see Andrews, he is showing just how much he want the title. I agree he should quit, but it is something else to see when a man is this dedicated to winning a Championship!

    * Jonez finally stops and moves the motorcycle, revealing the spot of blood and missing skin on Andrew's chest. Jonez begins striking Andrews with another kendo stick across the chest. Andrews takes every shot and seems to not move at all. Not even so much as a flinch. Jonez checks him and yells for a ref to check him. The ref runs over and informs Jonez that Andres appears to be unconscious, and the match cannot end until the words I Quit are uttered from his mouth*

    Shane Cole: The match can't end! Keith Andrews isn't awake to say he quits!

    Jared Manning: Wait, can't they end this thing on a technicality!?

    Shane Cole: No! This match is an I Quit Match he has to say he quits!

    *Jonez looks frustrated and than smirks, before saying he is going to wake Andrews up. Jonez walks back to the ring and grabs his chain and than a lock from his motorcycle. He walks back over to Andrews and chains his hands together and than drags him to the stage. The crowd is booing loudly as Jonez walks over to the controls and brings down a hook. Jonez walks back over and lifts Andrews up, putting him on the chain, hanging him there.
    Jonez grabs the kendo stick and begins striking him, over and over in the face in an attempt to wake up Andrews who is still out of it. Andrews eyes finally open and Jonez screams at him to quit, but Andrews simply smiles and says no*

    Jared Manning : My god, how much can this man take!?

    Shane Cole: More than anyone thought..

    *Jonez has a look of total anger and screams at Andrews before throwing down the kendo stick and walking over to the motorcycle. Andrews begins to desperately try and free himself, but is unable to do so. His eyes widen when he sees Jonez walking back with a crowbar. Jonez laughs and says that he is going to get him to say he quits.

    Just as Jonez is a bout to strike a woman yells out stop. It's Andrews wife who has hoped the barricade. She runs up to Andrews and stands between him and Jonez. Jonez smiles and tells her to move. She says no and says Andrews quits. The Ref says it only counts when it comes out of Andrews mouth. She turns and pleads with her husband, but he rufues. Jonez rolls his eyes and than smirks. He looks down at Andrews wife who begins to backup a she feels frightened. As she backs up she trips on some wires and Jonez ends up standing over her with a grin as evil as sin its self. Jonez raises his crowbar and prepares to strikes the helpless woman, but just as he goes to, Andrews yells out he quits. Jonez simply smiles and walks back to the ring*

    Laura Spencer: Here is your winner, and still the TWE BloodOath Champion, SCARFO JONEZ!!!

    Shane Cole: Jonez wins tonight, but not by beating Andrews, but by going so low as to nearly attack the mans wife! That is sick

    Jared Manning: It got the job done. In my opinion, Jonez knew Keith would say he quits before Jonez hit her..

    *Jonez celebrates in the ring as the crowd boos him loudly. Andrews has finally been let down and freed as medics are checking on him as his wife apologizes. He holds her close and stares at Jonez who smiles*

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    Laura Spencer: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from Long Island, New York weighing 214lbs, he is Matt Ryder!

    *The crowd comes unglued fist pumping as Ryder runs out to the entrance ramp. He looks ready as he fist pumps his way to the ring*

    Jared Manning: Look at this idiot! Fist pumping like a Jersey Shore Douchebag Reject!

    Shane Cole: Why do you gotta be mean? Why can't you just love and tolerate?

    Jared Manning: Fuck you and you MLP shit..

    Laura Spencer: And his opponent, from Gallway, Ireland weighing 223lbs, he is "The Self-Proclaimed Son of Ireland" Ryku O'Ryan!

    *The fans begin a USA chant as O'Ryan walks out with the flag of Ireland*

    Jared Manning: Oh hell yea! represent!

    Shane Cole: What??

    (Matt Ryder/Ryder VS Ryku O'Ryan/Finlay)

    Stop at 8:23

    *Ryku telegraphs Ryder and immediately goes for his Superkick, Ryder, moves and turns Ryku around and connects with Broski Woo! the fans are off their seats as Ryder goes for the cover



    3.... NO!!!! Ryku's leg was on the rope. Ryder looks disappointed, but goes back to work. He head to the tope and executes a dving elbow to Ryku's heart and again goes for the cover, but O'Ryan kickout at 2. Ryder begins to stalk O'Ryan, patiently waiting for him to get up. As Ryku starts to get up, Ryder begins fist pumping to get the crowd into it. Ryku turns around and Ryder goes for Broski Woo!, but this time Ryku counters it into a Powerbomb and rolls him over and hits the Pedigree!*

    Shane Cole: Pedigree!! It's all over, A powerful counter to the Broski Woo! into a Powerbomb and than a huge Pedigree!

    Jared Manning: Thanks for recapping what the audience just saw idiot.

    *Ryku covers Ryder



    Kickout! Ryku is shocked as is the crowd. Ryku cannot believe what just happened. Ryku starts yelling at the ref, but is shocked when Ryder rolls him up


    Laura Spencer: Here is your winner, Matt Ryder!!

    Jared Manning: What the hell was that!? A Fast count from our ref? Oh you can bet your ass I will be looking into this!

    *Ryder quickly rolls out of the ring and smiles at Ryku who looks beyond pissed. He starts to yell at the ref before hitting him with a Superkick. Ryder rushes back in and the two brawl

    Ryder. Ryder kicks Ryku downstairs and than delievers a Broski Woo! The crowd roars as Ryder puts his foot on Ryku's chest and starts Fist Pumping*


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