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    The crowd is hyped and ready as the intro pyros go off and the intro theme plays across the arena!

    Jared Manning: Hiya folks, I am Jared Manning, Esquire, and welcome to TWE WarPath - the future of the wrestling world! As you all should know by now, I am the one and only King of Commentary - and normally I have this little leech at the table with me, goes by the name Shane Cole... but after the events of last show, he is currently out of commission for a while. But hell, that's what he gets for running his mouth at the Frewins. But hey, it's great because without him stealing my spotlight, you all will get ample opportunity to enjoy the splendor, the majesty that is... Jared Manning. But not to fear - for tonight, I will be taking an apprentice under my wing... introducing Vera Cunningham, the newest member of MY announce team!

    The tall, Amazon-like woman presents a paradoxical figure - despite her size, she is extremely nervous and reserved... and is constantly adjusting her glasses... but does her best to smile.

    Vera Cunningham: Ah, h-hello everyone... (nervously adjusts her glasses.)

    Jared Manning: No need to be so nervous, Vera - you're on with the best! Give me some time - I'll show you what commentary greatness looks like!

    Vera Cunningham: Wait, whose music is this?

    Manning: Some no name hack of a talent probably.

    The camera's turn, as a man walks out from the back.

    Jared Manning: No freaking way! It''s...

    Vera Cunningham: It's... Chris Divine!

    The man lifts his head, as we see it's Chris Divine standing there smirking. Chris makes his way down the ramp, as he smacks some of the fans hands along the way. Divine climbs onto the apron, and then into the ring. He goes to a corner, climbing to the second turnbuckle, and poses. He hops down, as he reaches out, where he is handed a mic. Divine comes back in, and goes to the center of the ring, while the music fades. Divine stands there, as he slowly raises the mic.

    Divine: Finally....................finally...............F INALLY The Divine One has come!

    The fans explode, as Divine just smirks.

    Divine: You've waited, you've tweeted, you've posted on Divine's facebook, you've even hit up Divine on myspace...can ya believe that? Myspace isn't extinct. Anyways, the people, Divine's people, have wanted Divine to come to TWE, so Divine is here and now.

    Divine grins, as he looks around and then goes right back to talking.

    Divine: You might be wondering why Divine is here in TWE. You are probably sitting at home, thinking "Wow, it's great to see Chris Divine here, but why in the world is he here" Well let Divine tell you why he is here. As many of you know, there is a little thing going on called the Proving Grounds tournament. This concept, even before it became a tournament, is if a TWE superstar can beat an EWNCW superstar, then that TWE star gets called to the big time. Hell, a while back, Divine was even in a tag team proving grounds match, which of course, Divine won. So, anyways, Divine was contacted by the board, and asked if Divine could come to TWE, to say a few positive things about TWE, and to endorse someone in this tournament. Now, Divine has seen who has already moved on in this tournament, and honestly, Divine is...

    The fans burst with a mixed reaction, unsure if they should cheer the TWE champion Van Darius for interrupting Chris Divine, but then the reaction quickly turns to cheers as Van Darius makes his way onto the stage with a microphone in hand and his TWE championship on his right shoulder. Darius walks down the ramp, interacting with fans along the way and then he slides into the ring and stands across from Chris Divine with a smile on his face.

    Darius: Let me finish your statement. Divine is impressed with everyone who has moved on and I am as well ... Oh and by the way ...

    Darius extends out to Divine to a massive pop from the crowd. Divine firmly grasps Darius's hand and the two men shake.

    Darius: So the great Chris Divine has made his way onto TWE territory once again to grace the audience with your presence. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the Board contacted you to come here. This is nothing against you whatsoever but I am just a bit tweaked about it. I am sure you have been watching what has been going on the past few weeks, and I'm just worried that they called you up so they could do to you what they have done to me.

    I do not think they realize that they have two of the best performers in this industry standing toe to toe right now and not even on a bad note. I like you, Chris. You are talented, athletic, and the fans love you. All the same traits that their TWE champion has. So if the Board plans on doing anything, I'd love to have you on my side brother.

    The fans pop and they begin to chant Divine and Darius's names.

    Darius: Now ... Anyway I will admit it was a bit rude of me to cut you off like that so please, finish what you were saying before.

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