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    The most successful wrestler

    hey, just wondering what people think on the most successful wrestler in the WWE in terms of the percentage of feuds won (winning the final climatic match)

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    Maybe Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both seemed to win almost every feud.

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    Totally agree. I think, just because of sheer volume of work, Stone Cold Steve Austin gets the nod from me. Austin worked a lot more angles, with Raw every week in between PPV's, and was most always victorious. He revolutionized the sport and made pro wrestling a part of pop-culture in the 90's, Hogan just didnt work the dates that Austin did.

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    John Cena and Triple H have also won a lot of feuds.

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    In terms of feuds...Stone Cold Steve Austin was at his hottest during the three year run against Vince McMahon (1998-2000) which is when Stone Cold was truly at his peak but Austin's career though started going down hill especially after the whole wife beating incident & him bailing out on the company. Triple H has won alot of feuds but not as much as you would think. John Cena has won feuds but John Cena's feuds are predictable especially the way WWE is today. Hulk Hogan is the same thing as John Cena. The one name no one has seemed to mention is....The Rock. The Rock has won a s*** load of feuds (Hell, he won the WWE title 7 times which was more then any other wrestler during the "Attitude Era") let alone the only two guys The Rock just out-and-out lost to in terms of feuds (mainly set-up feuds for pushes) were Goldberg & Brock Lesnar an that was only because he was trying to give them pushes for WWE because he was leaving the business for Hollywood. Hell, if The Rock didn't leave for Hollywood, The Rock would be the face of the WWE through-and-through as he was the future by 2001/2002 he's the top guy but again, he left the wrestling world in which left us John Cena (yawn).

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    As of right now it's Randy Orton. This is the best year he's had in a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmytheBlack View Post
    As of right now it's Randy Orton. This is the best year he's had in a long time.
    I would agree that as far current wrestlers are concerned Randy Orton is running wild & it's great.

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    It's John Cena and Triple H. And this is the exact reason they piss me off so much
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    it has to be john cena with a close follow up by Hunter

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    Vince McMahon. ECW and WCW, enough said.


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