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    Your top 5 heel tag teams of all time.

    My list
    1. Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette. Great workers matched with one of the best talkers of all time
    2. Arn and Tully-made the faces look like a million bucks
    3. Hall and Nash because they were the freakin outsiders
    4. the original Briscoe brothers-watching their work in mid-atlantic right now they got major crowd heat
    5. Edge and Christian-got heat, and stold wrestlemania with their tables, ladders and chair matches

    Honorable mentions-New Age Outlaws, Sheik and Volkoff, Freebirds (didn't include them because they were a three man group). Road Warriors (spent most of their career as faces)
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    1) Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff
    2) ole and Gene Anderson
    3) Hall & Nash
    4) The Pitbulls
    5) Owen Hat & The British Bulldog
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    1. The Blackjacks
    2. Gene and Ole Anderson
    3. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew
    4. Nickoli Volkoff and Iron Sheik
    5. The Wild Samoans

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    The Dudley Boyz in ECW
    Scott Hall in Kevin Nash
    Beer Money
    New Age Outlaws
    Legion of Doom

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    1) The Dudley Boyz in ECW(Holy shit they almost started riots nightly)
    2) Edge and Christian
    3) Scott Hall & Kevin Nash
    4) New Age Outlaws
    5) America's Most Wanted - Chris Harris & James Storm

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    Good call on the Dudleys in ecw, when you can get the smart marks riled up your freakin good. I forgot to mention Ray the Crippler Stevens and Pat Patterson.
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    The Impact Players. As much as the smart marks in ECW respected their in-ring ability, they always wanted to see them lose.

    The Hollywood Blondes. Greatness. Two greats doing great things.

    Midnight Express. Without Jim Cornette they would have been a little bit lost, but not including this team on my list isn't an option.

    Dudley Boys (ECW). There's a reason why Buh Buh plays such a good heel these days... He's had plenty of practice. No way he didn't have some sort of hatred towards those fans he used to terrorise back in '98.

    La Pareja Del Terror. Eddy and Art were to Mexico in '93-'94 what the Hart Foundation were to America in '97, but less whiny and more entertaining.
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    arn and tully
    Dudley boys
    Edge and Christian
    Beer Money Inc
    Nasty Boys

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    Edge and Christian - Greatest Tag Team of all time

    Los Guerreros - if you consider them heels

    Those are my top 2 and i believe them to be head and shoulders above the rest

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    1. Arn and Tully
    2. Hall and Nash
    3. Edge and Christian
    4. The Freebirds
    5. The Hart Foundation
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