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    did Alex Riley fall off the face of the earth or did i miss something ?

    im a big fan of A-RY ever since he split from the miz, i watch wwe on dvr when i get a chance and for the life of me i can not seem to remember the last time i saw him on tv....did he get injured or are they just not using him? if they are not using him that is a serious injustice.

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    I'm a huge fan of A-Ry as well. Sadly he wasn't injured, but instead dropped onto Superstars. He's on Superstars every Thursday when the WWE uploads it to youtube.

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    Doghouse for whatever reason. I'm banking on it being because he sandbagged Swagger
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    He is on superstars beating jtg and michael mcillicuty

    yes yes yes

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    He was injured for a short while, but he's been on Superstars mainly since his split from Miz and after his mini US title push.
    He's also in the doghouse as pointed out for some reason.

    I think he'll be back though.
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    I hope after another 6 months he will be off superstars

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    For sandbagging? I lol'd

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    I just miss his theme music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rilla View Post
    Doghouse for whatever reason. I'm banking on it being because he sandbagged Swagger
    sanbagged? is that the same as tea bagged>???

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    Don't we have a thread on this?


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