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    This post made me giggle.

    Like, a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby Fox View Post
    Ok, so maybe I did go a bit over the top in the op, but the point still stands, how am I meant to enjoy watching any programming with him on it when I hate him completely?
    Simple answer, you don't have to.

    I wasn't too happy when Cole said Sheamus should call one of his moves the Irish Hand-Grenade, he said it during a PPV and the group of us watching were surprised that something so ignorant of our history should be casually thrown in like that.
    We can either complain, refuse to watch, or continue to watch.

    You don't have to like Daniel Bryan. However, You can write and say you found it distasteful to Daniel Bryan, maybe you'd get a reply that would ease your anger on the matter.

    You can def take the maybe out of your bit about going over the top though mate

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    You eating meat makes your worse than Daniel Bryan. I'm sure you eat more dead animals than Daniel actually kills (if you can call a cockroach an animal).

    If killing a cockroach makes Daniel Bryan like Chris Beniot, then eating Animals should constitute a Katie Vick/Kane analogy. (YES I WENT THERE)
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    I killed a roach and gloated of its death, little creep tried to attack me, and when one come near my over for it >=|

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby Fox View Post
    Ok, so maybe I did go a bit over the top in the op, but the point still stands, how am I meant to enjoy watching any programming with him on it when I hate him completely?
    "A bit over the top" - understatement anyone? Hitler? The next Benoit? Really... Really... Either one of those comparisons would be a bit over the top. by using both you prove that you have no perspective on where the top is or when you went over it.

    "Point still stands" - What point? Your point is that you LOVE animals so much that you HATE people that abuse them... Hypocrisy anyone?

    You "hate him completely" - For what? He killed some cockroaches. Even if you add the fact that he used a hammer and laughed about it I still don't see that reaching the level of hate. No offense to your animal rights sensibilities but who cares? People do shit that I don't like every day but I don hate them for it. If your threshold for hate is that low you should look in the mirror before you start throwing stones there sparky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby Fox View Post
    So now Daniel Bryan is WHC, things appear to be looking up for the IWC on Smackdown.

    However I for one have started to tune out of the show entirely due to it's new World Champion, as on a personal level I despise him. And it may sound stupid to hate someone you've never met, but the reason for my hatred is the cockroach video.

    For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a few months ago he posted a video of himself and a friend killing a cockroach with a hammer (or something similar) for a laugh.

    What the hell is the psychology behind that?

    I suppose I should admit that yes, I am a massive animal rights person and therefore rather sensitive to this kind of stuff. However I don't think that everyone should become vegetarian as meat provides us with vital protein and stuff and I support hunting in some cases where it is vital for population control.

    However in this video he dosen't kill it for any useful reason, he does it for fun. What kind of sick individual does that!? Yes cockroaches may not be 'up there' with cats and dogs and the 'cute' animals but their still animals who feel pain. If he had posted a video of a cat being killed for the hell of it, I'm 100% sure there would be massive public backlash.

    And on top of that he claims to be all for animal rights and is a spokesperson for PETA. Absolute BS. What kind of animal rights person goes around killing animals for a joke? What a f***ing hypocrite.

    So there you have it. Why everytime I see him on my screen I turn it off. As when I see him, I would like nothing better to stamp on his face like a cockroach and see how he likes it. As a human being he absolutely disgusts me as to me he is the scum of the Earth. As some of the worst people imo are those who have one rule for one group and a second rule for another group just because they are 'ranked' by nature below them. It's the same logic the Nazi's used. (IN NO WAY AM I SAYING THAT WHAT HE DID IS AS BAD AS THE NAZI'S, WW2, HOLOCAUST, ETC.) They would have hated it whenever an Aryan died but found it totally fine to kill millions of Jews, Slavs, etc as they were perceived as being a lesser species.

    He really is the next Benoit, in more ways than one. In fact maybe worse than him as Benoit's murders may have been caused by external factors (steroids, repeated concussions,etc). Bryan is just a p***k and the reason why this IWC member is not happy with the current product.
    Please provide scientific evidence that cockroaches can actually feel pain. You are comparing an insect to an animal; why not compare a tree to a cat next. PETA doesn't include flies, cockroaches, bees or any other kind of insect. So how is he a hypocrite? He's not doing anything that violates PETA's "rules or code of ethics" therefore he is hardly being hypocritical to his, or their, beliefs.
    I fail to see your logic. Whilst some fruit flies have shown to share similar pain receptors to mammals, cockroaches do not. Many insects have been found to experience "pain", but not in the same way a mammal does. Their reaction to "pain" is basically "run away" or "escape". They don't roll around in agony like we do; they try to run. Flip a cockroach over and watch; they keep trying to run. You are basing your "rant" concerning Daniel Bryan over something petty. Also, if i were crushed by an object and killed instantly; Would i feel pain? I highly doubt it.
    The Nazi's caused Distress and slow, agonizing deaths to millions of people. Daniel Bryan killed a cockroach. Hardly the same thing.
    I just killed a spider for wanting to keep warm in my vicinity; throw me my Swastika armband and iron cross.

    To clarify; a cockroach is NOT an animal, it's an insect.

    This is just way over to top to comprehend. Fox News might have work for you mate.

    Also one rule for one, and another for another group? That sounds like PETA. They detest animal experimentation; regardless of whether it's to test reactions of various chemicals and cosmetics, or if it's testing that could help another human being. However, Ingrid Newkirk has stated many times that PETA also "ethically" kill animals because keeping them alive would cost too much money.

    PETA Senior Vice President MaryBeth Sweetland on her use of insulin, which was tested on animals:

    “I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic. Twice a day I take synthetically manufactured insulin that still contains some animal products — and I have no qualms about it … I’m not going to take the chance of killing myself by not taking insulin. I don’t see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals.

    –Glamour, January 1990

    That is a hypocrite. Killing a cockroach and "laughing" isn't. He has in no way gone against what he believes in; which is the essence of hypocracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverine View Post
    I killed a roach and gloated of its death, little creep tried to attack me, and when one come near my over for it >=|
    COCKROACH KILLER!!!!! Now we have to hate you too! You are as bad as OJ and that asshole that pulled the tags off his mattresses.

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    Killing a cockroach has been compared to killing your wife and kids and millions of Jews, I've lost fair in this site and some of its members
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    Quote Originally Posted by tchocky360 View Post
    No, no death is particularly funny. But the rant about it was way over the top to a degree that makes his whole post invalid.

    I don't see how people who make hunting videos or shows can be proud of murdering a creature with a gun.
    But I'm not going to compare HBK to a man who planned out the slaughter of a large chuck of Europe am I?

    Because that's ridiculous.

    A Cockroach died. So you didn't like the video, it's not like his Youtube page is filled with cockroach snuff films.

    I didn't like the video either, but it's not like it's a sign that Bryan is a psychopath, or that he will do anything like what Hitler did.
    A ridiculous, pointless post.
    I have to disagree, I think I'm funny at times.

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    This thread 100% made me laugh and I 100% disagree with everything you said!

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